Chapter 305 Scare Her

Popular recommendations: douluo continent iii dragon king legend tianhuo avenue shengxu douluo continent 3 douluo continent 3 dragon king legend mengxing fine silent phoenix return to the nest douluo continent 4 ultimate douluo tiantian descended super rich doctor huang hou Su Cha was in a bit of a dilemma. His brows furrowed slightly. With her thoughtful look, there was a tinge of seriousness that made people nervous. The staff only thought it was a routine notice, but now they waited for Su Cha's answer with some caution and added a reminder: "If you don't go in, there's a good chance that the contestants will have a problem with you, and there are a lot of malicious spectators who will speculate about why you don't live, or even create rumors... There were contestants who didn't live in before, and then dropped out without resisting the pressure of public opinion." If it were anyone else, the staff wouldn't be bothered to talk so much. Just seeing Su Cha, he had a natural fear and unknowingly explained his shortcomings. To be honest, Su Cha didn't care about this, but she thought about it. She entered the entertainment industry for a famous person. The staff said very clearly that this group accommodation would have extra exposure, and it would be good for her own competition. She didn't have to go against these things. Under certain circumstances, she did not need to be independent. It's just that Bao Muyi's side might not be easy to coax... She thought about it and asked, "Then stay inside. Can you go home normally?" The staff nodded, "This is fine, but you have to ask for leave, or if there are any activities, if you get higher and higher, there will be more and more activities." Su Cha thought about it and nodded. "Okay." After agreeing to the staff, she returned to Wang pavilion. Su Cha couldn't figure out why they had to live together. He had a hunch that there might be more conflicts between them, but it was possible that the Program team needed such questions. At home, Su Cha saw the blue sky lying in the yard lazily wagging his tail. When he saw Su Cha coming back, he immediately stood up and shouted at Su Cha. The roar did not sound murderous, but a lion roared at you unprepared, and without any cover, the scene was really frightening. Su Cha was not frightened. When the blue sky saw that Su Cha did not respond, it gave a roar and suddenly jumped at Su Cha. Su Cha stood still, and the blue sky fell in front of Su Cha in an instant. Su Cha didn't even blink. The distance was so close that she could even see the gaping jaws of blood in the blue sky, but she did not move. "Roar!" At the moment when the lion's mouth seemed to be about to bite Su Cha, the blue sky abruptly shut its mouth, two front paws resting on Su Cha's shoulder, and looked at Su Cha. After confirming the look in his eyes, he was the one who wasn't scared. He probably didn't think it was interesting. The blue sky shook its tail, its front paws fell back to the ground, and then walked slowly. Su Cha smiled lightly. Just then, Ah Chen suddenly appeared and bowed his head to Su Cha, "I'm sorry, Miss Su. The blue sky scared you just now." "I'm not scared." The corners of Su Cha's lips were not clearly curved, and a cold gleam flickered in his eyes, "Ah Chen, you are testing me. You should have stopped me the first time the blue sky rushed over." He didn't stop, which proved that he was testing. Su Cha had no intention of hiding anything. She stood there without fear. Because she didn't see anything killing in the blue sky, nor did she seem hungry. It didn't intend to attack Su Cha, just to scare Su Cha. Recommend the new book of old shi, the city god: the all-around security vote of the campus flower: one chapter on the recommendation ballot, chapter on the list, chapter on the list, chapter on the bookmar