Chapter 146 Heaven And Earth Are Domineering

Chapter 146 the tyranny of heaven and earth

This kind of strength, it must be far beyond the other party, I am afraid that even the ordinary third level Master would not have such a strong strength.

All of a sudden, everyone looked at chen hui in shock and disbelief.

"Isn't it said that Chen Hui's strength is only one level Master? His fighting capacity seems to be equivalent to the second level peak Master, and the third level Master is only relying on his set of moves, but why is it that he has shown far more strength than the second level peak Master? Did he also take the spirit medicine that forced him to improve his cultivation?"

"Haha, now I see what you guys are saying about the Ouyang house losing. Chen Hui's strength is obviously not as simple as it seems. Now you keep betting, keep betting on the carpenters to win. Do you guys who are shortsighted really think that the Ouyang house is empty?"

"Hmph, what's so great about defeating Master, the peak of the second stage? The Mu family still has two third-tier Master, and if Mu Yi and the others work together, even the third-tier top Master can handle it. How can Chen Hui handle them? The Mu family is sure to win this competition. I'll put another one on the Bai liudan now. The gambler will win."

"That's right, the Mu family is sure to win this competition. There is absolutely no chance that the Mu family will win, and I will also raise my bet by 5000."

"I'll raise it too..."

"Go ahead, go ahead. Don't regret it then..."

The supporters of the Ouyang house all snorted coldly, and their eyes immediately fell on Chen Hui, who was on the stage of the tournament, filled with anticipation.

On the stage, Ouyang Xianyi's face was red, and the excitement was indescribable. Chen Hui's strong performance was a credit to the Ouyang house, and he was naturally very proud.

"Hehe, is master Ouyang so excited just because he defeated a second-order peak, Master? His next opponent, however, is two third Master. Do you think he can handle it easily?" Yuan Chengfeng was in a rather bad mood, but his yuan family contestants met the Guo family.

At this time, the three Yuan family competitors had completely lost the upper hand and were about to be defeated by Guo Jingyun. Seeing Ouyang Xianyi so excited, he was even angrier.

Ouyang Xianyi sneered. "I don't know if Chen Hui can handle the cooperation of the Mu family, but I do know that the yuan family, even if the three third-level Master teamed up, is being played by others like a monkey."


"Am I wrong? You guys think it's going to be great if you use spirit medicine to forcefully increase your strength. Look at this. Although none of the three contestants in my Ouyang house used spirit medicine to forcefully increase their strength, they are no worse than your people."

"Then I'll see what your Ouyang house can do to keep the position of the five families."

Shangguan Jin listened to their conversation and looked at Chen Hui on the stage. "I really don't know what Spirit Grade Cultivation Method you've trained in, but your strength will be so strong. But it doesn't matter. I will soon have all of your Spirit Grade Cultivation Method in my hands."

"Chen Hui, isn't it cruel of you to do this?" Mu Yi quickly stepped forward to hold up Mu family's second-best Master. When he saw the injury on the palm of the latter's hand, his face immediately became extremely ugly and he stared gloomily at Chen Hui.

Chen Hui shook his hand and said, "Sorry, I thought he could resist."

"Hmph, don't think you have some strength. Just go crazy here. I'll let you know now that your strength is not enough in front of me." Mu Yi laughed back in anger, and a strong anger welled up in his heart. With a cry of anger, his body suddenly rushed towards Chen Hui, like a fierce tiger, with a huge momentum emanating from his whole body.

"Early third stage Master? I'm not afraid of the real Master of the early third stage, not to mention your Master of the early third stage, who was raised by the spirit medicine?" In the face of Mu Yi's full attack, Chen Hui was full of disdain.

When his cultivation was still Master in the middle stage of the first stage, he could already rely on the Step ladder to deal with Master in the third stage. Now that his cultivation reached Master in the middle stage of the second stage, he wanted to try it out. He did not rely on physical skills, but only on his own cultivation of the Yuan Li, and the gap between Master in the third stage, how much more.

"Hoo hoo..."

Chen Hui charged at Mu Yi, clenching his fists and pounding at the latter.

"Overestimate yourself!"

Mu Yi saw that chen hui had actually taken the initiative to attack him, and a look of disdain flashed in his eyes. He also punched chen hui and hit Chen Hui's fist.


The two fists met, and the strong wind immediately dispersed, and a dull sound followed.

"Kick, kick, kick..."

Both of them took two steps back.

Under this attack, the two of them were no different and neither of them got the advantage.

"How is that possible?"

Mu Yi's face suddenly became very ugly. His fist was clearly full of strength. He wanted to fight back with his teeth and disable chen hui's palm in one fell swoop, but he did not expect Chen Hui to be on the same level as him. He did not say that he could disable Chen Hui's palm, and he did not even have the upper hand.

"Chen Hui's Yuan Li cultivation reached the mid-second stage Master?" At this point, Mu Yi also sensed the Yuan Li fluctuations on Chen Hui, but his eyes were still full of disbelief. It's impossible. He's definitely using some kind of secret technique to fight me head-on."

"It seems that even if I rely on the Yuan Li alone, I am no weaker than the average Master at the beginning of the third stage." Chen Hui also had a preliminary assessment of his own strength.

Although he was only in the middle stage of the second stage, Master, his Yuan Li was quite pure. Even Master, who was one step higher than him, could not be fawned on by him in the competition with the Yuan Li.

"If I use all my abilities, I don't know if I can compete with him..."

Although it was a competition with the mu family, chen hui looked at Guo Jingyun on another stage. Immediately, he withdrew his gaze. "That guy's strength is definitely not as simple as it seems, but if I show my skills and sword skills, I can't possibly defeat him. As for now, let's pack up the Mu family first."

Chen Hui looked at Mu Yi again. "I suggest the three of you do it together."

"Conceited, although your strength is good, you will not be able to defeat me."

Mu Yi sneered. He admitted that Chen Hui was no longer weaker than him. He would have been stronger if he had used his moves, but he still had some powerful tricks to play.

A cold laugh fell, and Mu Yi's right hand gave way. A silver iron bar, half an inch long, appeared in his hand, and his feet slammed on the ground. He turned into a breeze and rushed towards chen hui again.

"Hoo hoo..."

The iron rod made a piercing sound in the air, like a Tieshan falling rapidly towards Chen Hui's head.


Chen Hui moved and easily dodged Mu Yi's iron rod attack.


The iron bar slammed heavily on the ground of Huiwutai, and Huiwutai seemed to have been hit by an exceptionally strong impact, shaking slightly.

"Hoo hoo..."

Mu Yi was just about to be proud of his strike, but at this moment, a fist zoomed in front of him, scaring his soul.


Before he had time to think about it, Mu Yi straightened up the iron bar and blocked himself. The fist landed on his iron bar. Mu Yi immediately flew back, his palms tingling, and his eyes looking at chen hui were full of gloom.

It was only then that he remembered that his fierce and powerful strike just now had no lethality towards Chen Hui at all, and the other party easily avoided it.

Mu Yi predicted that Chen Hui would have a hard time defeating him if he used his moves, but the former could use this fast move to keep him down.

At the very least, with this set of moves, Chen Hui was completely invincible.

"Since you want to fight one against three, I will do as you wish. But when the competition is over, don't say that we Mu family bully too much." Mu Yi narrowed his eyes and waved. "Let's go together. I want to teach this ungrateful boy a lesson."

"Let's go together and cripple him, or else he'll really think he's something." Master, another third-tier Mu family player, didn't expect Chen Hui to be even stronger than mu yi. Hearing Mu Yi's words, he also shouted.

Master, the Mu family's second-best player, was even more murderous. "If I cripple him, I will cripple his limbs first, then throw him off the stage and smash him into a ball of meat sauce."

As they spoke, they charged towards Chen Hui from left to right.

When Mu Yi saw this, his face hardened as well and he rushed at Chen Hui even faster.

Although the strength of the three men was not the same, but a look at the posture can be seen that they must often fight together, and the cooperation between them is quite tacit.


As soon as they reached chen hui, the three of them attacked Chen Hui from three directions at the same time, and the techniques they used actually had a kind of echo to each other. When they attacked, it caused the fluctuations of the Yuan Li around them to intensify, and even the air made a noise, as if the space was about to be torn apart.

"Indeed, I have some connections, but it's not easy for me, chen hui, to be defeated by you."

At this time, Chen Hui's body just burst into a fiery war, the second-stage mid-stage Yuan Li finally did not have any reservations, all of them surging out.

Although his Yuan Li was much weaker than the other three, it was extremely pure and intimidating. It seemed that even the ordinary third-tier Master's Yuan Li could not be compared to him.

After the Yuan Li was running at full speed, Chen Hui's figure flashed rapidly, giving a vague feeling of indecision between the movements, as if Chen Hui had completely turned into a breeze, even if it could be found, it could not be captured.

With this technique, Chen Hui easily avoided the first joint attack of the three.

"Keep attacking him..."

Master, the Mu family's second-best player, gave a loud shout and charged at Chen Hui first. His eyes were bloodshot and there was no reservation between his actions. Although he was the peak of the second stage Master, his current momentum was not much weaker than mu yi and the other third stage Master.

This shows how strong his hatred for chen hui was.

Mu Yi saw this scene and didn't say anything. He directly ran the Yuan Li and followed suit to attack Chen Hui.

The joint attack of the three of them, even the ordinary late third stage Master, was not likely to be able to cope.