Chapter 325 Saving My Life

You know how to be afraid. Why don't you think about the consequences when you're plotting against others? Yu yuehan's face was cold and he shook her off unmoved. If nian xiaomu hadn't been smart enough to be framed now, she would have been the one to be sent to the police station! At the thought of this, Yu Yuehan's eyes glistened. It was as if the blood of asura was flowing into hell. Everyone was responsible for their own actions, and she deserved it! Could she smash a cell phone and erase all the bad things she did? With a look in Yu Yuehan's eyes, the assistant was ready to go out and make a phone call. Don't - "Wen Yadai caught a glimpse of his movements and stood up with a whoosh, his hands clasped around his head, and kept walking back along the conference table. Suddenly it stopped. Reaching out, he grabbed the cup in front of him and slammed it on the ground. Before anyone could react, he grabbed a piece of glass and pressed it against his wrist. Yuehan, you said you owe me your life, and you will pay me back!" I can't go to jail. If I go to jail, my life will be over! Instead of waiting until then, being looked down upon by everyone. She might as well die now... Wen Yadai looked up at Yu Yuehan with tears in her eyes. The Yu corporation is yours. As long as you don't pursue it, nothing will happen to me. I beg you, don't let me go to jail! As she said this, with a firm grip on the glass, a blood stain immediately appeared on her wrist. Bright red blood rushed out of his veins. Dripping down her wrist... Ah! A timid female colleague screamed in horror at the scene. The atmosphere in the entire conference room suddenly became solemn. Everyone looked at Wen Yadai in shock and backed away, not daring to provoke her. You're crazy! Yu Yuehan did not expect her to act so extreme. She quickly stood up and stood in front of Nian Xiaomu without thinking, protecting her. Then she looked at Wen Yadai and wanted to get the glass in her hand. Don't come over! Wen Yadai saw him approaching and retreated faster. He leaned against the wall and pressed against it. Her eyes were already red with her own blood. His whole body trembled. It looks like it won't last long. Nian Xiaomu was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses. As she looked at Wen Yadai, who was going crazy, all she could think of was what she had just heard. All she knew was that wen yadai was Yu Yuehan's right-hand man, and Yu Yuehan was polite to her. Today, I realized that they were childhood sweethearts. Wen Yadai also saved him... It was a saving grace. Were there many secrets between them that outsiders did not know? For some reason, her chest suddenly felt a little stuffy. She carried Yu Yuehan behind her back and could not see the gloomy expression on his face. It was as if he was recalling a scene he didn't want to recall. His dark eyes were filled with darkness that was frightening. Staring fixedly at the red blood spilling from Wen Yadai's wrist, his pupils narrowed slightly. Her thin lips parted slightly, word for word. Inform them to fire Wen Yadai and never hire him! From today on, she's not allowed to step into the Yu corporation or Yu family villa!" The glass in her hand slipped out of her palm in shock. He never wanted to see her again...