Chapter 304 Be Sold

Soon, Yiling and Lei Qingyi came over. Yiling was carrying a lot of food. All of it was brought to her by Lei Qingyi. She was so happy that she kept saying that this was delicious. That delicious, complimenting Lei Qingyi's mouth was about to crack to her ear. Before Yan Huan could come and say another word to lu yi, he left. It was mainly because they needed to get out of here before dark. Otherwise, if they took the mountain road, they would have to wait until tomorrow morning. And tomorrow morning, Lu Yi's weekend was over. He couldn't have had much time to sleep after driving all night. It was impossible to rest. Yan Huan walked to the balcony. Outside, there were already a lot of lights, warm and safe. She shrank her body. Just like that, she sat on a chair and began to shake her life. In fact, it felt good to have someone care about her. Suddenly, she smiled, sweeping away the tiredness of the past few days and calming down her restless heart. Maybe she had been away for too long, or maybe she had been away from some people for too long. She took out her phone and put it in her ear. "Lu Yi, it's me." "Yeah?" The man over there still spoke in such a simple tone, but it was audible that the man seemed to be in a good mood. Yan Huan's red lips gently pressed against the phone's microphone, as if whispering in someone else's ear. "I miss you." Lu yitu stopped the car and scared the other two. "What's wrong?" Lei Qingyi was about to get up, but he forgot that he was in the car now. With a bang, he hit the roof of the car. Not to mention his height, he could only be wronged. This was a modified car. Otherwise, if he was in an ordinary car, his head would have been broken. "It's okay, there's a dog passing by," lu yi lied unhurriedly, then drove the car with a bluetooth headset in his ear. The little girl was laughing happily. Yan Huan hung up the phone, no longer affecting Lu Yi's driving. She closed her eyes and gently listened to the exhortation from the rocking chair. It seemed like this started little by little. In time, she began to feel an emotion that she had never felt before in her previous life. In fact, this is the quiet time. The next day, Yan Huan felt much better. Yiling happily carried a bunch of things to the set and said that she could eat when she was free. Rowling was very puzzled that Yiling could stuff so much with such a small body. She really wanted to know. What's the difference between Yiling's structure and hers? Why can such a skinny woman eat so much? She thought about it for a long time, but still could not come up with the answer to this question. She shook her head and continued to look at Yan Huan, who was filming the show. Yan Huan's film was quite good. Her acting skills improved a little since the last time she was filming the game, especially when she was filming such a funny scene. It was a small expression of stupidity and grievance, which made people love and hate it. Acting like something, she might even end up in the play herself. Otherwise, it would be impossible to produce such a vivid work. Blue And White, who had been sold to a shampoo shop by tongye from the same hometown, stayed here for a few days. After that, she knew that Tongye had cheated her. The women here were all wearing revealing clothes, and it was obvious at a glance that they were not good women. Of course, her mother always said that she was stupid, but you should know that although she looked a little silly, she was not stupid at all. She did not talk to them, did not stay with them. She hugged her baggage and kept counting how much dust was on the ground. Even those women curled their lips at the sight of her. "This can be our sister, this looks?" Blue And White continued to smile stupidly. Then she received a pile of clothes for her to wash. She began to live here washing clothes, and of course, she made herself dirty. Then every time she washed one of these clothes, she thought to herself, there was so little material in these clothes that she could not wear them. The people in this city were really strange. Good clothes, which had to be made into short ones with exposed belly, or without sleeves, were not as good as her clothes in her hometown. Although there were patches, they did not reveal flesh. But the city people probably liked this kind of clothes. On this day, she was carrying a lot of clothes to wash, and then walked and looked, and then touched the things on her body. Thanks to her heart, she stole her id card, otherwise, it would be held up for some people, but with the id card, she did not have money. But first, she got out of here. After putting her clothes in a basin, she flattened her mouth and ran to the road she had found in advance. She got into a big concrete pipe and crawled out. Hmph, when she comes home, she must tell the whole village. Tongye is not a good person. She pushed all the girls in the village into the fire pit. There were several sisters from the same village who came out with her this time, but where were they taken? She didn't know either. She just knew she was here. Yeah, right here. She changed her clothes in the pipe and cut her hair. She cried a lot when she cut her hair, but she was afraid of being caught. Such a big braid. He could tell where he was going at a glance. When she crawled out, she put up a dog-eat-head, and it was dark outside, and she ran along the path like a thief, then hid along the road for a few days. When she appeared in most of the view, she had a gunny bag on her shoulder, and her clothes were smelly and dirty. Her hair was like a chicken coop, and she didn't wash it for a long time. She actually had a good life here. The people here loved to throw things away, so she picked up a lot of things, and she also picked up a wallet, but also, they did not even have a thank you. Thinking of this, she curled her mouth and pulled out a few flowers herself. She put the sack on her shoulder and got ready to work. The job she was talking about was something that others didn't want, such as bottles, and then sold it to a waste shop to buy something to eat. Anyway, she wouldn't eat anything in the trash can. She was a person, not a dog. She was very insistent on this, or was she too insistent on it. Anyway, she can earn a few dollars a day. The cheapest thing she buys can be eaten for days