Chapter 295 Still the Same

Popular recommendation: douluo continent iii dragon king legend tianhuo avenue shengxu douluo continent 3 douluo continent 3 dragon king legend mengxing fine silent phoenix return to nest douluo continent "Someone from the Tang gate will be your secretary." Each of them spoke as if Bao Muyi had finally reacted. His tone was light, and his voice was like pure flowing water, soaking into the bones and limbs of people, bringing an inexplicable chill." You said that. Why can't the Tang gate be my secretary?" Tan Yezhu smiled." Ke Ruo is not an important person in the tang family." This sentence made a dark light flash in Tang Keruo's eyes, but almost no one noticed it. If Su Cha hadn't been watching, she would have missed out on her every move. This woman is not simple. Su Cha was able to conclude that she was almost happy on the surface, even if there was a reaction was only very small, it was almost impossible to detect. Tan Yezhu's eyes suddenly turned to Su Cha." Ah, I forgot. We're talking about Tang gate. Mu Yi, did you tell your girlfriend what the Tang gate is? Does it sound like the martial arts sect that you saw on tv?" Su Cha paused, then looked at Tan Yezhu and smiled." Yes, I think what you said is quite strange." This was the first time she had spoken, and there was a hint of confusion in her tone. Bao Muyi didn't react when he heard Tan Yezhu speak. When he heard Su Cha speak, he frowned and clenched Su Cha's palm. Su Cha held his palm back and held his finger. Such a small movement fell into Tan Yezhu's eyes, which surprised him and made him more interested." Tea Tea doesn't need to know about these things." Bao Muyi said casually," it's not important at all." Tea Tea shouldn't be surprised if it's not important." Wow..." Tan Yezhu clapped his hands excitedly. As soon as he finished speaking, Bao Muyi's eyes shot at Tan Yezhu like a sharp sword." I haven't seen you in years. You haven't improved. Your mouth is full of nonsense." Tan Yezhu held his heart in his hands and looked unacceptable." You said I didn't improve, and you humiliated me!" Su Cha: ..." I always felt that this Tan Yezhu... Was not simple. She thought for a moment and suddenly said," I'm going to the bathroom." Bao Muyi immediately pointed her in one direction. This private room is very big, even if it is just a private room, it is equivalent to a hall. They were located in the middle of the building, with the washrooms scattered and a separate corridor. Su Cha got up and walked over. Suddenly, Tang Keruo said," boss, I'll go too." At night, bamboo squinted at her and waved," go." Bao Muyi's pupils deepened, but he didn't look up. Tang Keruo didn't notice. After she left, Tan Yezhu smiled and said," I heard from abroad that the Tang gate is looking for you. You are direct. People scare your baby, and you kill them? Even the elder of the Tang gate is mad at you." Bao Muyi sneered, and the bloodthirsty and sinister taste in his eyes was now fully revealed." A traitor, it's hard to bother them so much." Tan Yezhu was surprised to see Bao Muyi like this, then smiled and said," I thought you changed." Just now, he pretended to be a big tail wolf in front of people, but now his true face was revealed as soon as he left. The same person, the same person, didn't change at all, just one... Just someone who could show him the other side. Bao Muyi glanced at him and smiled faintly during the night. Recommend the new book of old shi, the city god: the campus flower's all-around security voting recommendation: one chapter on the recommendation ballot, the chapter catalogue, the next chapter to add bookmarks