Chapter 309 No Questions

Zhou Wen was greatly touched by the old lady's death. He sat alone in the car and thought for a long time... Next, he spent most of his time in the lab, busy making drugs or doing tasks every day. Three months later, on national day, his rank as a pharmacist finally reached the level of an expert. This surprised Zhou Wen. From the advanced level to the expert level, his understanding of drugs became more profound. He could basically see through the drug targets of some common diseases at a glance. Just as it was easy to solve math problems in junior and senior high school with university formulas, this was a kind of hierarchical suppression. During the experiment, many biological reagents were improved. These modified reagents could effectively help researchers improve the success rate of the experiment. It was a pleasant surprise. At the same time, his True Eye had increased from lv3 to lv4 in more than a year. He could directly observe proton-grade microorganisms. Whether it is for doing experiments, or observing pathogens, etc., it will be of great help. In addition, the level of discipline has also been greatly improved over the past year. Host: [ Zhou Wen ] occupation: [ master pharmacist; 100 / 1000000 ] True Eye: [ lv4; 755 / 100000 ] main subject: pharmacology: [ lv7; 0 / 500000 ] Pathology: [ lv7; 0 / 500000 ] biological immunity: [ lv8; 0 / 500000 ] biochemistry: [ lv7; 0 / 500000 ] Systematic anatomy: [ lv7; 0 / 500000 ] language: [ (english) (german) (japanese) (wu) (cantonese) (russian) (korean) ] branch subject: botany; [ Lv7; 0 / 500000 ] zoology: [ lv5; 0 / 100000 ] psychology: [ lv5; 0 / 100000 ] Subject experience: [ 101053 ] points: [ 613690 ] the major subjects have basically been upgraded to a higher level, and these levels have also helped him greatly in the pharmaceutical process, making him more adept at researching and manufacturing drugs. However, after the upgrade from lv7 to lv8, the required experience value for bioimmunity jumped from 500,000 to 500,000 at once, which was a tenfold increase. Five million experience points, six main subjects, plus three branch subjects, from lv1 to now, all experience points add up to five million. This made it a little hard for him to accept. Although his tasks were very simple now, his experience in daily tasks was slowly decreasing. One subject required five million experience points, and he didn't know when he would be able to upgrade to lv9. As for breaking through the lv9 and meeting the system's requirements for rewarding alien biotechnology, it was even more uncertain when. Zhou Wen closed the system's personal property page and left the lab. He took a bus to the ancient town of Zhouzhuang, which was on the border with Zhonghai. The large biological research institute, funded by ming xingsheng and led by Cosmopolitan creature, was completed at no cost. The six-story main building was like a huge "H." All kinds of sophisticated equipment were introduced into place, and 37 research teams were already engaged in scientific research. Zhou Wen came here mainly to see the clinical trial of qingganling preparation dgd. The third phase of clinical trial of qingganling preparation has reached the mid-term stage, and now the whole world is looking forward to it. "How is it now? Is everything going well?" Lin ming, the leader of the hepatitis b virus assault team, said excitedly, "It's going well, very well! It's late now. Of the 1200 patients who participated in the clinical trial, 75 % of them have completed the virus. According to the current progress, it can be completed in three months at most." Zhou Wen nodded and smiled, "Well, thank you for your hard work." "It's not hard! If it wasn't for Zhou suo, we wouldn't have known how to get started even if we wanted to!" Lin ming said with emotion. Although they were involved in the research and development of the drug, they were only working on it. The real key difficulties were all conquered by Zhou Wen and had nothing to do with them. Zhou Wen didn't know what lin ming was thinking and happily chatted with him for a while. What Zhou Wen didn't expect was that the first new type of drug under the Huan yu that passed clinical trials was not a qingganling preparation, nor a new hiv drug, but an anti-allergy drug. The drug, which was used to treat allergic coughs, had been approved for phase three clinical trials, just like the new hiv drug. But just as The united states officially passed the dgd technology act in august, the Cosmopolitan creature immediately stopped routine clinical trials of several new drugs and switched to dgd technology. It passed the fda's approval and became the first test subject. I didn't expect to pass the clinical trial so soon. In addition, the effect of the anti-allergy agent was very good. The main treatment for a variety of allergic coughs, and it also has a good effect on hay fever. You know, the incidence of hay fever in europe and america is very high. However, up to now, there is no effective anti-allergy drug in the world, and the drug developed by Cosmopolitan creature can be said to fill the gap in the international market. So just after the trial, they received orders from some pharmacies in The united states and europe. It was a very celebratory event. When Zhou Wen found out, he was also deeply moved. It has been more than four years since we got the big pharmaceutical system, and the first medicine that can cure diseases is finally on the market. It's not easy. It was a big white. Just in the evening, Chen Zhiyuan called and told him to go to Zhonghai together for corruption, so the two took a private helicopter to Zhonghai. As for Gu Yifei, he had married rich and beautiful, and had become a good man. It was on a huge cruise ship off the coast of Zhonghai. The host was Ge Yongtai, the boss of the Yongtai international medical equipment company, and the guests were wealthy and powerful local and second-generation people from both china and southeast asia. There was never a shortage of women in such an occasion. There were many beautiful women, black, white, yellow, and brown. Not only that, but also many top stars from both china and southeast asia were on the cruise ship, both male and female. Zhou Wen was not surprised. He knew that many rich people had fun in private. It was not a big deal for them to exercise, and it was common for both men and women to eat together. Of course, in order to ensure the rest of the wealthy, comfortable and happy already, a physical examination is necessary, every man and woman on board the ship, a strand of physical examination. Three days later. Chen Zhiyuan and Zhou Wen left the cruise ship together by plane. When he got off the plane, Chen Zhiyuan's feet floated and his right hand kept pressing down his waist from time to time. Zhou Wen sneered, "Didn't you always brag about your electric pony, seven times a night? It's only been three days." Chen Zhiyuan said with a bitter face, "Yeah, those twin oceania horses are so powerful that they almost extract my bone marrow." After a pause, Chen Zhiyuan asked curiously, "By the way, how are you doing with the little princess of the Thailand mall group? Look at her smiling face. You must have had a deep conversation, right?" At the end of the conversation, Chen Zhiyuan's face showed an obscene expression. Mall group is a large integrated group in Thailand, which is mainly engaged in retail and medical services. Its family assets are about 2 billion us dollars. Zhou Wen denied it, "No, we are pure, only spiritual communication." "Geez, I believe you. The vault must have been robbed." Chen Zhiyuan curled his lips. "If you don't believe me..." They chatted and farted all the way down the tarmac corridor on the roof of the headquarters building to the company. When Zhang Jianfu heard the news, he rushed over immediately. "I was just about to call Zhou suo, and the european drug regulatory agency has already passed the dgd review..." Just as Cosmopolitan creature entered a period of rapid development. The black tech makeup developed by an qimei [ miracle Breast enhancement fluid ] was officially launched during the national day. Breast enhancement fluid is made of pure natural biological essence, which can effectively stimulate the growth and development of female breast glands, and promise, invalid refund. Zhou Wen used it for Dong Wenying last year. A month later, her chest size increased from b to c. Two months later, it became d. To Dong Wenying's delight. However, she had only b in her chest, which increased to d in a short period of time, which made her very distressed at first. Because the white dress had a big chest, and she was wearing lab clothes and a d all day long, making her the focus of attention wherever she went, it was very uncomfortable. Of course, she was very happy after she got used to it. It's like being below 15 centimeters and never being above 18 centimeters. After a year, the pure natural Breast enhancement fluid launched by an qimei naturally received a warm welcome from the majority of women who love beauty. However, the price was very expensive, and the price of a treatment reached / 38800rmb. Of course, compared to the fake nai after breast augmentation, the price is still worth it, and there is no need for surgery, no side effects. After opening the online sales channel that day, 2000 units were sold within an hour. In 12 hours, 11, 000 units were produced. Sales at offline stores across the country were even scarier, reaching a staggering 35, 000 units in 12 hours from 9 am to 9 pm. The total 12-hour sales reached a staggering 1.78 billion rmb. From here, you can see how much women yearn for breast enhancement. But just think about it. If there was a drug that could really increase the size, men would go crazy..