Chapter 154 Another Crisis

Chapter 154: another crisis

Only now did she realize that she was really a little anxious. Although Chen Hui's cultivation on the surface was only in the middle stage of the second stage Master, but if he used that secret method, his combat power was more powerful than the peak of the sixth stage Master, directly approaching the seventh stage Master.

Now that Chen Hui used his secret technique, even the masked man in black with the cultivation of the sixth level Master was no match for Chen Hui.

"I'm fine. Stand aside and protect yourself." Chen Hui said, then walked up and stared at Feng Xiaotian. "Don't you want to catch me alive? Now I'll give you a chance. Do it, or you won't even have a chance to do it."

"If you want to die, then I will do it for you." Feng Tianxu snorted coldly, then palmed his hand, and a gun nearly two feet long suddenly appeared on his palm.

The spear was white, giving off an oppressive aura.

"It's actually a piece of meta peak treasure!" Chen Hui saw Feng Xiaotian take out his weapon and was not surprised but happy. "God feng, this is a blessing. Hurry up and beat this old man to the ground, then swallow this long gun."

"Yes, master." Feng shen replied.

Then, Chen Hui's momentum rose sharply, reaching the level of fourth Master.

Although his breath was a lot worse than Feng Xiaotian's, there was a strange and dangerous feeling about him.

This kind of danger level was much higher than that of the wind xiao tian, and I'm afraid only seventh grade Master could compare with it.


Without any hesitation, Chen Hui dashed forward and the Wuxu Sword shot out in the air without any fuss.

On the tip and edge of the sword, a layer of white light filled the air. The white light seemed to contain some kind of powerful power. Wherever the long sword passed, the space seemed to be torn apart, making a hissing sound and imposing.

A simple sword, but it contains a great deal of attack power, I am afraid that even if the training reached the peak level of the ultimate peak skill, it is difficult to compare.

"How could this kid be so strong?"

Feng Xiaotian's face changed slightly. He did not expect that Chen Hui would have such a powerful power after he used his secret technique.

"In that case, I don't have to keep my strength."

Although shocked by Chen Hui's combat prowess, Feng Xiaotian was still the first to react, quickly launched an attack on Chen Hui, the spear in his hand suddenly stabbed out, the majestic Yuan Li** surged out, as if the waves were endless, rushing towards chen hui.

His shot also triggered most of the Yuan Li in his body, and he was also using a set of yuan level peak techniques, the same peak state.


The tip of the sword and the tip of the spear touched each other with precision, and a clear sound of iron and gold was heard, which nearly deafened the people around them. The energy waves spread out in circles, and there was a slight muffled sound in the space, like thunder.


Feng Xiaotian's figure immediately took two steps back. His palm trembled slightly, and even the gesture of holding the spear changed. It was extremely ugly.

Chen hui did not take a step back.

Obviously, Chen Hui had the upper hand in this attack, and Feng Xiaotian could not face chen hui.

"You want to capture me alive with just that little ability. I don't know what's wrong with you."

Chen Hui sneered, then did not stop for a moment, and rushed towards Feng Xiaotian again.

"Feng shen, stop playing with him and grab the gun from his hand. He won't last long." Chen Hui's control of his body was now in the hands of the god of seal. When the god of seal rushed out again, Chen Hui sent a voice to the god of seal.

The power of the god sealing didn't recover much, and now controlling Chen Hui's body to launch an attack would consume a lot of god sealing power, so he had to hurry up, or he would fall asleep again when the god sealing power was used up.

Feng shen replied, "Master, don't worry. This spear won't run away."

The treasure at the peak of the yuan level could help feng shen improve his strength in a short time. Feng shen also wanted it very much. How could he let xiao tian escape?

At this time, Feng Xiaotian did not want to escape.

"I can't handle Chen Hui alone. Come and help." Feng Xiaotian suddenly shouted.

After the shout, his face hardened and he charged at chen hui again.

This time, his aura was even stronger, at least 20 % stronger than before.

Between the movements of the spears, there were flashes of bullets in the sky.

"Ding ding..."

The Wuxu Sword clashed with the spears, and the clear sounds of fighting continued. The fighting scenes between the two sides were only slightly inferior to the scenes created by Ouyang Xianyi's three seventh grade Master. In other fighting places, the scenes could not be compared with the two.

But what was more obvious was the battle between Chen Hui yufeng and xiao tian.

Feng Xiaotian obviously did his best and did not hold back, but in this case, he was still suppressed by chen hui, not even a chance to breathe.

Uncle was completely suppressed. It seems that after Chen Hui used this secret technique, his strength has already reached level seven Master. At this moment, the others are completely entangled and it is difficult to leave for a short period of time. If we want to reverse this situation, we can only do it from others."

Feng Tianxu, who was standing not far away, stared at the situation in the field, thinking quickly in his heart. His eyes, too, looked around and looked at the situation.

In the end, his eyes fell on Ouyang Xue.

A plan quickly rose in his mind.

The distance between the two sides was less than ten meters. Feng Tianxu moved and approached Ouyang Xue as fast as lightning.

His cultivation had already reached the fourth level of Master, and his real combat power was stronger than the ordinary fourth level of Master. At this time, his attack on Ouyang Xue was completely out of everyone's expectations, and no one had noticed it in advance.

Even Ouyang Xue herself, at this time, almost all her thoughts were on Chen Hui, until Feng Tianxu was only five meters away from him, she sensed the danger.

A strong crisis suddenly surged out of her heart. Ouyang Xue felt as if she was a locked prey. The hunter's butcher's knife was about to fall on her. No matter how much she resisted, she could not escape from this danger.

"Cut the stars in the sky!"

Feng Tianxu held the knife in his right hand, and when he was only five meters away from Ouyang Xue, his forward figure accelerated sharply. At the same time, a white light flashed in his hand, and the fierce and overbearing air of the knife, like the stars in the sky, flew out and quickly shrouded Ouyang Xue.

This knife was a superior skill of the yuan level. Not long ago, Feng Tianxu had also cultivated it to the peak. Now, it was used with boundless power. Not to mention Ouyang Xue, a peak of the third level Master, even the ordinary fourth level Master would not be able to resist it.

At this time, there was no one around Ouyang Xue. Even Chen Hui, who was closest to him, was about ten meters away from her.

The real crisis, once again!

Facing this knife, Ouyang Xue's strength could not resist it at all.

However, when Ouyang Xue saw Feng Tianxu's blade cut off, not only was there no panic, fear and despair on her beautiful face, but she became unusually calm and calm.

"Chen Hui is about to defeat the enemy. If I disturb him at this time, it might turn the enemy into a winner. I must fend off the attack myself."

In Ouyang Xue's heart, there was only one thought left.

Suddenly, in her body, a gentle and cold breath permeated, and the surrounding temperature dropped to below zero in an instant. Not only the water molecules, but also the space seemed to be frozen, looking like a solid state.

In the next instant, Ouyang's snow jade fingers pointed out that the frozen water vapor in the surrounding space had actually melted and turned into water waves, floating in the air. But in just a moment, a strange energy was released from the water vapor, and then it squirmed and rippled in front of Ouyang Xue's fingers.

The wriggling speed of the ripples was extremely fast, and in just a moment, a transparent water curtain formed.

In less than a breath, Feng Tianxu's attack finally landed on Ouyang Xue's water curtain.


A crisp voice was heard immediately, and the newly formed water curtain finally dissipated after a moment of support.

However, with this gap, Ouyang Xue had already retreated several meters. As she retreated, her entire body seemed to have turned into a wave, and she had moved several meters away.

Every time she retreated a meter, she would point out that after she retreated a few meters, several transparent water curtains had formed in front of her, blocking Feng Tianxu's pursuit.

This kind of attack, is Chen Hui gave him the "Water gathering pattern," a kind of attack technique of spiritual class, is most suitable for Ouyang Xue to practice. After a month of training, Ouyang Xue had already reached the threshold of" water gathering pattern." Although the power of the attack was not yet displayed, it was still easy to block a fourth level Master's attack.

"When did the speed and defense of this bitch, the Ouyang house, become so strong? And seeing the Yuan Li fluctuations emanating from her, she actually reached the third peak. How... Is that possible?" Feng Tianxu's eyes were shaking at this moment, and Ouyang xue's strength was beyond his imagination.


"So what about Master, the third peak? No matter how talented you are, I will let you die here today."

A cruel arc rose from the corner of Feng Tianxu's mouth, and a knife was thrown out to break the water curtain in front of him.

"Whew, whew..."

However, he did not notice that when he started to break the water curtain that Ouyang Xue had gathered, a cold look flashed across Ouyang Xue's eyes.

"Master, Xueer is being attacked by Feng Tianxu, but she has dealt with it all by herself. Shall we go and help?" After feng shen discovered the battle between Ouyang Xue and Feng Tianxu, he immediately reported to chen hui.

"Get rid of Feng Xiaotian and help Xueer. I don't want anything to happen to Xueer." Chen Hui said without hesitation as he left the transmission.

Feng shen heard and did not speak, but suddenly became extremely sharp during the attack.

Even though Feng Xiaotian was an experienced sixth peak Master, he was not a seventh Master after all, so in the face of feng shen's attack, he quickly looked embarrassed and retreated without any rules, looking like a leaf in the wind.