Chapter 330 Do You Need to Question the Young Master's Orders?

Popular recommendation: douluo continent iii dragon king legend tianhuo avenue shengxu douluo continent 3 douluo continent 3 dragon king legend mengxing fine silent phoenix return to douluo continent 4 ultimate douluo tiantian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian tian hou Imperial jewelry is only one of the brands under the international label of the Imperial livestock. But it was as rich as a luxury brand, and endorsements were the ones that many of the top celebrities in the industry wanted to prove their position in the industry. As the official weibo of the jewelry brand, Imperial livestock is naturally extremely cold and official. Even if it doesn't have many fans, its every move is watched by many people in the circle. Once it follows or publishes news in advance, it often has something to do with the endorsement, especially now that Imperial jewelry's new season endorser contract is about to expire. It is the authentic China jewelry spokesperson! The whole line refers to the endorsement of the entire jewelry brand. Big brands like this usually have a lot of different types of spokespersons, such as jewelry, earrings, necklaces, or rings. Even one point of the spokesperson is a great resource, especially this kind of all-line spokesperson. Basically, the moment it expires, the top players in the industry are staring at it. There will also be various actions before the expiration, such as jewelry brands will automatically contact some important stars to discuss, then a period of time, finally let out the wind, and finally confirmed, then produce advertisements and change various endorsement photos, and finally announced in full. Imperial jewelry's China district endorsement is due to expire in a month, and it is now in the midst of negotiations with several celebrities. At this juncture, there were many people watching the official website of god's animal husbandry jewelry. Now that it was following a newcomer who was almost considered "Nameless" in the circle, many people were shocked. What did the Imperial jewelry mean? The team behind the few superstars who were in talks with the Imperial jewelry couldn't sit still. From the moment di mu jewelry paid attention to Su Cha, Su Cha's wealth information began to be ripped off by all sides. She was just an ordinary contestant, and in the eyes of many people, she had no qualifications at all. In fact, the Imperial jewelry benefited from paying attention to Su Cha. It had long said that once Su Cha opened his weibo, he would pay attention to it, but other brands of the Imperial jewelry would pay attention to it later. Otherwise, it would be difficult to pay attention to Su Cha at once. And then her identity will be revealed to the world. Of course, this is not what Bao Muyi himself would say, but with a Bai Kun judging the situation, he will naturally understand these things. All the people in charge of each Di mu group brand area will be in one group. If there was anything that the entire group needed to know, they would inform the leaders in the group first. Di mu group, which had always only talked about business, suddenly received a message from Bai Kun, the president's special assistant. Any official blog of a Imperial livestock brand would be the first to pay attention to it. It never required any reason to order things, but this news stunned many big shots, and the jewelry manager reacted the fastest. He immediately realized that Su Cha was not simple, thinking that Bai Kun was the absolute confidant of the group's head of staff. He was the first to reply, so he got the privilege. That was why the Imperial jewelry paid attention to Su Cha first. As a result, the Imperial jewelry received a special message from Bai Kun. The message was simple and clear: young master asked to say hello, Remember to do it. Of course you did. Young master's orders, do you need to question it? Recommend the new book of old shi, the city god: one chapter on the campus flower's all-around security voting recommendation ticket, the chapter catalog, the next chapter to add bookmarks