Chapter 149 Invite A Fight

Chapter 149 invitation to battle


Lu family representatives had an ugly look on their faces. The strength of their Lu family was really much weaker, with only a third-tier Master and two second-tier peak Master, much weaker than the feng family.

However, if they concede before they fight, they will definitely be laughed at. At this moment, he also snorted coldly, "Even if you are strong, the tiger will occasionally be bitten by rabbits. If you want to defeat our Lu family, you will not feel well."

Chen Hui ignored Feng Tianyu, looked at the bamboo stick, then looked at Hu Peiyin and said, "I'm in the second game too. Let's have a good discussion later."

"That's great." Hu Peiyin laughed and was in a good mood.

He knew that he might not be as strong as chen hui, but he still wanted to fight Chen Hui.

This is what a martial artist is like. He will not retreat because his opponent is tyrannical. However, when a real martial artist knows that his opponent is tyrannical, he will fight even more in his heart.

Hu Peiyin was a typical example.

The two nodded to each other and led the family down to Huiwutai, leaving the stage to the The feng family and the Lu family.

The people of the The feng family were indeed quite tyrannical, especially Feng Tianyu, whose cultivation was close to the late third stage of Master, and his fighting ability was also unusual. With his own strength, he had only fought for a few minutes and easily knocked the three members of the lu family down from Huiwutai, and won with great strength.

"Chen Hui, this is the battle between us. Let's not fight in this competition, just the two of us. What do you think?" When Li Weishan announced the results, after Feng Tianyu left the stage, Hu Peiyin walked to chen hui and said.

Chen Hui nodded gently. "Since you want to fight, I'll fight with you."

Chen Hui was just about to walk up to Huiwutai when Feng Tianyu, who had just stepped off the stage, suddenly sneered beside him, "Hu Peiyin's strength is not bad. I hope you can play as well as last time and defeat him. Otherwise, you might not even be able to match my The feng family."

Chen Hui glanced at him indifferently and walked towards Huiwutai without a word.


In the face of Feng Tianyu's laughter, Chen Hui chose to ignore it, not even bothering to respond to a single word.

The wind and rain watched chen hui walk up to the back of Huiwutai, clenching his fists and gurgling, "I hope you can defeat Hu Peiyin, and then... I will make you regret it."

After seeing Feng Tianyu walk off the stage, the man who supported the Ouyang house from the stage shouted to the people around him, "Hey, are you betting on this competition? We still support Chen Hui's victory. The stakes are the pills we just took out and all the pills we won from you. Do you want to bet?"

"Hmph, Hu Peiyin of the Hu family has a fever in his head. Do you think we'll be as stupid as him to deal with Chen Hui alone? Want to win our elixirs? Heh heh... Let's wait for the next match between Chen Hui and the The feng family. I just don't know if he will dare to deal with the three of the The feng family by himself."

"In the end, didn't you agree with chen hui's strength?"

"How can we possibly agree with him? That's impossible!"

"Hehe, I don't want to argue with you. Anyway, as long as chen hui is in the next competition, we will bet on him. And all the elixirs, as long as you want to bet, you are always waiting..."


"A lot of people are waiting to fight you. You have to do your best in this competition and defeat me." On the stage, Hu Peiyin stood opposite Chen Hui and smiled at Chen Hui.

Chen Hui chuckled. "I never do anything for others to see. I don't care what others think of me. As for this competition, it is between us and has nothing to do with others. What others think and think is between them. We just have to carry on the competition and do our best."

"Well, I like your personality. In that case, let's start..."

Li Weishan looked at the two of them and saw that they were both ready. Then he gave a light shout, "Let's start the competition!"


Hearing the referee's announcement, Hu Peiyin slowly pulled out the long knife in his hand. The knife was three feet two and was completely white, but the moment he pulled it out, it gave off a smell of blood.

Chen Hui raised his eyebrows slightly. He could tell that Hu Peiyin had been through a lot of battles and had a lot of blood on his hands.

When it comes to fighting such people, it's not just about strength.

And, momentum...

"Hoo hoo..."

Chen Hui still did not pull out the Wuxu Sword, but his body suddenly emitted a bloody smell, like the god of slaughter who had slaughtered tens of millions of soldiers on the battlefield. His sleeves were windless and automatic, and his hot breath spread out. Invisible ripples shook the air slightly.

"Chen Hui, I admit that you are very strong. I am not your opponent. I'll only use one move next. If you can resist, I'll just admit defeat." Hu Peiyin laughed loudly.

"Just admit defeat?" Chen Hui was confused.

"Hoo hoo..."

At this moment, Hu Peiyin's knife moves changed, and the battle platform suddenly felt a breeze, but this breeze did not let people feel cool, but there was a kind of pain, as if in the breeze, mixed with blades, it was unbearable.

"This set of swordsmanship is called tianfeng blade, which is the highest skill of the yuan level. I have only been practicing it for a short time, and now I have just reached the realm of little success. However, its destructive power is quite great. If I hurt you by mistake, I hope you will understand."

With that said, Hu Peiyin's big knife suddenly went towards Chen Hui and killed him. Waves of wind seemed to be pulled, sweeping towards chen hui, like a wild beast, trying to devour him.

"Well, I was just about to try out the skills that I am practicing now, and what level of power I have reached."

Seeing this scene, Chen Hui no longer paid attention to the meaning of the hupei seal. His whole body was glowing red, especially his fists, which had been completely covered by the red light. The red crystals covered his fists, and one layer after another looked not beautiful.

But beneath that beautiful exterior, there was a terrifying, fiery aura, like lava beneath a volcano that could burn everything if it erupted.


Chen Hui punched out and finally collided with Hu Peiyin's blade.

"Whew, whew, whew..."

The air of the knife traveled back and forth, and Chen Hui's clothes were immediately cut open, but when the blade landed on his body, it made a crisp sound of metal and gold.

"Tsk tsk..."

When chen hui's fist touched Hu Peiyin's big knife, his big knife was instantly enveloped in a fiery red light, and then, under everyone's gaze, it dissolved directly.


Hu peiyin spat out a mouthful of blood, and there was a look of pain in his eyes, but he soon suppressed it.

Hu Peiyin looked at the dagger in his hand with some pity and exclaimed, "I didn't expect you to be so strong that even my strongest strike could be destroyed in front of me, and even my weapons were destroyed. But I really can't imagine that your** could be so strong that even my knife can't hurt it. I really admire it."

Hu Peiyin's final approval came from the bottom of his heart.

"I'm really sorry. I haven't practiced this technique for a long time, and I'm not very proficient. That's why I failed to control and destroy your weapon. However, your strength is also very good. If you practice this set of skills to the peak, I will definitely not be able to resist this punch." Chen Hui said apologetically.

Hu Peiyin's strength was indeed quite strong, and he was probably no worse than the third stage later stage martial artist. If he cultivated this set of skills to the peak, Chen Hui would probably have to use some of his secret techniques to defeat him.

"Haha, I'll learn from you when I get this set of techniques to a higher level the next day. In the next round of the competition with the The feng family, I wish you the best of luck."

Hu Peiyin laughed, not at all displeased with his defeat. He looked at referee Li Weishan and said, "I lost this match in the Hu family."


"Hehe, in the previous battle, because he wanted to gain some face for the family, he carried three on his own. Although he won in the end, he also suffered some injuries. If I hadn't been itchy and wanted to have a fight with you, I would have admitted defeat before I went to the stage."

"Then how will you explain it to your family elders?"

"Haha, what my father meant was that he told me not to fight you and just to admit defeat."

Hu Peiyin laughed heartily, as if fighting chen hui was happier than his breakthrough, and then he once again bowed to referee Li Weishan and said, "I lost the Hu family. Please also ask the referee to announce the results of the competition."

"Mmm! The Ouyang house won this competition." Li Weishan looked at Hu Peiyin with some approval. After announcing the results, Li Weishan said again, "The next competition will be Ouyang house versus Ouyang house."

"Haha, Chen Hui, are you going to take two women with you to fight against the Ouyang house against me this time, or are you going to fight against the three of us alone?" Feng Tianyu gave a wild laugh and fell on the stage. His other two companions followed him.

Feng Tianyu said these words to provoke chen hui to fight with the three of them alone. Although he was conceited, and now he was almost promoted to the late third stage of Master, his heart was full of confidence, but only after seeing the strength that Chen Hui showed, he had no confidence in defeating Chen Hui.


Not to mention a hundred percent, not even six Chengdu.

In such a situation, only by letting chen hui face the three of their The feng family alone, could he have absolute confidence in defeating Chen Hui, thereby allowing the The feng family to stand out and become the ultimate winner of this battle platform.

Hu Peiyin saw through Feng Tianyu's plan at first glance, and then angrily rebuked, "Feng Tianyu, you are too despicable. If you know that you are not strong enough, you want Chen Hui to treat you three alone. How shameless are you The feng family people?"

"Did I say anything? I just let him choose. Now it depends on whether he dares or not. The representatives of the other powerful families are either one against three, or I am weak. Otherwise, even if I have a 10 % chance, I will challenge the three of them without hesitation."

Feng Tianyu said faintly, then he suddenly glanced at Hu Peiyin with disdain. "By the way, you're just a loser. What right do you have to tell me what to do? What do I say about Tian Yu? Do I need you to gossip?"


Hu Peiyin's face immediately turned ugly, but it quickly dissipated and he scoffed, "Although I lost to chen hui, I am better than some people. I know I can't beat Chen Hui, but I used this despicable method. If I were him, I would have jumped off the stage and fallen to my death on my head so that I wouldn't be embarrassed here."