Chapter 308 Death And Inheritance

At five o' clock in the morning, Zhou Wen was sleeping at home in Maple leaf lane when suddenly, the phone on the bedside table vibrated. Shen Xue, who was holding him like an octopus, gave a whine, turned over and went back to sleep. The two of them spent half the night together last night. It was mainly Zhou Wen who tormented Shen Xue so that she wouldn't have time to think. It turned out that the fields were not good, the key was that the cows were not strong enough. After changing into modern crawler plows, it was easy to plow 18 times a night. Zhou Wen opened his eyes, picked up his phone and looked at it. It was ye ye yao who called. The drowsiness on his face immediately disappeared and became serious. The little girl who once knelt on the side of the road to beg for help for her father had just come out two days ago and was admitted to Zhonghai's top two universities, china normal university. Ye Ziyao now lived with the old lady, zhang jieru, and was very happy. He often went to visit them. However, Ye Ziyao knew that he was busy now, unless there was something special, such as a few days ago, when the results of the college entrance examination came out to call him to report the good news, usually he rarely called him. Especially since it was only five o' clock, he had a bad guess. She sat up and answered, "Hey, what's wrong... Okay, I'll be right there." After hanging up the phone, Zhou Wen quickly got dressed and washed up. Then he grabbed the car keys and hurried downstairs. He drove out of the neighborhood and rushed to the Guanyin alley neighborhood. The door of the old lady's house was ajar, and there were faint cries coming from inside. Zhou Wen sighed in his heart. Just then, Ye Ziyao called to tell him that the old lady had left. The old lady was 97 years old this year. She was considered to have a long life and died naturally in her sleep. In fact, the old lady had been depressed ever since her son died. If Ye Ziyao hadn't been with her, she would have left long ago. It must be a miracle to be able to hold on till now. Zhou Wen opened the door and entered the house. Ye yao was sitting at the bed with her head down, holding the old lady's hand and crying. Nanny elder sister Hong was standing beside her with a gloomy face. "Doctor Zhou, you're here." "Mmm!" Zhou Wen nodded and whispered, "Did you inform the police station and the old lady's family?" Elder sister Hong nodded and said, "Yes, they are on their way." "That's good!" Zhou Wen immediately called the funeral home, including the purchase of shrouds, which were handed over to the other side. As a doctor, he was familiar with these procedures. The police station came quickly and issued a death certificate on the spot after checking the situation. At this moment, the old lady's nephew, niece daughter-in-law, niece grandson and niece granddaughter, a large group of children, rushed over, and the moment they arrived, they began to cry sadly. The old man, who had seen a gray-haired man in the hospital, had a fat head, big ears, and a big gold chain around his neck, as well as two middle-aged women discussing the future. The grey-haired old man was the old lady's nephew, guo jianhua, but rarely walked around with the old lady. Zhou Wen stepped forward and said, "I've already contacted the funeral parlor. It's coming soon. There's also a shroud wreath and so on. They'll bring it over together." Gold chain man met Zhou Wen for the first time and asked unkindly, "Who are you?" Guo jianhua knew Zhou Wen and the relationship between Zhou Wen and the old lady, but for some unknown reason, he did not come forward to explain. Instead, he looked at him with an unfriendly expression with two middle-aged women. "I'm the old lady's family doctor," Zhou Wen replied. Gold chain man waved his hand impatiently and said, "Okay, you're done here. Let's go." Gold chain man turned around and said to elder sister Hong, the busy nanny, "And you, did my grandmother pay you off?" Elder sister Hong looked at Zhou Wen and moved his mouth, "It's... Done." The gold chain man waved his hand at the door and said, "Since it's settled, then hurry up and leave. There's nothing for you here." Elder sister Hong moved a little and finally mustered up the courage to say, "That... The old lady said that this house was left for me." Hearing this, the gold chain man glared at him and pointed at him, "What did you say? The house is for you? What are you doing? I'm warning you, get out of here..." Before the man could finish his sentence, the finger that was poking nanny elder sister Hong was bent upwards. In pain, he knelt down on his knees. "Ouch... It's broken... Let go..." The one who broke up Gold chain man was naturally Zhou Wen. The old lady knew that once she passed away, the inheritance would definitely cause some trouble, so she made a will early and was kept by Zhou Wen. Without waiting for guo jianhua and the other two women to come up and pester him, Zhou Wen had already let go of his hand, but with a little use of his hand, he pushed Gold chain man to the ground and sat down. "Fight with me, right..." Gold chain man was so angry that he wanted to come up and fight with Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen's face darkened, "The old lady has left her will. It's here with me. It has been notarized by the lawyer and the notary office. When the old lady's funeral is over, I will announce it. If you have any suspicions, just follow the legal procedure. But before that, shut up. The old lady has two wills, one in ab and the other in a will. If you don't cause any trouble, then you should follow a will. If the police station intervenes in advance because of the inheritance, then you should follow b will." Gold chain man, who was originally full of anger, looked as if he had opened a dye house after hearing the words. His face was brilliant, but his hands did not dare to send them to Zhou Wen. Guo jianhua and the two middle-aged women looked at each other in the same way. You don't have to ask. You can tell from this that in will a, there must be more or less their share of the inheritance, and in will b, only god knows. When the matter reached this point, the little ninety-nine in everyone's heart was temporarily put off, only waiting for the loss of operation to come. Two days later. After the old lady's funeral, Zhou Wen, Ye Ziyao, nanny elder sister Hong and a group of relatives of the old lady came to the law firm. The lawyer read out the will. The old house in Guanyin alley belongs to nanny elder sister Hong. Room 1101, unit 6, Maple leaf lane belongs to Ye Ziyao. After deducting the funeral money, the old lady still had more than 700,000 yuan left in her savings, which was divided equally among her three nieces and nephews. After the lawyer read out the will, the old lady's relatives quarreled on the spot. The two houses were worth tens of millions, but now they were given to two outsiders. How could they stop? He said on the spot that he wanted to go through legal procedures. Zhou Wen didn't care whether they appealed or not. If they could take the house, he wrote the name upside down. After saying goodbye to the lawyer, she left the law office with ye yao and nanny elder sister Hong. After getting off in Guanyin alley, Zhou Wen said to nanny elder sister Hong, "You don't have to worry. They can't take the house away. Just stay there." Elder sister Hong had been taking care of the old lady and her mother for more than ten years, and she had done her best, so the old lady left her the old house. "Thank you, doctor Zhou." Nanny elder sister Hong said gratefully. If it weren't for Zhou Wen, the house would have been hers in the end, but things wouldn't have gone so smoothly. "You're welcome!" Zhou Wen and elder sister Hong exchanged a few more words. Then elder sister Hong left. Ever since she went to the old lady's house to be a nanny, she had not returned to her hometown for many years and was going to stay there for a while. Ye Ziyao also suggested going back to his hometown. She was admitted to a key university and was ready to go back and tell her grandmother and father the good news. "Call me when you get home and tell me you're safe." "I see, uncle..." Ye Ziyao waved her hand and said goodbye to Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen waited for elder sister Hong and Ye Ziyao to enter the house, then turned around and got in the car and drove slowly towards Maple leaf lane. The old lady's death reminded him of his parents. He had intended to give them the primary genetic enhancer, and with its powerful effects, he could guarantee that the two of them would live to 120 without illness or disaster. But in the end, he gave up. In addition to the ability to repair genetic defects, the additional abilities of the genetic enhancers were simply too formidable. Think about it, his parents suddenly became sober, powerful, bright, and beautiful... It would definitely cause a lot of trouble. Those big shots who had been more polite to him because of his exceptional medical skills would go crazy once they learned that he had a miracle drug that could prolong one's life and strengthen one's body. No one knows what will happen then..