Chapter 147 Heaven And Earth Domineering 2

Chapter 147 the heaven and earth domineering technique 2


However, between the flashes of Chen Hui's body, he easily avoided the attack of the three of Mu Yi.

"Don't hide if you can. If you only know how to dodge, then it's better not to compete. We'll just work here." Mu Yi stopped and roared at Chen Hui.

Chen Hui stopped, looked at Mu Yi and the three of them, smiled and said, "The dog is chasing the rabbit, but it can't beat the rabbit. Do you think the rabbit will listen if the dog tells the rabbit to stop and not run?"

Master, the Mu family's second-highest peak, said angrily, "You actually compare us to dogs?"

"I'm sorry, I was wrong. How could I compare you to dogs?" Chen Hui said apologetically, "Dogs are such loyal animals. I compare dogs to you. It's blasphemy against dogs."


When the people below Huiwutai heard Chen Hui's words, they burst into laughter. Even Ouyang Xue and Ouyang Lei, who were behind chen hui, couldn't help but laugh. They didn't expect Chen Hui to have the leisure to tease each other with words during the competition.

"Bastard, I have to kill you today." The Mu family trio's faces turned livid. They looked at Chen Hui and wanted to eat him. Mu Yi shouted angrily and charged at Chen Hui again.

"If you have the guts, don't hide. Fight with the three of us openly."

During the impact, Mu Yi screamed.

He knew very well that Chen Hui would never be able to defeat Chen Hui, no matter how strong the three of them were together, if they continued to dodge.

It wouldn't matter if he was the only one on Chen Hui's side, but besides Chen Hui in the Ouyang house, there was Ouyang Xue, the third-tier Master. If Ouyang Xue were to take advantage of the exhaustion of the three of them, they would definitely suffer a great loss.

"There's nothing to be honest with, but since so many people are watching, I won't tease you. Now I will let you know that the cultivation of forced ascension through spiritual medicine is nothing."

Chen Hui gave a disdainful laugh, then stopped dodging and ran straight towards the three of Mu Yi.

Wherever they went, the water molecules in the air actually evaporated directly and dissipated into gas.

The Yuan Li around him fluctuated violently.

At this time, although there were at least tens of thousands of people's eyes on chen hui, no one noticed this change. Everyone's eyes were full of surprise. They did not expect that Chen Hui would actually fight with Mu Yi and others directly. Did he not know the strength of Mu Yi after the three teamed up, even the late third stage or even the peak of the third stage Master was difficult to compete with?

How did Chen Hui suddenly become so unwise?

"Use the heaven and earth domineering technique and kill him in one fell swoop."

When Mu Yi saw that Chen Hui was actually charging straight at him and the others, his face was filled with ecstasy and he hurriedly shouted.

When they heard his voice, the other two men who had been prepared for it all gave a loud shout. Their breathing changed rapidly, and a strong domineering aura emanated from them, especially from their fists. A strong light was shining, as if it were going to destroy everything.

On Mu Yi's iron rod, there was even more violent light, filled with an extremely domineering aura, and the space passed by emitted a strong explosion, as if to crush the space.

At this moment, the aura of the three of them was actually connected, and the strong light almost swallowed Mu Yi's iron rod and the other two's fists in one fell swoop. A strong domineering aura was transmitted from them. This kind of domineering spirit, connecting with heaven and earth, seems to lead from heaven and earth, which ordinary people can't resist at all.

The domineering attitude of the three of them was to crush Chen Hui in an absolutely powerful manner. Their attack followed closely.

Once Chen Hui was unable to resist this kind of domineering force, then what Chen Hui was going to face was definitely the most ferocious attack. Under this attack, it was almost impossible for him to protect himself.

With the use of the heaven and earth domineering technique, Mu Yi's three faces were filled with strong confidence, this was their ultimate trick, in the case of using this trick, even Master, the third peak, was difficult to deal with.

In their opinion, although Chen Hui's strength was not bad, even comparable to Master in the middle of the third stage, but in front of the heaven and earth domineering method, he would definitely be vulnerable, and eventually be easily crushed by them, and thus killed.

Looking at the eyes that were still charging at the two of them, disdain and grim murderous intent appeared on the faces of the three of Mu Yi.

Is this heaven and earth domineering technique something you can deal with?

On the high platform, Shi Yewang stood up directly with an ugly expression. Although it was far away, he could still feel that Chen Hui was in danger.

"If anything happens to brother Chen Hui, I will have the Mu family removed from Qianyang city today." Shi Yewang's eyes narrowed.

At Shi Yewang's side, Shi Bingxu seemed more calm. "Knowing that the other party had used a secret trick, Chen Hui actually rushed forward. And looking at his expression, it seemed that he was not afraid at all, but full of confidence. Did I underestimate his strength?"

"It must be blocked!" Ouyang Xianyi held the wooden chair tightly with both hands. The armrest of the chair cracked, but he did not feel it. His eyes were fixed on Chen Hui on the battle platform.

As for Shangguan Jin and the other patriarchs, they smiled slightly. Their thoughts were the same as the three of Mu Yi's. Chen Hui could not resist the attack of the heaven and earth domineering method.

"The technique is good, but if you think you can defeat me with this technique, then I can only say that you are too naive..."

However, just when most people thought that chen hui would be completely crushed by the skills of the three of Mu Yi, a piercing red light suddenly burst out from Chen Hui's body, filled with a strong burning breath, as if to burn everything.

The absolute momentum caused by the three of Mu Yi's men, under the glare of the fiery red light, was as easily burned as a sheet of paper.


Mu Yi's momentum was easily broken by chen hui. Then, Chen Hui's fists were mixed with a strong red light, like a ball of Flame, and it crashed towards Mu Yi who was the first to bear the brunt.


Mu Yi's face changed drastically, but he was still the first to cross the iron bar in his hand. Chen Hui's fist fell on Mu Yi's iron bar and a dull sound suddenly came out.


At first, Mu Yi didn't take chen hui's punch too seriously, but when chen hui's fist landed on the iron bar, an exceptionally hot breath rushed directly into his body and burned his Yuan Li, a thick look of fear immediately appeared in his eyes.


Mu Yi could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, and his whole body immediately flew backward. At this moment, on his body surface, there was a faint smell of burning.

The other two Mu family men wanted to rescue Mu Yi at first, but when they saw Mu Yi being punched away by chen hui, they all looked surprised.

This made it hard for them to accept. Chen Hui had only been evenly matched with Mu Yi in a single blow. Now, after breaking their momentum, their attack power did not decrease, but it could also explode into a more powerful attack.

Such measures were beyond their control.

However, what they could not understand was how Chen Hui managed to break the absolute momentum they had created.

In the face of this momentum, even Master, the third peak, could not be easily broken.

"Brother Chen Hui is really amazing. It's hard to imagine that in less than a month, his cultivation has been raised to such a level." Shi yeforget watched as he effortlessly defeated the combined attack of Mu Yi and the three of them, and a look of shock and amazement appeared in his eyes. At the same time, he also breathed a sigh of relief. Knowing that Chen Hui had no more worries about safety, he sat down without worry.

"This little guy is not as simple as he looks." Shi Bingxu also sighed, and a faint smile appeared on her face, like a lotus blooming.

Shangguan Jin's eyes narrowed. "It's a little tricky, but even if you don't have the Spirit Grade Cultivation Method now, I'll get rid of you as soon as possible."

Naturally, the person who hated Chen Hui the most was Shangguan Jin, because Chen Hui had crippled his only son, which meant that Shangguan Jin would eventually find a way to get rid of Chen Hui. The talent that Chen Hui showed now had completely aroused the murderous intent in Shangguan Jin's heart. Even if Chen Hui had no Spirit Grade Cultivation Method on him, he would find a chance to get rid of chen hui.

According to hua' er, a month ago, this son was only a seventh level martial artist, but ten days ago, he actually reached the first level of Master. Now, ten days later, he has reached the second stage of Master. If I don't get rid of you as soon as possible, god knows how far your cultivation will go in a year or two." The more shangguan jin thought about it, the more murderous she felt in her heart. She wished she could kill Chen Hui right now.

Suddenly, Shangguan Jin looked around for a moment, frowning slightly. "Why isn't that old man Guo Jinhua here? Is he so relieved of his Guo family son? It's a little strange..."

"Are you okay?"

The Mu family quickly picked Mu Yi up and asked nervously.

Mu Yi was the leader of the younger generation of their Mu family. If something happened to him, then their Mu family would stop at this time.

"I'm fine. This guy's attack is too weird. It's like there's a Flame in it. I couldn't hold back for a while before I suffered such a big loss." Mu Yi had a sullen face and looked at chen hui resentfully. Chen Hui beat him to death in front of so many people. It was like beating him in the face in public. If he didn't get back on the stage, he would definitely be laughed at by many people in the future.

Chen Hui shook his head slightly when he saw Mu Yi looking at him like this. "This guy, the Yuan Li, is so cloudy that even Master, who just broke through to the early third stage, can't compare to him. How can he withstand a punch from me? I didn't expect my punch to make him hate me. It seems that I don't have to be lenient with him anymore."

Chen Hui was really lenient with the punch just now. He thought it would make Mu Yi retreat and admit defeat, but he didn't expect Mu Yi not only to be ungrateful, but also to resent him.

Since Mu Yi already hated him, then Mu Yi automatically became his enemy.

Chen Hui never showed mercy to his enemies. In his dictionary, there was only one way to deal with an enemy. Kill!