Chapter 151 Defeat the Enemy Easily

Chapter 151 easy defeat

"Uncle, it's all because of Chen Hui. If it wasn't for Chen Hui, why would Tian Yu and the others be afraid of the Ouyang house? Ouyang Xue, that girl, is just Master at the beginning of the third stage. Tian Yu can easily defeat her with 50 % of his strength." Feng Tianxu narrowed his eyes and looked at chen hui with a cold look. "We can actually refer to the conditions that sir Chatelain told us. If the Ouyang house doesn't have chen hui, maybe tomorrow's challenge, we will have a chance to change?"

Feng Xiaotian thought for a moment, then sighed and said, "It seems that this is the only way. Although we The feng family can make a comeback three years later, but we have dealt with chen hui, it is hard to say whether the The feng family and the company will let us go."

Hearing Feng Xiaotian's answer, Feng Tianxu's face suddenly burst into joy. Looking at chen hui, the murderous intent became even more obvious. "Little beast, no matter how many tricks you use, you won't survive tonight."


"Don't run away if you can. Fight us fair and square."

At this point, Feng Tianyu finally realized this. If Chen Hui had been using this technique, their The feng family would not be able to deal with it.

"That's right. You always try to dodge and attack us, even if you defeat us in the end." The other third Master sword swung and stabbed at Chen Hui's figure.

And the last third level Master, who was also frantically brandishing his sword at chen hui, "It's a dream to defeat our Ouyang house by this means. We, the The feng family, have plenty of time to waste with you."

"Let me fight with you openly?"

Chen Hui's figure was like lightning, flickering, not at all the three of Feng Tianyu could figure it out. The attack that the three of them launched, chen hui looked like nothing, easily dodged, retreated two feet away, Chen Hui's eyes slanted on the three of them, "What qualifications do you have?"

Before the three of Feng Tianyu could speak, Chen Hui continued, "But this boring competition should be over."

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Hui's body was covered in a terrifying hot breath, sweeping towards the three of Feng Tianyu.

Under this scorching breath, all the air current and energy seemed to boil completely.

"Whew, whew, whew..."

Chen Hui's body, suddenly rushed forward, a breath through the distance of two meters, to Feng Tianyu three people. Fingers stretched out together, like a sharp sword, and three, seven, twenty-one swords were thrust out continuously between the two of them. Each sword contained a terrifying meaning.

Although it was only twenty-one swords, around him, it seemed as if there were thousands of swords, flying in all directions, like a rain of swords, devouring the three of Feng Tianyu.

This momentum directly shocked the three of Feng Tianyu, and their faces showed fear.

Without any hesitation, the three of them retreated without any rules, driven by fear.

But they retreated quickly, and Chen Hui attacked them even faster. Almost as they retreated, Chen Hui's sword stabbed them.


Chen Hui's face finally revealed a ferocious murderous intent, like a god of death.

"Bang bang..."

A series of muffled sounds came from the three of them, and the continuous muffled sounds made the faces of the people around them change slightly. When they saw the miserable situation on the three of Feng Tianyu, their heads felt numb.

At this time, there were several blood holes on the three of Feng Tianyu's body, and blood flowed from the holes, as if it were free of money.

Especially Feng Tianyu, who was the first to bear the brunt, had more than a dozen blood holes on his body, from his chest to his thighs. The blood completely stained his body, making him look like a blood man, and the breath on his body was also the most dispirited.

The faces of the three were filled with fear and disbelief.

They never expected that Chen Hui would explode into such a terrifying attack at the last moment.

This kind of attack, even Master in the late third stage, is not likely to explode, this kind of strength has been fully close to the peak of the third stage Master.


Feng Tianyu's mouth spat out a mouthful of blood, and he could no longer control his body. He was on the verge of falling. If not for the support of his two companions, he would have fallen directly to the ground. But even though he was held up, his breath still shrank to the extreme. His eyes were fixed on Chen Hui and he said reluctantly, "How can you be so strong? You're just Master in the middle of the second stage..."

"So what about second Master? Strength is only a part of strength. Besides strength, all kinds of attack means are also a part of strength. But you are completely focused on your strength, not on the accumulation of other aspects of strength. Not to mention that my current strength level is second order Master, even if my current strength level is first order Master, I will kill you like a chicken."

Chen Hui did not speak big. His** now reached the middle stage of the second stage, Master, and his mental strength also reached the middle stage of the second stage, Master. The strength he could exert could indeed defeat the three Feng Tianyu.

But now, he had a clear confirmation of his own strength. If he did not use his sword skills, his strength was almost equivalent to the third peak Master. Once he used his sword skills, his combat power would be doubled, at least under the fourth Master, it was difficult to find an opponent.

Of course, in the end, how much power he could exert depends on how much he could exert in battle.

"Haha... Did you see that? This is Chen Hui's strength. Your so-called strong The feng family is simply vulnerable in front of Chen Hui."

The people who supported the Ouyang house saw this scene and understood the outcome of the gamble. They took all the pills on the table and divided them. Roughly, everyone who supported the Ouyang house won at least five white liudan.

The number did not seem to be very large, but for people like them, who were generally around the first Master, it was a great fortune.

But what made them excited and happy was not how many of them had won, but how easily Chen Hui defeated the three The feng family players on the stage.

"That's great. Chen Hui's performance was really great. He and Feng Tianyu seemed to have been fighting for a long time, but in fact, he only did it in the end. Strictly speaking, Chen Hui killed three The feng family people in one move."

"Chen Hui is giving us such a long face. Let's see who else dares to say that Ouyang house is useless."

All the people who supported the Ouyang house were extremely excited, and this kind of excitement even they had not broken through from martial arts to Master.

They looked at the thin figure on the battle platform, and before they knew it, there was already some respect.

The people who bet on The feng family winning were full of ridicule and abuse. The failure of the company really made them lose a lot of elixirs.

For their practitioners, elixirs are wealth and the guarantee of their cultivation.

"This is not the end. There will be a match tomorrow. Do you dare to bet tomorrow? Chen Hui won the The feng family by a fluke, but I don't believe he'll stay in the dark forever."

"That's right, you guys have to keep betting tomorrow, or else, hmph..."

Looking at the red eyes of those who lost, those who supported the Ouyang house not only had no fear in their eyes, but also had a look of disdain on their faces. Do you think we're afraid of you? But you don't have to worry. We have already said that as long as it is a Ouyang house competition, we will bet on chen hui to win. No matter how much you bet, we will take it. The pills that you won and the pills that we have on us will all be taken out as a bet. As for whether you can win back or not, it depends on the ability of the people you bet on. You mustn't make a fool of yourself to gamble with us again."

"Cut the crap. Just keep betting tomorrow..."

"It turns out that when Chen Hui fought with me before, he still retained a lot of strength. Otherwise, I could only support three moves in his hands, right?" Below Huiwutai, Hu Peiyin saw Chen Hui's strength and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

He thought the gap between himself and chen hui would not be too big, but now he knew that Chen Hui was much stronger than him.

Suddenly, an idea came to Hu Peiyin's mind. "Although Chen Hui is a little weaker than Guo Jingyun, he should not be any worse than huo gaoyun. If he does well in the ranking the day after tomorrow, maybe the Ouyang house will improve. And I heard that chen hui's Marigold chamber of commerce is quite close. It seems that I should have a good discussion with my father and let him get along with the Ouyang house."

"Chen Hui, this kid, dares to hit my The feng family so hard. I, Feng Xiaotian, will beat you to pieces." Not far from the stage, Feng Xiaotian looked calm, but his fists creaked.

"He's really good. He's no worse than huo gaoyun. Unfortunately, your cultivation is still too weak. If your cultivation reaches the third level of Master, perhaps you can still make a few moves in my hands. As for now, I only need one move to deal with you."

On the other stage, guo jingyun, who had just defeated his opponent forcefully, looked at chen hui with a proud face. Although Chen Hui showed enough strength, he still didn't care.

The Qianyanghuiwu was a major test for the descendants of other families, and it meant a lot, but to him, it was just a formality.

Huo Gaoyun looked at Chen Hui on the stage and his eyes were cold. "I didn't expect this Chen Hui to be so much better than me. Fortunately, he was the only one in his Ouyang house team who could put himself on the stage. Although Ouyang Xue recently broke through to third rank Master, he was still much worse than the other two third rank Master in my The huo family. As for the other woman named Ouyang Lei, it's not a big deal."

When Li Weishan saw Chen Hui's performance, the shock in his eyes became more intense. Only then did he also clearly feel the lethality of Chen Hui's attack. This attack was not comparable to his li family representative. Taking a deep breath, Li Weishan announced, "In this competition, the Ouyang house won. In today's competition, the Ouyang house is once again in the top five families."

Chen Hui heard Li Weishan announce the result and turned to leave the stage.