Chapter 150 An Invincible Place

Chapter 150 the invincible land

"Bastard, how dare you talk to me like this..."

"What are you? How can I, Hu Peiyin, make you agree?"

"Well, Hu Peiyin, your competition is over. Now leave Huiwutai." Li Weishan gave a soft drink and said impatiently to Chen Hui, "Chen Hui, you should decide how to compete with the The feng family now. Then you should start the competition right away. Don't waste any more time."

Feng Tianyu stared at chen hui and said, "If you want to use this time to recover the Yuan Li, just tell me. I can give you enough time to recover."

"Your honor, please announce the start of the competition. I have too many of them against this buzzing golden fly."

Chen Hui looked at the three of Feng Tianyu. "The three of you, let's do it together..."

"In that case, let's start the competition."

The referee announced and jumped to the edge of Huiwutai.

Feng Tianyu laughed happily, not angry at Chen Hui for insulting him. "Haha, Chen Hui, you really can't help but deal with the three of us alone? It seems that the first two matches have inflated your confidence. Do you think it's enough for you to deal with the three of us The feng family alone? I will soon let you know how foolish your decision is."

When they heard Chen Hui's decision, many people in the lower Huiwutai immediately became excited.

"Hey, how dare those of you who support the Ouyang house gamble with us now? It's a bet whether chen hui can survive in the hands of three The feng family members alone."

Those who supported the Ouyang house heard this, and the leader's eyes flashed with disdain. When Hu Peiyin challenged Chen Hui, they didn't even dare to make a bet. Now that Chen Hui said he was going to deal with the three people of the Ouyang house alone, they all jumped out immediately.

However, he was too lazy to argue with these people and snorted coldly, "What's there to be afraid of? Do you think the The feng family can handle Chen Hui with three people? Hmph... We'll bet with you this time. We'll keep betting on Ouyang... We'll bet on chen hui. You can bet as much as you want. All the pills are here. If you can, you can win back."

With that said, the Ouyang house supporters all took out the pills and put them on the table. Judging from the momentum, it seemed as if the Chen Hui they were betting on would win.

Seeing how decisive they were, the group of people who were fighting to place their bets froze for a moment, then became excited and scrambled to take out the elixirs.

"Haha, make a bet. My gambler wins. Make a bet on five thousand Juyuan dan..."

"This Chen Hui is crazy. He's trying to fight three The feng family men on his own. I don't know how he died later. And these people who support the Ouyang house are crazy. So many pills are just for nothing. I bet three Bai liudan and the gambler wins..."

"Haha, Chen Hui is dead in this competition. I bet five Bai liudan and the gambler wins!"

"Yes, there is almost no suspense in this competition. How can Chen Hui beat three The feng family players by himself? I have two Bai liudan in all, and my gambler wins."


Almost nine out of ten gamblers were sure to win, and they didn't think there would be a second outcome in this competition.

Those who supported the Ouyang house saw them making such wild bets and did not stop them.

They all knew that the Ouyang house had been ostracized here today. As a small number of people supporting the Ouyang house, they could not retreat at this time.

They could not go to the martial arts platform to help the Ouyang house, so they could only use this method to repay the help that the Ouyang house had given them in the past.

They didn't know if Chen Hui could handle the The feng family trio alone, but they still chose to trust the The feng family.

Trust Chen Hui.

"Chen Hui's odds are already one to ten..."

Looking at the large number of Bai liudan on the table, the eyes of those who supported the Ouyang house flashed, but at the same time, they all looked at Chen Hui on the stage of the martial arts conference, with a look of trust in their eyes.

"Let's do it together and cripple him for me."

Feng Tianyu ordered loudly, then swung his feet and rushed at Chen Hui at top speed.

In his hand, there appeared a silver spear that was about ten feet long. The spear was like a white snake coming out of a hole, its mouth wide open, its fangs exposed, and the tip of the spear gleamed with a cold luster.


Chen Hui glanced at Feng Tianyu indifferently and didn't want to say anything more. He glanced at the three of them and calculated quickly in his mind. Then, with a flash of his eyes, he clenched his hands into fists and took the initiative to charge towards the three of Feng Tianyu.

"Give it your all and don't hold back."

Feng Tianyu saw that chen hui actually took the initiative to charge towards the three of them, and his eyes suddenly became extremely cold, and a murderous cold hum erupted from his mouth.

"Hoo hoo..."

Immediately, he waved the spear in his hand. The spear was like an angry dragon, engulfing Chen Hui madly. The powerful Yuan Li rippled out, and a thick white light wrapped the tip of the spear completely.

Behind him, the other two members of the feng family also used a strong sword move, one left and one right followed, attacking both sides of Chen Hui.

In the face of such a situation, even Master, who was at the late stage of the third stage, had to temporarily avoid it. Otherwise, once he was suppressed, it would be very difficult to get away, and the final outcome would be extremely dangerous.


Chen Hui snorted. Instead of avoiding him, he ran towards the three of Feng Tianyu.

However, he did not launch a strong attack, but cleverly avoided Feng Tianyu's spear attack, and then brushed past Feng Tianyu at lightning speed. His fist suddenly landed on a third-stage Master sword in the The feng family, deflecting the attack.

As for the other second best Master, he ignored him directly.


When Feng Tianyu saw chen hui passing by him like this, his eyes were shocked and more angry. Chen Hui brushed past him but didn't attack him. Was that ignoring him?

Feng Tianyu felt a burning sensation on his face. He roared angrily. He did not turn around, but locked chen hui's body with his mental strength. Then the spear suddenly retracted and the tail of the spear pierced Chen Hui's head.

At this moment, the distance between them was only two meters, and his spear could attack chen hui.

The other two's faces were equally grim. Even Master, who was at the peak of the third stage, had to be treated with caution when the three of them attacked together, but it was just a facade in front of Chen Hui, and it didn't work at all.

Although their hearts were full of grievances, they still turned around at the first time, launched a more severe move, and attacked Chen Hui.

At this time, Chen Hui was once again facing a joint attack by the three of them.

His face was still rather calm, without a ripple.

Only on the corner of his mouth, there was a trace of disdain.

"Hoo hoo..."

Once the Step ladder launched, Chen Hui's body was as fast as lightning, like a ghost, shuttling away, easily evading the attack of the Feng Tianyu three.

The short distance movement, Chen Hui's current speed, even Feng Tianyu, who was about to break through to the late third stage Master, was still a little out of reach and could not catch up with Chen Hui at all. It can be said that Chen Hui's current speed, full use of it, is no worse than the peak of the third Master, or even directly to the fourth Master.

In such a situation, even if the three of Feng Tianyu attacked him, he was still in an invincible position.

On the high stage, Ouyang Xianyi saw Chen Hui's performance and his face was already filled with smiles. He could see that as long as there was no accident, today's stage competition, his Ouyang house would have won the first place in Huiwutai and kept the position of the five big families.

Old man Ouyang, don't be complacent. Although Chen Hui is strong, Ouyang Xue and Ouyang Lei of your Ouyang house should be a little close, right? The positions of these five families are not easy to occupy, especially for the younger generation of your Ouyang house, who doesn't even have three third-tier Master."

Seeing Ouyang Xianyi's smiling face, Yuan Chengfeng was furious. The yuan family was the unluckiest to have met a Guo family whose strength was even scarier than the huo family, so that the three third-tier Master of the Guo family were defeated by Guo Jingyun, the representative of the Guo family, alone. It was a loss of face.

Ouyang Xianyi smiled faintly. "Although my Ouyang house only has two third-tier Master, it has at least saved the position of five big families. Unlike your Ouyang house, which has three third-tier Master, you can't keep the position of five big families. On the contrary, you were defeated by others alone. It's really embarrassing. I don't know how you have the face to talk to me. Moreover, it seems that your third grade Master of the yuan family also relied on the spirit medicine to promote, right? Thank you for showing off in front of me!"

"Why am I embarrassed to show off? In any case, there are three third-tier Master of the yuan family. By tomorrow, I would like to see how your Ouyang house can handle the challenge of the yuan family. Hmph, I just don't know if you dare to let the foreign aid you invited fight against the three Yuan family contestants alone." Yuan chengfeng snorted and narrowed his eyes.

Although the yuan family was defeated in today's competition, they still had a chance.

In tomorrow's challenge, every family that loses in the competition has a chance to challenge. As long as the challenge succeeds, it can replace the position of the other family and become the five big families.

"Of course I know that you, Yuan Chengfeng, are not willing to fail, but if you want to take the position of my Ouyang house, you are afraid that the people of your Ouyang house are not that capable." After seeing chen hui's strength, Ouyang Xianyi didn't care about Yuan Chengfeng's challenge at all.

In his Ouyang house, Chen Hui didn't even show his real strength, but he had the same fighting power as Master in the late third stage, and Ouyang Xue had reached the peak of Master in cultivation. Moreover, her fighting capacity was much stronger than it appeared.

Only Ouyang Lei's cultivation was a little worse, but with Ouyang Xue in the chenhui language, his Ouyang house was not something that the Yuan family could defeat.

Shangguan Jin looked at the indifferent Ouyang Xianyi, his face indifferent, but there was a trace of irony in his heart. "Tomorrow's challenge, your Ouyang family wants to deal with it easily, it is not that easy."

"Uncle, that Chen Hui kid has made another breakthrough. Tian Yu and the others may not be able to handle him."

Below the stage, a familiar figure was standing. It was Colonel Feng Tianxu of the Tiger devouring mercenaries. At this moment, he was talking to an old man in his fifties.

The old man, Feng Xiaotian, was the head of the The feng family. He said gloomily, "If chen hui can't defeat him alone, let alone the entire Ouyang house? Moreover, the other families were stronger. If we lose this competition, our The feng family will have to wait three years to make a comeback."