Chapter 307 Ready to Go

At 10 am on june 6th, 2022, the Cosmopolitan creature held a grand press conference at the Jiangzhou international conference center. In the past year or so, Cosmopolitan creature held a press conference every three to five years, and each time was a major breakthrough in medicine, or technological innovation. Because of this, as soon as the news was released, countless reporters from both home and abroad swarmed, and thousands of reporters filled the huge distribution hall. Lin Wei, vice president and chief news officer of Cosmopolitan creature, presided over the press conference. Under the attention of countless reporters, lin wei said excitedly, "Good morning to all kinds of guests, reporters, friends. Welcome to the Huan yu press conference..." Kaka! Just as Lin Wei spoke, the hall became a sea of lights. Lin wei paused and said," I want to tell you good news here. Under the leadership of Zhou Wen, the chief scientist of the Cosmopolitan creature, lin ming, the senior engineer, and academician He Junfeng, the deputy director and chief scientist of the chinese academy of sciences, the institute of hepatitis b, and under the constant efforts of hundreds of other researchers, We have successfully conquered hepatitis b!" At first, the press conference was a little quiet, but the next second, there was a huge buzz." What do you mean? Have you developed a new drug?"" I don't understand. Conquering is healing!"" That's impossible. The hepatitis b virus can't be cured."" Then I don't know..." Lin Wei gave the reporters on the scene more than ten seconds to digest what he had just said and then explained their research results. When the reporters at the scene learned that the drug would cure nearly 300 million people worldwide with hepatitis b virus, a heated discussion broke out. The news that the hepatitis b virus had been conquered spread all over the world in an instant. When countless patients with hepatitis b saw this news, they were naturally very excited. But some of the drug companies, who were researching new drugs for hepatitis b and had even reached the stage of clinical trials, were struck by lightning when they heard the news. In particular, the six pharmaceutical companies that had access to the Cosmopolitan creature formula data spent so much effort on this, but they didn't expect to end up doing nothing. In the inner ring of the capital city, in a building with a national emblem. A man with a chinese face was reading a piece of internal reference news and soon read the news. With a slightly surprised look on his face, he asked in a deep voice," is this news true?" The confidential secretary, who was sorting out the information, immediately said respectfully," yes, chief. The experts from the drug administration have tested it with dgd technology. It's absolutely true." The man nodded, a smile on his serious face, and said with a smile," no wonder you dared to bet with me. It looks like you were prepared!" The confidential secretary smiled and said," yes! Professor Zhou's level in medicine is indeed worthy of the word" divine doctor." It is self-evident how important dgd technology is to pharmaceutical companies. It is one of the greatest inventions in the pharmaceutical industry. Such advanced technology cannot be made public by Cosmopolitan creature if it wants to be made public. It must be approved by the country. It would be the same for european and american countries, and the technology of european and american companies could not be easily exported to china. So you can imagine how much opposition Cosmopolitan creature had when it proposed dgd technology sharing? Many of the top brass, including those who trusted Zhou Wen, also objected. But Zhou Wen managed to convince a bunch of big shots. Zhou Wen had good reasons. Although dgd technology was important, it was far from enough to regain the standard of the global pharmaceutical market. First of all, the nmpa has been following the fda's lead, and the cold is not the cold of the day. To completely reverse this situation, it is not just a day or two. Because there are many interests involved. Many people are unwilling to leave the comfort zone to explore unknown areas. If they do a good job, they will be the leader, if they do a bad job, or if they make mistakes, the specific manager will be unlucky, so the promotion of dgd technology in china met with great resistance. Second and most importantly, the european and american countries would certainly not allow the core technology to be implemented in their own countries by the dgd technology mastered by chinese enterprises. Even with the support of the academic world, it would be useless for the pharmaceutical companies to promote it. There's no need to think about that. The problem then came. Even if china's nmpa adopted the dgd technical standard, and the drugs developed by Cosmopolitan creature wanted to be sold abroad, they still needed to go through a lengthy clinical trial process again. Someone might have said that it was their business for the european and american countries to be willing to keep themselves sealed, or at the very least sell in the country. But Zhou Wen couldn't wait. His research and development of new drugs was far faster than most people thought. He had a large number of new drugs in his hands that needed to be put on the market. The lengthy clinical trial time made it impossible for the drugs to go on the market as quickly as makeup, hair growth factor, scar removal cream, and wrinkle removal cream. Dgd technology is a stepping stone to the european and american medical market. With the speed of Zhou Wen's drug development, european and american drug companies combined were not enough for him to fight. Therefore, sharing dgd technology to europe and america is not convenient for the european and american countries, but for himself. Of course, these ordinary people couldn't know. The reason why the upper management agreed to Zhou Wen was because of his medical skills. Zhou Wen's medical skills had almost reached the level of perfection. The hands of the chinese doctors were no longer enough to describe him. The top brass and family members now called him" divine doctor." Can you imagine the weight of his words? So when he promised the leaders that he would make a profit from dgd technology, they finally agreed to his proposal. Now it seems that Zhou Wen has already prepared his trump card! Half a month later. The" qingganling preparation" developed by Cosmopolitan creature with the code name of pd0079 and the second class new drugs from four or five other pharmaceutical companies became the first batch of experimental subjects for dgd technology in china and carried out a phase I clinical trial. It usually takes three to six months for a phase I clinical trial to complete in just one week after using dgd technology. Of course," qingganling preparation" passed the first phase of the clinical trial without accident. As soon as the news came out, it caused a huge sensation. Numerous medical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies were surprised and envied by the efficiency of dgd technology. The relevant departments of the european, american, japanese and korean countries also accelerated the approval of dgd technology. Soon, han became the second country to adopt dgd technology. Japaneses followed closely. Then germany, portugal, france, Italy, russia... At such a competitive speed," qingganling preparation" had already passed the second clinical trial. Everything was ready..