Chapter 294 Don't Let Go

And these things, are The su family matters, have nothing to do with anyone else. Of course, this is also the follow-up, and it will be a long time later. Yan Huan stayed here for a few days, took a few extra shots, and was ready to leave. She put away her belongings, and the phone on the side also rang. She took the phone, looked at the name on it, and her mood was relaxed. Of course, there was also a feeling of, uh, burning face. However, her two lifetimes combined, she was nearly thirty years old, but still like a little girl's first love, this feeling can not be said what, but it is not annoying to be right. "When are you leaving?" Lu yi asked her about her schedule. Yan Huan calculated the time." I'm packing up. If there's no accident, I can leave soon."" I see," lu yi replied lightly." I'll pick you up later."" Okay," Yan Huan liked to ride lu yi's car. Lu Yi always drove very smoothly. Besides, a car that didn't cost money, of course, she had to ride it. Yiling and Rowling were carrying a lot of things. They were ready to go back. The rest of them needed to stay on the set and shoot the next scene. However, it had nothing to do with Yan Huan. She had finished acting here. This time, Although she didn't make it to the first place, the second place was very good. Of course, Su Muran, the third place, became the third place again. When they had just come out, Lu Yi had already driven the car over." Eh, Lu Yi?" Yiling rubbed her eyes and ran over quickly. She threw everything on the ground and touched the car from time to time. It was Lu Yi's car. It couldn't be wrong. She had scraped off a little paint on the car and the mark was still here. Yan Huan opened the door and sat in." What, your car is back?" She looked around the car, and it was true that one of them had been scratched by Douzi on the seat, so Yiling, Douzi, was a very destructive person." The road over there was just repaired, and someone brought the car over for me," he said as he opened the door and helped Yiling and Rowling put everything in the trunk of the car. The two women also treated it as a handshake, no matter what else. Lu yi closed the trunk, then got in the car and started driving back to where they lived. In the meantime, he didn't say much, but was driving seriously. Yan Huan turned around and stared at the man's resolute side face. At this moment, the corners of his lips were tightly pursed, as if they were a little airtight. Few people had seen him smile, so there were not many lines at the corners of his eyes. He was 27 years old. Very young, he had a pair of very sharp eyes, no wonder, everyone was afraid of him, born with a face that was not too likable to women. It was a murderous face. Lu Yi turned around and looked right into her eyes. There seemed to be some relief between her brows, but there was still not much smile. Even the curve of her lips was not more than half a degree. Of course, this was Lu Yi. The one who smiled like a fool every day was Lu Qin, not Lu Yi. Lu yi took a blanket and handed it to Yan Huan. Yan Huan took it and covered himself. The seat of the car was quite comfortable. When she first sat in this car, she knew that sleeping here was quite comfortable and would not be wronged at all. No wonder Lu Yi liked this car the most. It was a comfortable car, and so was the person sitting in it. Slowly, Yan Huan closed his eyes and fell asleep. At this time, the car was still driving slowly forward. It was probably night by the time it reached Sea city. Yan Huan didn't know how much the car was driving. She was just sleeping. When she woke up, it was dark outside. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Rowling and Yiling were gone behind her." Rowling is home. Yiling will go up and clean up first." Lu Yi reached out and pressed on yan huan's face. A red mark appeared on her face. Her skin was already white. Yan Huan rubbed his eyes again and sat up. It was dark. She took a look outside, then pulled Lu Yi's wrist and looked at the watch on it. It was past nine." I'm hungry," she pouted, asking lu yi for food like a little girl." What do you want to eat?" Lu Yi still pressed her face, not knowing when the mark would go down." Go eat hotpot," Yan Huan thought about it, but she still felt that it was better to eat hotpot. She had been filming recently and had been eating boxed lunch for months. Although she didn't choose what to eat, she still had something she wanted to eat. The weather was not too hot, so it was just right to eat hotpot. Well, Lu Yi agreed and opened the door. Yan Huan followed. She stretched and sat in the car for hours. She wanted to sleep, but she wanted to eat more." Add some clothes and then go out." Lu yi helped her fix her hair." It's all in such a mess. Your fans saw that Miss Yan was so unkempt. Could it be that they thought you were a sloppy woman?" When Yan Huan heard this, she quickly tidied up her clothes and looked around warily for a long time. It was probably a habit of her two lifetimes. Wherever she went, she paid more attention to her image. As a public figure, wherever she went, she didn't want to send out pictures of herself that ruined her image. Of course, if she did it on purpose, that would be an exception, but suddenly, something occurred to her. She raised her face and saw that Lu Yi still had the same expression, except that there seemed to be a little smile in her eyes. This place, how could someone take a picture of her? In total, there are not many people living in a community. When entering and exiting, they also need to be investigated. If there is a strong entrance guard, you can come in, but you don't want to go out." Let's go," lu yi extended his hand to her. Yan Huan looked at his big hand and reached out. Lu Yi tightened his grip. Suddenly, he had a strong feeling that he would never let go of it again for the rest of his life. Yan Huan also held his big hand tightly. She thought, she would never let it go again in this lifetime. Yan Huan opened the door, and Yiling was already busy inside. She was happy at first sight, but she was still tidying up the sofa with her butt out." Why are you so slow? Did you do something bad? Of course, she only asked casually, but she didn't think too far. She was too pure