Chapter 300 You like Him?

Skyland novel web > other novels > you for the rest of your life > one chapter on the vote of recommendation, "Chapter one," chapter two,"" catalog" and the next chapter," join the popular bookmarking recommendation:" douluo continent iii," legend of dragon king,"" tianhuo avenue,"" douluo continent,""" douluo continent,""" douluo continent,""" legend of dragon king." It was as if he was about to open the door, deafening. Chen Zixin paused and a teasing light flashed in his eyes. Instead of really hugging Nian Xiaomu, he reached out and patted her on the shoulder, giving her a meaningful look. Don't forget, if he treats you badly, remember to look for me!" Nian Xiaomu: ..." Before she could react, Chen Zixin had already left. She was thinking about what Chen Zixin meant when a chill hit her back! Turning around, he caught sight of Yu Yuehan's cold figure, standing behind her with a cold smile on his lips." Everyone's gone. How long will it take to see?" Nian Xiaomu followed him into the car. Along the way, Nian Xiaomu shivered from the cold when the heater was turned on in the car. He desperately leaned against the car door, wishing he could shrink back. Finally, he couldn't help but poke his head out and glance at the man who looked like an automatic refrigerator. Young master, are you in a bad mood?"" By the way, I haven't thanked you for helping me out tonight. If you hadn't come in time, this wouldn't have been so easy to fool around... Before Nian Xiaomu could finish her sentence, the man next to her suddenly turned his head and glared at her. She opened her mouth quietly." If you really know how to be afraid, you shouldn't be alone with Chen Zixin."..." Do you like him? Yu Yuehan squeezed a sentence through his teeth and the air pressure in the car dropped. The driver shivered and quickly raised the partition between the front and back seats. In the back seat, only the two of them were left. Nian Xiaomu didn't care what the driver did. When he heard him, he shook his head like a rattle drum. It's not what you think. She took out her cell phone from her bag and showed it to him." I only went up when I received a text message. I didn't expect to be locked in my room. I didn't mean to meet Chen Boss privately!" Yu Yuehan: ..." His dark eyes swept across her phone. Hearing her explanation, the coldness in her eyes faded. The air in the car, which was still stuffy, instantly relaxed. Yu yuehan leaned against the car seat, arms folded, eyebrows raised and glanced at her." You won't call me?" I did! There were many calls, but they couldn't get through. Nian Xiaomu muttered softly. Just as he was about to put his phone away, his hand suddenly reached out to her and took it. First, he looked at the phone records and saw that she had really called him a lot, and the corners of his mouth involuntarily curled up in an imperceptible arc. Her eyes fell on the text that led her into the room, and a dangerous light flashed in her eyes. Are you sure that the message wasn't from chen zi? If he hadn't found out in time that she wasn't there, he would have gone to her. What happened today was not so simple! Little chen said he lost his cell phone. Nian Xiaomu had no intention of hiding anything. After a pause, she thought of something. Those reporters showed up just in time. I was pushed into the room and they came, as if someone had arranged it! The person who designed her, even Chen Zixin, was involved. This was no longer Nian Xiaomu's business. When it came to work, Nian Xiaomu was not vague at all. He moved to his side and told him everything that happened tonight. In the end, she didn't even notice that in order to see the screen of his phone, she leaned into his arms. A furry head kept shaking in front of his eyes... One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add bookmarks to the next chapte