The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!

The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!



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/ / A house with three meals and four seasons cookies / / / [ 1 ] the famous vase in the entertainment industry was suitable. After a car accident, he suddenly announced that he was going home to farm. Black fans: hee hee, you deserve it. The next day, the star app began to broadcast the appropriate rural life. Hey, why are the top lawyers here for dinner? Why did the doctor of medicine raise chickens? Hey, why did a famous designer dye the cloth? Hey, why did the god of esports come to install the swing? What? Are you her brother? Are you her brother too? You or her brother??! In the midst of all the attention, on the grand slam movie king, shi sui, the audience typed weakly on the public screen: are you... Are you her brother too? The movie king calmly pinched her face and calmly said, "I'm her husband." Fans: I can't laugh. Jpg [ 2 ] surprised! The movie king changed his assistant! And you want to do a variety of farming with him?! Girlfriend fan mother fan career fan pounded her chest and stomped her fee

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