Chapter 152 The Competition Is over

Chapter 152 end of the competition

Ouyang Xue and Ouyang lei were standing below. When they saw Chen Hui coming down, Ouyang Xue said worriedly, "Are you okay?"

Although she had great confidence in chen hui, it must have cost her a lot to compete three times in a row.

Chen Hui shook his head. "Today's competition is not too difficult. Tomorrow's challenge should not be too difficult. The key is the ranking the day after tomorrow."

Although he was only in the middle stage of the second stage of Master's cultivation, his cultivation method, the quenched yan ice body, was able to absorb the surrounding force when it was put into use. With this supplement, the strength in his body was still full.

Ouyang Xue frowned and said, "The Yuan family has three third-level Master, their representative, yuan gaobiao, has reached the second-stage later stage Master, and the other two are no worse than the wind, the sky and the rain. You can handle it alone? And in the rankings the day after tomorrow, you will play a bigger role. How about I fight with you for tomorrow's challenge?"

Although Ouyang Xue believed in Chen Hui, and even Chen Hui, who could defeat the Yuan family three on her own, she could not guarantee that Chen Hui would be as relaxed in the battle tomorrow as he was today. If Chen Hui did not perform well in the qualifying match the day after tomorrow, it would be bad to be injured by his opponent.

It didn't matter if she fell behind in the ranking. She didn't want to see Chen Hui get hurt.

Chen Hui chuckled and shook his head. "Don't worry, I'm confident. If I don't deal with the Yuan family alone tomorrow, someone's tail might go up in the air."

As he spoke, Chen Hui looked at the Guo family camp not far away. At this point in the Guo family camp, all of them were proud, especially Guo Jingyun, the corners of his mouth were even lighter, as if the Qianyanghuiwu had nothing to do with him at all, he just came to the stage to play with the descendants of the big families.

Chen hui didn't want to show off too much, but he couldn't stand Guo family's behavior, so he was too lazy to tolerate it.

After all, it was all within his power.

Whether it was the three Yuan family members or the other big families to face the day after tomorrow, Chen Hui was confident.

As for this Guo Jingyun...

"It won't be easy to win first place in the Qianyanghuiwu from me, chen hui..." Chen Hui licked his lips, his eyes flashing with a crazy bloodlust.

Seeing Chen Hui's expression, Ouyang Xue knew it was hard to say that it was tongchenhui, but she made a decision in her heart. During the competition, she always stood on the stage. If Chen Hui was in any danger, she would make the first move.

No matter what outsiders say, she will not turn back.

"Well, today's competition is over. Let's go back to the Ouyang house." Chen Hui said and walked towards the platform.

At this time, Ouyang Xianyi had already led the Ouyang house's top management down the stage and welcomed them. "Little friend Chen Hui is so strong that he defeated the young people of the Ouyang house, the Ouyang house, and the feng family with his own strength. Next, we will return to rest. What do you think?"

Obviously, Ouyang Xianyi was also worried that Chen Hui would spend too much during the competition and wanted chen hui to return to the Ouyang house to rest first.

Chen Hui nodded and said, "Then go back to the Ouyang house."

With that said, Chen Hui left side by side with Ouyang Xianyi and headed in the direction of the Ouyang house, followed closely by a group of the top management of the Ouyang house.

On the high platform, Shangguan Jin looked at the back of Ouyang Xianyi and chen hui leaving, his eyes finally narrowed. Then, with a slight wave of his hand, the high-ranking officials of the city lord's mansion, who were standing behind him, nodded slightly and silently walked down the stage.

"Time to go..."

As soon as he got off the platform, Shangguan Yun, who was walking in front of him, saw Feng Xiaotian, who was waiting here. He nodded his head lightly, then walked in another direction without stopping.

Huiwutai is about three or four miles away from the Ouyang house. Although it is not a long journey, it needs to cross five streets.

Because of the Qianyanghuiwu, most of the people in Qianyang gathered in Central street. There were few pedestrians in other places. It took them less than ten minutes to cross two streets.

Along the way, the faces of the Ouyang house were filled with joy and laughter.

Chen Hui defeated the big families, helped the Ouyang house win the first place in the competition, and initially maintained the position of the five big families, which made them happy. If it wasn't for the fact that chen hui and Ouyang Xianyi walked together, they would have come forward to compliment him directly.

Unfortunately, the image of Ouyang Xianyi in their hearts had completely changed, and they did not dare to be presumptuous in front of Ouyang Xianyi at all. If the latter were dissatisfied, their position and power in the family in the future would be greatly suppressed.

"Something doesn't seem right."

When he reached the third street, Chen Hui's brows furrowed slightly. He always felt something was wrong and subconsciously felt a little defensive.

Although there were few pedestrians on the first two streets, there were also figures from time to time, but on this street, no one was seen.

Not to mention the shadow, not even a sound could be heard.

If he hadn't walked down this street, Chen Hui would have thought that Ouyang Xianyi had gone the wrong way.

"Master, there's an ambush ahead..."

Feng shen's voice suddenly rang in his mind. "There were not many of them, just over 20 people, but almost all of them were experts. There were two seventh grade Master, six sixth grade Master, and the rest were Master. Most of them were armed with crossbows and arrows, ready for a sneak attack. What should we do now? Should we go back?"

"How could there be so many ambushes? Can you sense which power these people belong to?" Chen Hui nodded in his heart. When he felt something was wrong, he guessed that there might be an ambush.

However, he was not very worried, as long as the other party's strength was not strong enough to completely kill a group of them, they could still cope.

But what Chen Hui wanted to know was what kind of power these people were hiding behind them.

Feng shen sensed for a moment and then said, "Master, you know several of these people who are hiding in the dark. One of them is Shangguan Yun, the brother of Chatelain Shangguan Jin in Qianyang city, and the other Master, the seventh grade, seems to be from the Governor's mansion. As for those sixth level Master, if I'm not mistaken, they should all be from the Governor's mansion, but there is also a sixth level Master, who seems to have the same aura as your previous opponent, Feng Tianyu. As for the ones below level six, you know both of them. They are Colonel Feng Tianxu of the Tiger devouring mercenaries and Hua Qinan, the vice president."

"It's them? If I'm not mistaken, their target should be me. They must be trying to kill me." Chen Hui quickly realized that he was the target of the other party.

His mind began to think quickly. A seventh Master, four sixth Master, and several fourth and above Master came to the Ouyang house. If he did his best, the people of the Ouyang house could pester the people who were lying in ambush and wait for reinforcements.

After all, their ambush here would not last long. Once the battle started, they would retreat in five minutes at most. Otherwise, there would be a large number of people coming. Especially if the people of the Marigold chamber of commerce came, they would not be able to leave even if they wanted to.

However, Chen Hui would never put his life in danger and put his life on the people of the Ouyang house. Ouyang Xianyi was fine, but the elders of the Ouyang house were certainly quite unreliable, even though Chen Hui had a considerable role in the current situation.

How many people would give up their lives to save Chen Hui when he was at stake?

"Uncle Ouyang, we were ambushed."

Chen Hui stopped and stared at the coordinates that feng shen had sent him, telling him about the ambush.

"What? We were ambushed?"

The faint smile on Ouyang Xianyi's face dissipated in an instant and turned into shock. He never thought that anyone would dare to ambush his Ouyang house in broad daylight, but after a moment of shock, he moved and stood in front of Chen Hui, tightly protecting chen hui behind him. "Prepare a level of defense, protect Chen Hui."

This move, Ouyang Xianyi did not even think about it, completely subconsciously said, at this moment, as if he was the owner of the Ouyang house, his status was not as noble as Chen Hui.

Ouyang's people didn't react as fast as Ouyang Xianyi. When they heard Chen Hui's words, they were even more shocked. Some people even looked at them with disbelief, as if they didn't believe anyone would dare to ambush them. If it wasn't Chen Hui who said this, it was someone else. They were going to start yelling.

Only a few people, after a moment of shock, quickly formed their formation and protected chen hui in the middle.

"Why are you still standing there? Set up your formation and protect Chen Hui. If anything happens to chen hui, you will be waiting for the highest punishment from the family." Ouyang Xianyi saw that more than half of the people did not react at all, and immediately became angry and shouted.

"Haha, shoot me an arrow and turn these idiots from the Ouyang house into hedgehogs." On the tiled house about a hundred meters ahead, a figure suddenly appeared.

As soon as this figure appeared, more figures appeared. At a rough glance, there were at least twenty people. They were all covered in black and could not see their true faces.

Most people held crossbows and arrows in their hands, each of which contained at least three specially made arrows, which glistened with cold light under the sunlight.

These people did not hesitate at all, and when they first appeared, they aimed their crossbows at the Ouyang house crowd and fired them directly.

"Whew, whew, whew..."

Nearly forty arrows cut through the air and shot at the Ouyang house like lightning. As soon as the arrow left the crossbow, a blue light flashed across the arrow, which was extremely glaring.

"Master, the arrowheads are poisonous and extremely poisonous. This kind of poison, not to mention entering the body, will be very dangerous even if it is touched." Feng shen's hurried voice rang in chen hui's mind.


Almost as soon as the sound of god sealing fell, Chen Hui jumped out of the sky. His figure was still in the air, and the Wuxu Sword in his hand suddenly came out of its sheath. The sharp sword light suddenly shone, like a hot sun, falling through the sky.

"Whew, whew, whew..."

Just as the Wuxu Sword was pulled out, Chen Hui was directly using a set of sword moves, countless sword qi roared out from the Wuxu Sword, a vast expanse of white like snowflakes, but the force of the sword qi, but it made everyone's face change greatly.

That was enough to hurt an arrow from an early Master or even a mid-level Master. Before it reached the Ouyang house, it was swallowed up by chen hui's sword qi.