Chapter 148 All of Them Flew Away

Chapter 148: flying

Back then, there was hatred between the The jiang family and him. The people of the The jiang family wanted to kill him quickly, but chen hui later had the strength to kill him in the first place.

The same goes for Autumn Wangcheng Chatelain.

"What are we going to do now?" Mu family level three Master asked, staring at Chen Hui not far away.

Mu Yi said grimly, "What should we do? Of course, we killed him together. It was just my carelessness. As long as we pay attention to the heat of his attack, how can he hurt us?"

"That's right, this guy is too arrogant. If we don't teach him a good lesson, outsiders will say we're useless in the future. How can we look up in the family?" Master, who was at the peak of the second stage, also had great hatred for chen hui.

"Okay, let's do it together..."

As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Yi's decadent aura swept away, and a powerful aura surged out of him, waving the iron rod in his hand, and first charged towards Chen Hui.

Behind him, the other two Mu family men followed from left to right, emitting an extremely strong aura all over their bodies, giving off an extremely dangerous feeling between the waving of their palms.

Obviously, by this time, the three of them had put their best moves to work.

"If you want to die, then I will do it for you."

Sensing the murderous intent from the three of them, Chen Hui snorted and quickly opened the staircase. His body was like electricity, shuttling out. Wherever he passed, all the water molecules in the air evaporated, and the Yuan Li around him also made a sound like boiling water.

As soon as this scene appeared, hundreds of thousands of people, at least half of them, turned their eyes to this side and looked at them with wide eyes. In their eyes, there was a tremor.

None of them expected that the Mu family people would be forced to this extent by chen hui.

What shocked them even more was how strong Chen Hui was. A few days ago, it was rumored that the foreign aid invited by the Ouyang house was only as strong as Master, the peak of the second stage, and barely able to compete with Master at the beginning of the third stage. But the current situation has completely overturned the outside world.


Chen Hui was so fast that she came to Mu Yi, who was in front of her, with a soft drink in her mouth, and Chen Hui's fist suddenly popped out.

By the time he punched, he had already pushed the Quenched ice to its limits.

Wherever the fist went, the space seemed to be burned.

The three of them felt as if a huge ball of Flame was about to devour them. Although the two sides were not close, their skin was already burning with pain.

"How could it be so powerful?"

The three of them were horrified. At this moment, they all understood that Chen Hui's attack was not something they could compete with.

In particular, the Mu family's third-tier Master, he had some regrets in his heart. The Chen Hui in front of him didn't seem very strong, but it was not something they could compete with at all.

"Attack together, or we won't be able to deal with him."

At the critical moment, Mu Yi yelled again, then turned all the Yuan Li in his body out and crossed the iron bar in his hand, hoping to resist chen hui's attack. The other two members of the mu family nodded quickly and their figures changed slightly. The three of them quickly formed a formation and their momentum soared.

Although it was slightly weaker than before when they used the heaven and earth domineering technique, at this moment, they were completely and completely giving their all, without any reservation. Even if they were standing in front of a third peak Master, they would be defeated by them.

The distance between the two sides quickly drew closer.

"You still want to deal with me? The Qianyanghuiwu, your Mu family, and I, chen hui, have decided to call it a day." Chen Hui's arrogant voice resounded all around.

Then, his fist carried an incomparably hot breath, similar to the ten thousand zhang juyan, in an extremely overbearing manner, directly devoured the three of Mu Yi.

"Bang bang..."

Chen Hui's fists were like lightning, pounding the three of Mu Yi.

"Hoo hoo..."

As soon as the three of them touched Chen Hui's attack, their faces were filled with intense pain, blood gushing out of their mouths, and their breath was almost immediately lethargic. Like a kite with broken strings, he flew out below Huiwutai.

At the last moment, Chen Hui used the Quenched ice and defeated Mu Yi in one move.

The gap between the two sides was simply not within the scope of truth.

This scene, however, directly caused the crowd on the field to exclaim.

"How could Chen Hui be so strong when he defeated the three younger Mu family members in one move? It's impossible..."

"Haha, don't say that it's impossible. Now that you've all seen it, the foreign aid that the Ouyang house invited, young master Chen Hui, has already defeated Mu Yi and the others, so if you lose, we'll take these pills."

Those who supported the Ouyang house saw that chen hui had thrown the three of Mu Yi off the stage, and their faces were filled with unprecedented happiness. They took down the Ouyang house and the Ouyang house on the table one after another.

"Bastard, you guys..."

"What? Are you going to admit defeat? Hmph... If you're not convinced, come back when the next Ouyang house competition comes. We're definitely betting on the Ouyang house to win anyway."

Those who supported the Ouyang house directly took all the pills and then looked at the people who bet on the win of the Ouyang house with disdain.

"Well... Don't be afraid to bet then." After losing a lot of elixirs, some of the gamblers who won looked terrible.


"One punch to defeat three Mu family junks? Hehe, I can only hope that you have more than that, or else it will be too boring."

On the other stage, Guo Jingyun looked at Chen Hui with a calm face, but there was a trace of disdain and laziness on the corner of his mouth.

Just now, he also easily defeated the Yuan family's three third-tier Master.

"If I'm not mistaken, this little piece of trash should be using a Spirit Grade Cultivation Method. Moreover, it was a set of fire attributed body exercises. If I get it, my strength will increase exponentially." Shangguan Jin looked at Chen Hui on the stage, his eyes bright, and he wished he could do it right away.

Shi Bingxu looked at Shi Yewang and said with a smile, "Xiao ye, Chen Hui is indeed a physical practitioner. He bought so many medicinal herbs before, which should be prepared to be used to refine the fire attribute elixir. The yin and cold ice that he asked elder yang was also used to refine the elixir."

"Auntie, it's too difficult to get a piece of cold and gloomy ice. Not to mention the Marigold chamber of commerce, even our Shi family doesn't have a piece of cold and gloomy ice." Shi Yewang shook his head helplessly. When he heard that Yang Zhanglao said that chen hui needed a piece of ice, he immediately contacted the Shi family and searched everywhere, but he still couldn't get a piece of ice.

Shi bingxu glanced at Chen Hui on the stage, then she withdrew her gaze and smiled bitterly.

"Little brother, don't let me down..." Shi Bingxu had made a decision in his heart.

On the stage, Chen Hui glanced around. He did not pay much attention to these various looks, but looked at the referee on the stage. "I wonder if we can announce the results of the competition?"

This referee was a member of the li family of five families. His name was Li Weishan, fifth Master.

"Of course... Of course."

Li Weishan recovered from the shock. His eyes had completely changed when he looked at chen hui. Before, he thought that Chen Hui's strength was nothing. Even a third-level Master could deal with him, but now Chen Hui's strength was beyond his imagination. He took a deep breath and Li Weishan said loudly, "In the fourth round, the Ouyang house won. Next, the contestants from the four families are invited to go on stage and draw lots."

As his voice fell, the sons of the Lu family, the Lu family, and the Lu family went to Huiwutai one after another.

Walking up to Huiwutai, they did not look at the referee immediately, but at Chen Hui.

"I am Hu Peiyin, the representative of the Hu family. You are very strong, but I still hope to have a chance to learn from you." Hu family representative Hu Peiyin walked up to chen hui and said with a smile, but he looked at chen hui's eyes, but the war was intense.

Chen Hui nodded slightly. "If there's a chance, I can play with you."

Chen Hui had already found out from watching Hu Peiyin and the cai family fight in the war that although Hu Peiyin also relied on the spiritual medicine to improve his cultivation, he was quite rich in combat experience, strong in actual combat ability, and reached the middle of the third stage of Master's cultivation. Relying on his rich combat experience, he resisted the three of the cai family by himself, and finally defeated the three of the cai family after hundreds of rounds of fierce battles.

His fighting capacity, even if he did not reach the third peak of Master, is not far from each other, it is no wonder that he would feel war against chen hui.

Chen Hui, on the other hand, would not reject anyone who was simply willing to challenge him.

The Lu family also greeted Chen Hui, but said nothing.


As for the The feng family, they looked less friendly at chen hui.

"Chen Hui, you are very strong, but our The feng family will not be as vulnerable as the The feng family. If you meet us later, the authority you represent will probably stop there." The representative of the The feng family was a young man of twenty-two or thirty-three years old named Feng Tianyu. His cultivation was even better than that of Hu Peiyin, almost reaching the late third stage of Master.

Chen Hui looked at Feng Tianyu and said with a faint smile, "You should be the brother of Tiger devouring mercenaries Feng Tianxu, right? Hehe, I also hope you can stop the Ouyang house from doing so, or else I will always meet with the trash who likes to talk nonsense. I am beginning to doubt whether Qianyang will be used to compete for strength or for words."


Don't worry, the Ouyang house will definitely run into my Ouyang house. I'll see if you're still so arrogant then."

"All right, you guys start drawing lots." At this time, the other four people on the stage had already started drawing lots, Li Weishan said impatiently.

There were only four bamboo sticks in the bamboo tube in his hand. The four representatives of the Lu family, the Lu family, the Lu family, the Lu family, and the Lu family walked towards Li Weishan and took out one bamboo stick from each of the bamboo tubes.

"My first scene." Lu family representative looked at the bamboo stick and said.

Hu Peiyin glanced at the bamboo stick and looked up, "My second scene."

"My first scene." Feng Tianyu snorted coldly and looked at the Lu family representative. "I'm in a bad mood now. I advise you to admit defeat now, or else you won't regret my actions later."