Chapter 310

Many bear-sized women would say that they wanted the bear to be smaller. What would they say? Big bear bras are hard to buy, running around and falling down, being stared at by boys with lust and disgust, and so on. But if they were to choose a or d, only children would choose a. At this point, women and boys have the same childishness to increase the time delay. So you can imagine what miracle Breast enhancement fluid's sales would be like? However, the first three days were mostly the support of loyal old customers, because after all, the price of 40,000 yuan, only those rich people who did not lack money would spend money without knowing the effect of the purchase. Most people chose to wait and see, and wait until the testers released the results before going to krypton. So after miraculous Breast enhancement fluid's peak sales a few days ago, sales quickly plummeted. But real breasts are not afraid... No, it's true gold without fear of fire. Two weeks later, when Breast enhancement fluid had an obvious effect, sales rebounded quickly. By the middle of november, the Breast enhancement fluid's results had been fully displayed, and those who had a cup had, unsurprisingly, turned into b cups. The b cup became b +, and even c. And c became c + or even d. These are all visible changes to the naked eye... I can see and feel it. For safety's sake, many people went to the hospital to check on nai nai after she became bigger, and the answer was that the glands really had to develop again, which made them both surprised and happy. Then these people became live advertisements for the Breast enhancement fluid. Many women who didn't plan to get breast implants, or had a shadow of the surgery, and were not financially allowed, joined the buying army with the help of live advertising. According to statistics, there were about 371 thousand breast implants in china by 2021, and experts estimated that by 2022, the number would reach 400,000. According to the growth chart of breast implants for chinese women in the first ten months of 2022, this figure is basically the same. But that figure was broken in mid-november after An qimei launched the An qimei. Then it soared, and the product was sold out of stock. Breast enhancement fluid's strong ability to absorb gold made countless cosmetics companies around the world jealous and their eyes red. But jealousy is useless. In just a few years, An qimei has completed a magnificent turn with seven or eight black technology cosmetics. In 2021, the total domestic sales reached a staggering 45 billion r. Only 6 billion less than the 51 billion r sales of the cosmetics industry's boss, procter & gamble, in china. It was 4 billion less than the second-largest company, europa, with 49 billion in sales. He became the third. But this is sales for 2021. In 2022, An qimei, relying on a few of the major cosmetics and newly developed products, has been on par with the An qimei and ou laiya, and now, with the addition of the current, it will definitely become the no. 1 of china's cosmetics industry. Mu Anqi is now known as the asian beauty queen. Just as the An qimei swept across cosmetics from europe, the united states, japan and south korea, the Cosmopolitan creature began to exert its power. As the first internationally effective drug for allergic cough and hay fever, anti-allergy agents quickly became the recommended drug in major hospitals and pharmacies in europe and america. Of course, it was due to the marketing operations directors of Cosmopolitan creature in various countries. Although there are some differences between the european and american drug sales model and the domestic market, the competition of similar drugs is also very intense. They must establish good relations with The united states and european drug sales agencies similar to lead. Lead is a coordination organization among insurance agencies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and pharmacy rooms. The purpose of the establishment of lead is to effectively manage medical expenses, save expenses and increase drug benefits. Similar to taobao, Jingdong mall. However, the european and american countries are also very well protected in the aspect of drug patents, and the pharmaceutical companies'sales share is the highest. For example, when a drug costs 100 dollars, the average pharmaceutical company can split it into 62 dollars. One could imagine how much money an original research drug would make in europe and the united states. With the good effect of market feedback, many anti-allergy agents have been favored and recommended by many patients, and have a wide range of financial resources. This scene stimulated big drug companies in europe and america. Invest more in the development of anti-allergy drugs. But the day before christmas in the west, the hiv drug developed by the Cosmopolitan creature passed the european dgd phase iii clinical trial. In addition, there were new drugs for early lung cancer, chronic enteritis and so on. At the same time, the domestic side has finally passed the clinical trial of anti-allergy agents. Cosmopolitan creature quickly began to submit approval documents for various types of listed sales. On the afternoon of the laba festival, Zhou Wen was having lunch at his hometown in Jiangdu when a "Ding" sound came in his ear. He thought that one of the tasks had been completed, so he ignored it and continued eating. But five minutes later, there was another "Ding" in her ear. He opened the personal properties panel and looked at it. There was no task to submit in the task bar. There was no hint of a new task. Zhou Wen was startled and puzzled. Why did the system make two strange noises? After searching around without noticing any noise, he continued to eat. Five minutes later, there was another "Ding" in her ear. Now he couldn't sit still, put down his chopsticks and said, "Mom, eat slowly. I just thought of something to deal with." "Eat before you go." "I'm not hungry..." Zhou Wen got up and hurried to the study. After sitting down, he opened the personal property panel and stared intently at it. The system wouldn't ring for no reason. There must be something he didn't see. One minute. Two minutes. Five minutes. Ten minutes... This time, he waited for more than half an hour, and his eyes were sore from looking at the attribute panel. Finally, there was another "Ding" sound in his ear. At this time, he found that the last number of the subject's experience value and the integral jumped. Subject experience 160763 changed to 160764 and increased by one point. Score: 709630, changed to 709631, also increased by 1 point. "Hey, where did this little experience come from?" Zhou Wen was very strange. So far, he has not found any other way to increase his subject experience besides doing the task. Just as he was surprised, the number jumped again, becoming the subject experience value to 160765 and the integral to 709632. "Where did it come from?" Zhou Wen was secretly surprised. As he stared at the personal attributes panel, he thought quickly in his mind, but he still had no clue. The experience value and the integral did not jump again until an hour later, 160766 / 709633. Experience points and points were jumping randomly, sometimes several times a minute, sometimes not moving for an hour. Until midnight, Zhou Wen still did not understand where these numbers came from. Since he couldn't figure it out, he didn't think about it for the time being. Then, in the prompt box in the upper right corner of the system, he turned off the prompt that sounded every once in a while. From this day onwards, Zhou Wen found that subject experience and points were increasing every minute. There are dozens less and hundreds more every day. Although this experience score is a small price to pay for hundreds of thousands of upgrades and expensive raw material formulas, the mosquito legs are meat no matter how small they are. Saving them up in a year is equivalent to doing a few tasks well. Putting this aside, Zhou Wen continued to do experiments and tasks diligently for the rest of the day. He was amazed by the ability of intermediate genetic enhancers. He had now become a veritable superman. The body's various abilities have exploded. One hand can lift an object over 400 kilograms. The feet can reach 3.5 meters from the ground, 1000 meters can run for 30 seconds, and can run underwater for an hour. Not to mention that, he did an experiment where he could intercept a moving bullet with a piece of iron. In other words, dodging bullets was a reality for him now. He was amazed by this abnormal ability, so he wanted to see what advanced genetic enhancers would look like. As the level of discipline grew higher and higher, Zhou Wen gradually felt that perhaps the birth of humans was not an accident at all, but an experiment of alien civilization. At this point, people who have a deep understanding of the virus will have this feeling. But Zhou Wen felt even stronger. However, the exchange price of advanced genetic enhancers is very abnormal, which requires 50 million points. Yes, intermediate genetic enhancers only need 500,000 points, but advanced genetic enhancers need 50 million points, which is 100 times higher. It was almost impossible to raise the idea of exchange. Zhou Wen also knew that this matter could not be rushed, but after experiencing the ability of intermediate genetic enhancers, he naturally wanted to see what advanced genetic enhancers looked like? Dgd technology was basically launched worldwide in march 2023. The successful completion of clinical trials of new hiv drugs in china and The united states, as well as in many european countries, cheered countless hiv patients around the world. At the same time, new drugs for hepatitis b virus also passed clinical trials in china and officially began to be sold in august of the same year. Hundreds of millions of hepatitis b patients around the world were elated