Chapter 155 Kill Feng Tianxu

Chapter 155: killing Feng Tianxu

"This is the time..."

Suddenly, a soft drink erupted from Chen Hui's mouth, and the Wuxu Sword's white awns were in full bloom, like the sun rising in the east, shining brilliantly, devouring the heavens and the earth. In the white light, there was an incomparably terrifying magic power.


The next moment, the Wuxu Sword thrust out, a thick white light like an angry dragon, fiercely hitting Feng Xiaotian's spear.

Feng Xiaotian was shocked by Chen Hui's attack, but at this moment, he had no power to fight back. Under the white light, his body flew backward.

However, as soon as he flew out of the air, Chen Hui's hand followed closely and grabbed the gun in his hand.

After that, a violent force surged out and the gun was snatched by the tyrant.


Although Feng Xiaotian was well-groomed, when he saw Chen Hui attacking him like this, he was only trying to steal his fame, so he couldn't help but yell at him.

However, Chen Hui obviously ignored his scolding.

The first time the spear was brought into Seal god space, Chen Hui turned around and charged at Feng Tianxu like lightning.

"Feng shen, kill him!"

Chen Hui's face was cold and his eyes were filled with murderous intent.


Feng shen responded in chen hui's mind and did not say much. The white light on the Wuxu Sword was once again in full bloom. As soon as he moved, he quickly came three meters behind Feng Tianxu.


Feng Tianxu still wanted to attack Ouyang Xue, but at this moment, a strong crisis surged out of his heart. He quickly looked back and saw Chen Hui rushing towards him at an amazing speed, especially the sword in chen hui's hand, which was full of power that made him feel scared.

"Was uncle defeated by him? How could it be so fast?"

Feng Tianxu was shocked, but now was not the time for him to be shocked. Without any hesitation, Feng Tianxu shifted his body and fled in Feng Xiaotian's direction.

After Chen Hui used his secret technique, he was able to defeat his uncle who had the cultivation of Master, the sixth peak, not to mention Feng Tianxu.

If he didn't run away soon, he might be dead on the spot at the next moment?

However, Feng Tianxu had just run less than a meter, but in front of him, a transparent water curtain suddenly appeared.

Under the sunlight, the water curtain looked exceptionally bright, like a colorful stone.

However, Feng Tianxu did not have any leisure to appreciate all of this. When he saw the water behind the scenes, his eyes immediately burst into thick anger, and directly cut out.


Even if he did his best, this knife could only break through the water curtain.


Feng Tianxu wanted to run away again, but during this time, a sharp, piercing wind suddenly sounded behind him.

At this time, Feng Tianxu already knew that he could not escape at all. If he wanted to escape again, then he would definitely be pierced by chen hui in the end.


With a roar, Feng Tianxu suddenly turned back, and the knife in his hand suddenly cut towards Chen Hui.

On the edge of the blade, an exceptionally powerful Yuan Li, a rich white Yuan Li, like stars in the sky, sprinkled on the world.


However, in the face of Feng Tianxu's impending death blow, Chen Hui did not take it seriously. With a soft drink in his mouth, the Wuxu Sword fiercely stabbed out, and the incomparably sharp sword energy directly cut through the void, passing through the blade of feng tianxu. His final condensed sword move was like paper paste, easily broken.


The tip of the Wuxu Sword's sword pierced Feng Tianxu's throat.

Looking at Feng Tianxu's resentful eyes, Chen Hui ignored them and pulled out the Wuxu Sword.

All the life in Feng Tianxu's body was drained, and Gandhi fell to the ground with a straight face.

"Master, that hua qinan wants to escape."

At this moment, the voice of feng shen rang in chen hui's mind.

"Hua Qinan?"

Chen Hui's face moved slightly, his eyes turned, and he immediately saw a figure not far away, who was about to run away quickly. From his back, it was Hua Qinan.

Obviously, when Hua Qinan saw that Feng Tianxu was killed, Chen Hui showed great power, and his heart was already filled with fear, and he did not dare to stay at all.

After all, Chen Hui also had a will to kill him.


Chen Hui took a step forward and kicked Feng Tianxu's knife hard, which fell to the ground. The knife flew out of the air. Although it was just a normal kick, it still carried a terrifying power. It was not something that ordinary third-stage Master could resist.

Fortunately, Hua Qinan's strength was not bad, and his perception of danger was even better than normal people. He turned around immediately, ran the Yuan Li with all his might, slapped the knife hard on the ground.

But in order to block the blow, there was also a sharp pain in his wrist.


However, when he thought he could resist the blow, he suddenly saw a sword light magnifying rapidly in front of his eyes and then falling into his throat.


Chen Hui hit the Wuxu Sword hard and cut off half of hua qin' an's head.

"Damn it!"

Chen Hui looked at Hua Qinan on the ground, his eyes filled with Liaowu's color.

"Do you still want to attack me?"

At this time, behind chen hui, a piercing wind suddenly came. Chen Hui looked back and saw that feng xiao tian was killing him with a ferocious face.

The spear of the yuan level's top treasure was taken away, but Feng Xiaotian obviously had more than one treasure in his hand. Although the spear used at this time was not the yuan level's top treasure, it also reached the level of the yuan level's top, and its power was quite good.

However, looking at the attack on Feng Xiaotian, Chen Hui's eyes were full of indifference, Wu Qing.

"If you want to die, then I will do it for you."

With a cold snort, the white light on Chen Hui's body rose, and an incomparably large momentum spread out from him, especially on the Wuxu Sword, making a slight sound of the sword.

"Whew, whew, whew..."

The Wuxu Sword cut out in anger, right at the tip of Feng Xiaotian's spear.

"Kacha kacha..."

At this moment, the Wuxu Sword's sharpness was no doubt revealed. It was cut down directly from the tip of the gun, and the yuan class superior treasure made of precious metal was cut off in this way.


Seeing this scene, Feng Xiaotian's face suddenly showed a thick look of horror. His eyes were full of disbelief, as if he had seen a ghost.

But very soon, he came to his senses, gave a strange cry, and hurriedly retreated.

Chen Hui's sword cut off, if he did not let go quickly, then his hand would be cut off together.

"Want to quit? Leave it for me."

Chen Hui narrowed his eyes, and the Wuxu Sword cut down at a faster speed. Under Feng Xiaotian's frightened eyes, he cut off his right hand, which was too late to take away.

"Take it!"

Chen Hui ignored Feng Xiaotian, but the first time he saw the Space ring on Feng Xiaotian's finger, a flash of surprise appeared in his eyes. Without a word, under Feng Xiaotian's almost cannibal gaze, he put his hand directly into the Space ring.

"Ah... Little beast, I will kill you even if I die."

Feng Xiaotian was in pain when he was cut off by chen hui, but when he saw Chen Hui put his hand into the Space ring, his eyes were filled with uncontrollable anger, and he wanted to eat chen hui in one bite.


However, just as Feng Xiaotian was about to make a move, a dark shadow suddenly flashed behind him, and the fierce wind of his hand made him unable to resist retreating to the side.

At first glance, it was a seventh grade Master, who was entangled by Ouyang Xianyi and then stepped out of the seventh grade Master.

"Soaring eagle claw!"

After the seventh stage Master flashed out, he let out a loud shout. Suddenly, the wind of sharp claws spread all around, and there seemed to be dozens of ferocious eagles in the air, which was extremely ferocious.

The wind from the claws of Master, who was at the seventh level, spread out and then bombarded Chen Hui. In particular, the claw of the seventh Master was also in an unstoppable manner, killing chen hui.

On his palm was a pitch-black metal claw, with a strange black light shining on the tip of the claw, which looked terrifying.

This metal claw was an ultimate treasure.

And this set of skills he used was also a set of ultimate peak skills that had reached the peak.

Master of the seventh grade, together with the weapon of the peak of the yuan level, used the technique of the peak of the yuan level. Even Master of the same seventh grade did not dare to force it.

"Protect Chen Hui..." Ouyang Xianyi, who was fighting with Shangguan Yun not far away, changed his face dramatically. He gave a loud shout in his mouth and then another, "Chen Hui, get back!"

"Protect Chen Hui..."

"Chen Hui, back off!"

Many people in Ouyang's family saw this scene and their faces changed greatly. They shouted in unison, especially several sixth grade Master. They threw off their opponents and rushed towards Chen Hui.

However, not only did Chen Hui not give up, his eyes lit up in an instant.

"It's another yuan-class peak artifact. Seal the gods and take it away!"

When Chen Hui saw the seventh stage Master rushing towards him, his face was not surprised but happy, and he shouted in his heart.


Feng shen's eyes were also bright. After he answered, Chen Hui's palms were filled with white light, like substance, like white crystals.

"Hoo hoo..."

The next moment, under the horrified gaze of many people, Chen Hui did not retreat, but instead reached out his hand and grabbed down at the seventh Master's hand.

"You want to die!"

When the seventh Master saw this, a cruel curve appeared on the corner of his mouth.

With this move, even Master, who was on the same level as him, could be seriously injured. How could Chen Hui resist?

This Chen Hui, after using this technique, seems to be overconfident and doesn't care about anyone at all.

Except for this seventh Master, the majority of people in the arena had the same idea in their hearts. The first thought that popped up in their minds was that Chen Hui must have gone crazy to face up to the full force of level seven Master.


Their claws soon touched, and at this moment, the cruel color on the corner of seventh Master's mouth became even more intense.