Chapter 306 Conquering Hepatitis B

Zhou Wen's crazy idea died because of his father's disapproval. Zhou Wen thought to himself as he watched the crowd in the east park slowly disperse and watch the fireworks. "Don't blame me. If you want to blame me, blame my father." He has too much money to spend right now. Domestic banks alone had more than 2 billion in cash deposits, including patent dividends, share dividends, and some of the fees paid by some wealthy people when they asked him to treat them. The money was spread among the major domestic banks, with an annual yield of 8 %. In other words, the interest on deposits alone reached 160 million a year, with an average of 430,000 a day. How could he spend so much money if he didn't lose? In fact, cash deposits only accounted for part of his personal wealth, and he also bought a lot of relatively high yield funds, stocks and so on. These would also bring him a huge profit every year. In addition, he has nearly 300 million us dollars in deposits, funds, stocks, and securities abroad. Of course, these were nothing. After a while, those new cancer drugs would be making money much faster than money printing machines. So he wouldn't worry about money at all. In fact, his father, Zhou Yong, knew about his situation. There were two main reasons why he was adamant against the money. First, it was too high-profile. In the bones of the older generation, they still followed the simple concept of not revealing their wealth, fearing that the trees would attract the wind. Secondly, there were too many people on the scene, and it was a dense night. If it caused a stampede, then it would be good to do bad things. Zhou Yong said," if you really want to do something good, then send some money to the old people in the town, and the county nursing home and so on."" Fine! Let's not go to the town, just the whole city nursing home..." Zhou Wen and his father, Zhou Yong, were laughing. In addition to the pension for the elderly in the nursing home, he also decided to build a new nursing home, to provide pensions for the elderly over 70 years old, widows and disabled people in the city, and to donate financial aid to poor students in the family. As they chatted, Zhou Wen felt that this matter still needed a specific set of rules. He called his secretary over and explained. The secretary said," the company has just set up a charity fund. Do you want them to do it?" Zhou Wen asked," yeah, where's the source of the funds?" The secretary explained," part of the money comes from the company's appropriations, and part comes from donations from people with love." Zhou Wen frowned and said," you told Zhang Jianfu not to accept donations from social funds other than company grants and donations from insiders." The secretary hesitated and said," if all the funds are allocated by the company..."" That's it! 1 % of the company's revenue is allocated to the charity fund every month." Zhou Wen said irrefutably. The poor are the only ones who are good, and the rich are the ones who help the world. If it were a poor student before the system, he would not have had the guts to make such a decision, but with his current ability, even if the system disappeared immediately, he would never lack money again. When the secretary saw that Zhou Wen had made up his mind, she didn't say anything and went downstairs to call Zhang Jianfu. In a flash, it was june 2022. The topic of dgd technology in the world has basically been settled. Major countries such as the united states and europe have affirmed its technical legitimacy and have begun to reform clinical trials. The reason why the european and american countries cooperated so much and even couldn't wait to admit the legal status of dgd technology was that there were many european and american pharmaceutical companies behind the scenes, secretly working hard. The biggest reason was that the Cosmopolitan creature held a press conference to share dgd technology. Companies and individuals in any country can produce equipment and technology related to dgd without worrying that the Cosmopolitan creature will pursue technology infringement issues. Although the european and american countries don't understand, why did Cosmopolitan creature choose technology sharing so generously when they worked hard to develop dgd technology? But since the Huan yu didn't want a single cent of the dgd technology licensing fee, and even gave them the ability to synthesize special dna stock, they naturally couldn't stop them. That's why they reached an agreement in just six months. However, for the Cosmopolitan creature to do so, the domestic academic community was full of discussions, praise and criticism, the news spread to the internet, immediately attracted a large number of curses and curses. The netizens who once praised the Huan yu are now turning against each other and criticizing them. It was no wonder that the foreign advanced technology was banned from selling to china, and they wanted to lock it in the safe. With 18 locks, Huan yu technology could be made public without any reservation. Such behavior was no different from selling g. Jiangzhou city, Golden lake district, 1888. In may, the Huan yu building, which lasted two years and three months, was finally built successfully. Cosmopolitan creature headquarters covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters and is located in the heart of Golden lake district cbd, close to the former headquarters of Hengfeng building. The main building covers more than 37,000 square meters with a 26-storey height and twin towers. The 17th floor of the Huan yu building is Zhou Wen's office. Luo Zongwei, the director of marketing operations, was sitting in the reception area with an ipad in his hand while the green tea on the coffee table in front of him was steaming. Zhou Wen sat next to him, crossed his legs, drinking tea in one hand and playing with his phone in the other. In addition, there were seven or eight men and women in the conference room, all of whom were assistants, secretaries and think tanks. Luo Zongwei looked at the ipad for a while, then put it down and asked," Zhou Boss, there's a lot of public opinion online. Would you like to issue a statement to explain it?"" No! Some things are getting darker and darker." Zhou wen said without raising his head. Luo Zongwei said," but in that case, it will have a great impact on your personal reputation." Zhou wen smiled and said," if you scold them, just let them scold you. They won't lose a piece of meat. As for prestige, it's all empty. Don't worry about it. It's not their turn to make a final decision!" The assistant and secretary next to him heard this, but their faces showed an angry look. The reason why Huan yu wanted to share dgd technology was not to speed up the clinical trial of drugs so that the special effects could be released earlier. Of course, it was understandable that ordinary people did not understand Zhou Wen's painstaking efforts. After all, they did not understand the underlying reasons. But the media and their own media, who were afraid of the chaos of the world, did not even have a basic investigation, but they were horrified. In particular, the former, as the former uncrowned king, now only dare to pick up the soft persimmon pinch. For those country drug companies who did nothing, they flattered, servile, and did not dare to criticize, but for private companies such as Huan yu, which devoted themselves to drug research and development, it was extremely harsh, and the slightest disappointment immediately hit hard. Luo Zongwei nodded." Okay, I got it!" He was genuinely impressed by Zhou Wen's aura. Zhou Wengang was about to speak when the phone rang. He looked down at the caller id and smiled. After connecting, he said," hello... Um... Okay... I see, you guys have worked hard." Luo Zongwei could not help but ask," what's wrong? Is there anything good?" Zhou Wen put away his phone and said with a smile," a press conference will be held tomorrow morning!" Luo Zongwei asked doubtfully," what is it?" Zhou Wen smiled and said," just now, team leader lin ming called to tell me that they have conquered viral hepatitis b." Luo Zongwei smiled when he heard this, but still asked," Zhou Boss, you mean the new drug?" Zhou wenxiao said," it's not a new drug, but a cure for hepatitis b virus. It can be completely eradicated and cured." Luo Zongwei, who originally thought it was just a new drug, was tongue-tied and said in disbelief," completely eradicate the cure? This... How is this possible? According to my understanding, as a microchrome, hepatitis b virus can not be eradicated at all." Although he already knew that Zhou Wen had extraordinary talents in the pharmaceutical field, he could not believe that Zhou Wen could do so many things that the global medical research institute could not do. Zhou Wen couldn't help but laugh and say," that's true! But it was once, just now, that they successfully separated and cleared the hepatitis b virus without harming the original cells." Luo Zongwei: ..." There are nearly 300 million carriers of hepatitis b virus in the world, and the incidence is as high as 30 %. If this news spread, the medical world would be crazy about it. He was just worried about Zhou Wen's personal reputation, so there was no need to worry now. With this alone, Zhou Wen was enough to go down in history and be half saint..