Chapter 290 Tu Xiuyu Made A Scene in the City Building

Wildfire princess: the beast lord, The dragon king legend, the fire of heaven avenue, the holy ruins of douluo continent, the legend of douluo continent, the legend of douluo continent, the legend of douluo continent, the legend of douluo continent, the legend of douluo continent, the dream of waking up, the silent phoenix returning to the nest of douluo continent, the ultimate douluo, the super rich The Queen Of The Phoenix Tu Xiuyu looked around. When he saw Tu Xiang, Xu Jiayi and Tu Xiupei were all there, and everything was there! I want you to kill Tu Xiupei. She killed our child. 瑢瑢瑢's eyes red with anxiety. "Madman, that's your wild seed with others. What does it have to do with me? And Pei er is your sister. How can you be so vicious? You used to be so evil, but now you want to kill pei er." 瑢haha. Tu Xiuyu laughed wildly, knowing the answer, but still held a glimmer of hope, even if he lied to her, it would be good. Yu er, come down. Stop fooling around. Don't joke about your life. Xu Jiayi was heartbroken to see Tu Xiuyu like this. She was a mother after all. Tu Xiang glanced at Tu Xiupei, then looked up at Tu Xiuyu with a sullen face. There was nothing to say. There was no need to detain a cripple. It was better to die than to be tortured in the brothel. Tu xiupei walked up to Si Rong without even looking at her." Third prince, say something nice, coax her and bring her down." No, she wants me to kill you. I would rather die for her than for you. Si Rong stared at Tu Xiuyu intently, trying to find the right time for someone to kill her. Tu Xiupei bit her lower lip and tears welled up in her eyes." Although she didn't want to give up on her sister, she actually slandered you like that. If I had a choice, I would be the one who was willing to be hurt, but now..." It's none of your business. She's the one who's being mean. Si Rong comforted her, her eyes still fixed on Tu Xiuyu. She was laughing like crazy. Now sister and you, I can only choose you. Tu Xiupei bit his lips and made up his mind after a long time." You go up and coax her, then find a chance to save her. If not, kill her." After saying this, Si Rong looked back at Tu Xiupei. She was surprised, but she expected it. After all, the recent legends about her have always been bad. Tu xiupei's eyes were red, and she looked like she was willing to sacrifice all her infatuated daughters for him." If I didn't let my sister talk, it would be bad for you. For you, I would be willing to be a sinner through the ages." 瑢瑢as expected, he used this trick and comforted her twice." I'm going up now. You don't have to feel guilty." Pei er must like him. Otherwise, how could she say something like that? She was always gentle and kind. Because that person was Tu Xiuyu and Feng Tianlan, she was jealous, so she would do anything to deal with them. People in the backyard are always fighting with each other, not to mention these women who will become his concubines in the future. This is too normal. He turns a blind eye, and there is nothing wrong with it. Tu Xiupei watched Si Rong leave with a scornful sneer. �Tianlan noticed their movements and asked Zhang Tiancheng," how are the security measures?" Don't worry, Tu Xiuyu won't die before it gets too big. She was stopped by archers who shot her, and this is a city building. With help, she won't die so easily. Zhang Tiancheng said. This man must be the mighty king of war, Mo Bai. Speaking of this, Zhang Tiancheng really felt that Si Mobai indulged Feng Tianlan to the extreme. As a man, he couldn't help but be jealous. Thinking of this, zhang tiancheng couldn't help but gossip with Luo Yunzhu." Second brother, do you know who the boss has an affair with?" One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapter