Chapter 305 Music Alone Is Not As Good As All Music

Dgd technology has caused great controversy in the international medical field. Amid the constant controversy, the share prices of domestic and international cro companies also fell continuously, and the market value was also dropping substantially. Some companies were cut short in three months. The most typical is the Illustrious kant. From a market value of 270 billion in september to a market value of more than 100 billion in december, the market value evaporated by more than half. In the end, cro companies rely on pharmaceutical companies to survive, and vines on big trees. Then, with its monopoly in clinical trials in the country, it slowly became equal to pharmaceutical companies, and even pharmaceutical companies now have to look at their faces. Just like the major e-commerce platforms, they do not create products and rely on countless small and medium-sized enterprises to survive. The large and medium-sized enterprises should be the father of the e-commerce platform, and the e-commerce platform should try its best to serve these small and medium-sized enterprises. Then these non-productive e-commerce platforms gradually expanded, the store bullying, the father of the small and medium-sized business owners stepped on their feet, let them call him father. Cro enterprises are similar in nature. But when dgd technology appeared, it was different. All drug companies became independent e-commerce platforms, and cro companies became insignificant. If you are willing to provide us with high-quality, efficient and low-price services, then cooperate. After all, in addition to drug testing, clinical trials involve a lot of administrative relationships. In this regard, the long-term network established by cro enterprises is still very advantageous and can speed up the approval process. But if cro companies are still as big as they used to be, trying to bully the drug companies, then the drug companies can take some time and effort to build relationships. It can be said that once dgd technology came out, countless domestic and international pharmaceutical companies immediately stood up! On this side, Zhou Wen was not idle, actively promoting the legal process of dgd technology. The reason why he came up with dgd technology was to speed up the release of the drug, or else according to his research and development speed, so many drug technologies would not be available until the end of time? Zhou Wen was moving around the capital, taking advantage of the opportunity to treat the big shots and talking to them. At the same time, the heavyweight pharmaceutical companies in the united nations, such as hengrui, mairui, fuxing pharmaceutical, yunnan baiyao, watson biology, baiyun mountain and so on, submitted clinical trial reform proposals to the food and drug administration and listed dgd technology as a key assessment project. Clinical trials are a curse on all drug companies. Everyone knows what benefits dgd technology will bring to them once it becomes routine. Clinical trials alone would save a lot of money. Therefore, the domestic pharmaceutical companies reached an unprecedented agreement on this matter. Not only did these companies voluntarily submit proposals, but other drug companies that Zhou Wen did not personally contact also voluntarily submitted proposals to the nmpa. Faced with the snowing proposal, the nmpa, which had always followed the lead of the fda, finally began to seriously examine the domestic drug companies'suggestions. December 28, 2021. At 1: 30 pm, zhou wen took a private jet and flew from the capital to his hometown, Jiangdu international airport. Su dong province has 11 airports in 13 cities, including his hometown, Jiangdu. "Su daqiang" was not a name for nothing. By the time they got home, the sky would be dark and the courtyard, which was covered with green bricks and glazed tiles, was covered with a thick layer of snow." Uncle is back,..." Niece yang ning came up from the gate. Zhou Ling shouted from behind," run slowly, don't fall." Zhou Wen opened his arms and hugged Xiaoyangning, who rushed over." Ouch... It's getting heavier again. It's almost turning into a fat girl."" Uncle, I'm not fat!" Xiaoyangning put his arm around Zhou Wen's neck and said coyly." Look at your chubby mouth. It's so fleshy, not fat!" Zhou Wen laughed, reached out and twisted Xiaoyangning's red face, teasing her. Zhou Ling came over and stretched out his hand." Come on, mom... Uncle just got home and let him rest." Zhou wen smiled and said," it's okay. I'm not tired!" As he spoke, he entered the courtyard. This year's new year was supposed to be the same as last year's, to travel abroad. But now dgd is in a delicate state, and many foreign cro companies hate him to the bone. If he killed people without breaking the law, he would have died 18 times. At this point, it would be better not to go out and provoke the nerves of the cro giants and spend a peaceful year at home. It turned out that it was fun to have money for the new year. On the eve of the new year's eve, the fireworks factory sent over five million fireworks. What's the concept of five million fireworks? It was similar to the fireworks at the opening ceremony of the 2008 beijing olympics. The 9 meter 6 van was filled with 17 vehicles. These fireworks were all specially made by Zhou Wen at the fireworks factory in advance. The fireworks company's professionals and professional tools were needed to set them off, and the relevant departments were required to approve them. Of course, Zhou Wen is a famous person in Jiangdu, so it's only a matter of words to approve something. In the past two years, Huan yu has invested more than 3 billion yuan in its hometown of xingcheng, Baisha county. In addition to large plantations driving the local economy, the pharmaceutical company has also built two large pharmaceutical plants in Jiangdu and Baisha county respectively. Many people in Jiangdu got the news early in the morning. On the new year's eve, they drove to the place where the zhou family set off fireworks early in the afternoon. There were three floors around them. Cars lined up on both sides of the old county road for several kilometers. The town government also sent traffic police to maintain order. At 6: 00 pm, not long after it was dark, when firecrackers were heard everywhere, a red bright spot was sent to the sky with a loud roar. Bang! Then a huge white dandelion-like fireworks exploded in the night sky, illuminating half of xing town, and could be seen from ten kilometers away. Slap! After the pure white fireworks exploded, they exploded again. Countless small flowers exploded with the fireworks, colorful, colorful and dreamy!" Wow! It's so beautiful!" Countless people made the same exclamation. Without waiting for their exclamations to fall to the ground, the fireworks in the far sky were set off one by one. The sky was red, and countless heads could be seen below, looking up. Bang bang! Bang, bang, bang! Boom, boom, boom! The fireworks display lasted for two and a half hours, which amazed countless people. According to incomplete statistics, the number of people watching the fireworks display at the scene was at least 30,000. Zhou Wen was just planning to have a fun party at home, and it turned into a fireworks party by accident. However, the music alone is not as good as the music of the crowd. When the fireworks party was almost over, Zhou Wen, who was sitting on the balcony on the third floor with Zhou Yong, looked at the dark heads on the road not far away and couldn't help but smile." Dad, I have an idea." Zhou Yong:" what do you think?" Zhou Wen:" anyone who comes to watch the fireworks show tonight, regardless of adults or children, will be given a 10,000 yuan red envelope when they leave. What do you think, dad?" Zhou Yong:" I want to kill you...