The Charm of Soul Pets

The Charm of Soul Pets



Author:The sky of fish







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545.Chapter 454 Hidden Strength, Luo Yumen Jiang Zhi (2)


The winged cloud bird in the blue sky and the grass; the wild and savage blood wolf in the wilderness of Gobi. The night dream beast that flitted through the moonlight forest; the ghost king who drank the wind and swallowed the mist from the cliffs. Under the vast ocean, the sea spirit monster, the proud and isolated thousand pupil tree demon on the top of the sea of clouds. Sword sting, sunset peng, ancient wooden demon, chaos thunder crown elf, ice cursing fox... Plant, monster, element, undead, this is a strange and mysterious world of soul pet! Our protagonist, a young soul master, carried a young abnormal soul pet, the moonlight fox, in the beginning, which transformed into a more powerful evil flame six tailed demon fox and a higher level nine-tailed flame fox! Accompanied by this abnormal soul pet, he embarked on the road of a real strong man, taking in more precious soul pets that he had dreamed of, and working tirelessly towards the peak of the highest powerful man!

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