Chapter 290 Cold Young Man with Earthed Air

The next chapter is added to the popular bookmarking recommendation: douluo continent iii dragon king legend tianhuo road holy ruins douluo continent 3 dragon king legend dream wake up fine silent phoenix return to the nest of douluo continent 4 ultimate douluo heaven descended super rich divine doctor huang hou... Yu Yuehan's signed hand paused slightly. The assistant continued. This event was proposed by Chen Boss from the Shengda technology. Manager Wen also hoped to take this opportunity to reward his colleagues for their hard work during this period of time, so he agreed. In that case, the dinner party was entirely proposed by Chen Zixin. What does he want? For personal gain! Yu Yuehan's dark eyes sank and a glint of light flashed across them. Putting down the pen in his hand, he slowly raised his head and slowly opened his mouth. "Since I want to reward my colleagues, even if I don't have time, I will take the time to participate."..." The assistant was shocked. The young master had never attended such departmental gatherings before. What happened recently? Why did he suddenly realize that the young master had become earthy? The assistant returned to his senses and nodded quickly." Then I'll inform manager Wen." It was time to get off work. The whole public relations department was on fire. The thought of eating and drinking in a while made the fatigue of the day disappear in an instant!" I've been starving all day, just for this dinner tonight. Don't stop me later!" Me too... The colleagues in the department were teasing each other as they packed up their things. Not long after, wen yadai walked out of the manager's office and smiled. The dinner party made everyone so happy. If I told you again, young master Han would go to the dinner party tonight... As soon as Wen Yadai spoke, the colleagues around him screamed excitedly. Manager Wen, is this true?" Of course it's true. I was just asking special assistant Yang to help me ask. I didn't expect young master Han to agree without a word when he heard that it was a project dinner to reward everyone. As she spoke, she took the opportunity to compliment everyone on their recent work performance. All of a sudden, the department was full of compliments. If it weren't for manager Wen, how could young master Han have noticed that we were working so hard and had come to reward us? Yes, it must be because of manager Wen that young master han attended the dinner." With manager Wen fighting for everyone's welfare like this, we will definitely follow your lead in the future!" Whoever refuses to obey manager Wen, I will be the first to refuse." Wen yadai listened to everyone with a proper smile on her face. He was feeling proud. I don't know who suddenly answered," not only manager Wen, but our department now has a supervisor, nian. In such a short time, we have two big projects. We are both talented and beautiful. In the future, our public relations department will be better and better!" Hearing this, Wen Yadai's smile froze. The hand that was hanging by his side silently clenched into a fist. She's the manager of the public relations department. How long has it been since Nian Xiaomu appeared? Someone has dared to compare nian xiaomu to her! Was she ridiculing her for not being as good looking as Nian Xiaomu? Manager Wen, the car from the Shengda technology has arrived, saying it's here to pick us up. The secretary walked up to Wen Yadai and respectfully reminded him. Hearing this, wen yadai suppressed the displeasure in her eyes and her face returned to calm. Everyone pack up quickly, and we'll go down now. Nian Xiaomu took a moment to finish his work and walked at the back of the line. As soon as she got out of the elevator, she saw Chen Zixin standing in front of the car. Just as she was about to step forward, a strong arm grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms! One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapter