Chapter 311 Final Chapter!!

After many discussions with the ministry of health, the Cosmopolitan creature finally funded the purchase of qingganling preparation. Anyone with chinese nationality of hepatitis b virus carriers can go to the local health department to inject qingganling preparation free of charge. And hiv drugs, also included in the scope of health insurance. At the same time, the local government of some provinces and cities also invested in purchasing hiv special drugs for free distribution. These are all in china, and with the introduction of hiv and qingganling medicines in europe, america, japan and south korea, countless patients around the world are cheering, but also very silly. The qingganling preparation is just fine. The international unified price is only $ 5500 per dose. However, the hiv drug was five times more effective than qingganling. Europe, the united states, japan and south korea sold it for 28 000 us dollars per dose, while the average price of other countries in asia, africa and latin america varied from 15 000 us dollars to 20 000 us dollars per dose. Such high prices have also led international medical and human rights organizations to accuse the Cosmopolitan creature of being unsympathetic, and at such a high price, poor patients simply cannot afford it. Some governments have also called for Cosmopolitan creature to lower prices so that more people can afford medicine. In this regard, the Cosmopolitan creature only issued a statement saying that the cost of raw materials for drugs was very high and could not lower the price in the short term. Then, no matter how much international criticism was made, the Cosmopolitan creature pretended to be deaf and ignored it. Such a high price, of course, brings incomparably rich returns. In 2023, Cosmopolitan creature's sales in europe reached a staggering $ 21 billion with a few monopoly drugs. North and south america combined to a staggering $ 17 billion. In the asian, african and latin american countries, sales totaled more than $ 15 billion. Cosmopolitan creature became famous in the first battle. Total sales in 2023 reached a staggering $ 38 billion, surpassing international pharmaceutical giants such as pfizer and novartis, ranking third behind johnson & johnson and rothschild. However, although Cosmopolitan creature ranked third, it was 20.95 billion us dollars less than johnson & johnson, the global leader of pharmaceutical companies. It was $ 71 billion less than the second rothschild, and $ 18 billion less. However, Cosmopolitan creature's profit margin could be used to beat up the boss, johnson & johnson, and the second rothschild. J & j's net profit for 2022 was only $ 3. 07 billion, with a profit margin of 3. 74 %. The second company had a high profit margin, reaching 19 billion us dollars in 2022 and an annual profit margin of 26. 7 %. But Cosmopolitan creature's profit margin was an astounding 60 %. Because Cosmopolitan creature's r & d costs are very low compared to other companies, the cost is mainly concentrated in the later clinical trials and marketing segment. However, Cosmopolitan creature is not a listed company, and there is no way for the outside world to know about the profit margin of the Cosmopolitan creature. But this was just the beginning. With the launch of a series of new painkillers, new lung cancer drugs, new chronic enteritis drugs, Cosmopolitan creature began to dominate the global pharmaceutical industry. Two million words were omitted from the plot of the commercial war... Three years later. Since the increase in experience and points for no reason, it took Zhou Wen more than half a year to figure out where those experience and points came from. It turned out that once he successfully cured a patient, his experience and points would increase a little. At first, he was puzzled. Why did he save a lot of patients before, but not increase experience and points? Later on, he figured out that maybe those formulas weren't developed by him, or some drugs were simply exchanged from the system, so he didn't increase experience and points. It was only now that the secret was discovered. However, his experience points and points increased very quickly. With the launch of new hiv and hepatitis b drugs, experience points and points are increasing by tens of thousands every day. Later on, it would be one or two thousand, thirty or forty thousand a day, or seventy or eighty thousand a day. Experience and points are increasing rapidly at a rate visible to the naked eye. The midsummer of 2026. The points finally accumulated 50 million. Zhou Wen immediately opened the system mall to search for advanced genetic enhancers. He clicked [ buy ] and a prompt box popped up in front of him. [ do you want to spend 5000 points to buy the genetic enhancer formula? [ Yes ] Zhou Wen thought he could buy the fortifier formula without a hitch, but a notification box popped up in front of him again. [ This item is sold out, please choose another item ] "Shit!" Zhou Wen, who hadn't spoken in a long time, cursed for the first time after seeing the contents of the prompt box. He had worked so hard over the past few years that he didn't dare to waste any points. He just wanted to buy a genetic enhancer formula to achieve a life level leap. He didn't expect the system to trick him. Zhou Wen's face darkened as he looked at the missing high-level genetic enhancer formula in the item list. With the level of biological immunity reaching 9, he was now basically certain that humans were a test subject for alien civilizations. Bacteria, viruses, and so on, were all launched by alien civilizations. They were just testing. Every time the human immune system defeats a new virus and bacteria, alien civilizations will release new viruses to earth. And genetic locks, cell division, all of which are preventing humans from jumping to a higher level of life. He did not know what the purpose of these alien civilizations was, but the system's claim to increase the life expectancy of the inhabitants of the universe was simply a cover. These alien civilizations had never thought of increasing the lifespan of humans on earth. The disappearance of the advanced genetic enhancer formula proved his guess again. He could only stop at the intermediate level. Looking at the system mall, Zhou Wen felt very depressed. Just as he was about to shut down the system mountain mall page, something suddenly occurred to him. He knew that each formula had a corresponding finished product, such as a primary genetic enhancer, a secondary genetic enhancer, all ready to be made. The reason he didn't buy it was because the price of the product was exactly the same as the recipe, so he chose the recipe. I wonder if there are any more advanced genetic enhancers in the pill? Thinking of this, Zhou Wen was in a nervous mood and immediately entered "Advanced genetic enhancer" in the search column and clicked on the search in his mind. The next second, the search page showed up [ advanced genetic enhancer: exchange price: 50 million ] Zhou Wen didn't have time to get excited and immediately clicked [ buy ]. [ Does it cost 5000 points to buy the genetic enhancer? ] [ yes ] Zhou Wen was immediately excited by the sound of a successful purchase. At the same time, he discovered that there was a high level genetic enhancer on the page that was originally [ 999 / copy ], which turned into [ sold out ] Zhou Wen secretly said "Lucky," then immediately opened the item bar, and the blue high level genetic enhancer was lying quietly inside. As his mind moved, the strengthening agent appeared in his hand. The white round glass bottle was about 10 centimeters long, slightly thicker than the thumb, and contained a bluish liquid that glowed under the reflection of the overhead light. Zhou Wen opened the rubber bottle cap, then raised his head and poured the fortifier into his mouth. He smacked his mouth and, like the previous intermediate genetic enhancers, it didn't taste anything. He knew that it would take a long time for the effects of the strengthening agent to appear, so there was no rush. Seven days later. Jiangzhou city, Cosmopolitan creature research center. This is the research institute that Ming Xingsheng invested in, with a total investment of 4 billion us dollars. Unfortunately, Ming Xingsheng passed away last year, so the next investment was canceled. In fact, Zhou Wen could keep him alive for a few more years, but the old man, under the pressure of his children and grandchildren, was no longer willing to take the sky-high drugs that Zhou Wen provided. At this moment, Zhou Wen was in a large, empty room in the research center. He was moving at high speed in the room, bringing out a trail of remnants, and there was also a "Hiss, hiss," the piercing sound of the air, extremely piercing. After ten minutes, he finally stopped. He was still breathing and his heart was not beating. But there was an undeniable joy on his face. In just a week, his body began to undergo some amazing changes. The speed of a cheetah was not comparable to his. Just then, the phone on the windowsill rang and he reached out to pick it up. At this moment, the fingers that touched the phone turned black like the outer shell of the phone, and quickly spread to the palms, wrists and arms, looking very scary. But in the face of this scene, Zhou Wen did not panic. In fact, he had discovered two days ago that his body had begun to possess the abilities of a chameleon, which could turn into the same color as an object he touched at any time. And unlike the chameleon, which only had the color of the object attached to it, his arm could also have a strength similar to that of the object in contact. For example, the skin on the back of the hand holding the phone case can't be cut with a knife. In addition, a variety of other abilities began to emerge. This made Zhou Wen both excited and nervous, but also slightly afraid. He was afraid of becoming a monster. "Hello... Really? Okay, okay, I'll be there now." Zhou Wen hung up the phone with a happy face and immediately rushed to the Golden lake district Huan yu hospital. Shen Xue always wanted a child, but both of them worked hard for a long time and Shen Xue didn't respond. At first, Zhou Wen didn't care, because pregnancy was a matter of probability. Some didn't move for a few years, and some won the bid once. But two years without contraception and still no response, this is a bit too much. Zhou Wen examined Shen Xue and found that he was in good health. It was the golden age of childbirth. The problem was with him. He didn't know if it was because of the genetic enhancers that made him so energetic that it was almost impossible for the women in his room to conceive normally. At Shen Xue's urging, she finally used artificial insemination. And just now Shen Xue called to tell him that she was finally pregnant. At the hospital, there was no need to talk about the excitement. After dinner, Zhou Wen went back to his room, hugged Shen Xue, and his big hands began to get restless. But Shen Xue held his hand and said, "From now on, until the baby is born, you are not allowed to touch me." Zhou Wen said in surprise, "Ten months... Are you kidding me?" Shen Xue said seriously, "I'm not kidding. You know how difficult it is for him or her to come here. I don't want any accidents." Shen Xue, who had a baby in his belly, suddenly changed and became full of the radiance of motherhood. Zhou wen was speechless, "Then what should I do?" Shen Xue's face softened and he said with a smile, "Go find Mengmeng. Her aunt has only been away for two days." Zhou Wen laughed and said, "Don't provoke me. I might really go one day." Shen Xue stared into his eyes for a few seconds and looked at Zhou Wen until he was horrified, "All right, stop pretending. You think I don't know about you and Mengmeng? I just didn't want to expose you." Zhou Wen smirked, "... The relationship between Mengmeng and me is pure." "Pure you big head! Do you think I don't know what you're doing hiding in the studio all the time?" Shen Xue pinched his arm. "Hiss -" Zhou Wen pretended to be in pain and said with a bitter face, "Honey, I was wrong." Shen Xue curled his lips and said, "I finally know to call my wife today. What did I do before?" Zhou Wen giggled and used his hand to distract Shen Xue. Shen Xue murmured, but quickly pushed him away firmly. "All right, all right... Go find Mengmeng. I'm going to play the prenatal music for my son." "It's still an egg..." Zhou Wen: "And how do you know it's a son, maybe a daughter?" Shen Xue gently touched her stomach and said with a motherly radiance, "I feel like a son." "I still like my daughter..." Spring to autumn, winter to summer. Ten months passed in a flash. Shen xue gave birth to a child and a daughter. In the meantime, Zhou Wen gave Shen Xue a grand and romantic wedding. Xu Shuangyu and Zuo Mengmeng, two confidants, had experienced some setbacks and had achieved success abroad with Zhou Wen. The four of them lived happily ever after until the day they grew old. The whole play is over!