Chapter 300 Love Again without Hesitation

Wildfire princess: the beast lord, The last chapter of "Dou luo" continent iii dragon king legend, heavenly fire avenue, holy ruins, dou luo continent, dou luo continent, dou luo continent, dragon king legend, dream awakening, silent phoenix returning to dou luo continent, ultimate dou luo tian luo super rich The Queen Of The Phoenix, �tianlan was carried out of Heavenly prison by si Mo Bai. The bright sunlight washed away the foul air from the prison. Laner. Si Mobai put Feng Tianlan down and looked down at her. �Tianlan took two steps back and patted his sleeve." Don't touch me." You believe her? Si Mobai looked at her movements and her peach blossom eyes turned cold. He thought she believed him. He thought she trusted him. Whether it's true or not doesn't matter. Feng tianlan narrowed her eyes, her voice as faint as the clouds on that day." These have nothing to do with me. I just don't like it when you touch me." I trust him, but that's why it's more dangerous and why I should ban him. Jiang Ying has hurt her enough to avoid men like snakes. Laner. Si Mobai took a deep breath and suppressed the anger she wanted to explode." I didn't even look at her. Other women can't get into my eyes except you..." It's none of my business." Feng Tianlan turned and left. Mo Bai quickened her steps and stopped her." I can't touch any other woman except you. I feel all kinds of discomfort when I touch her..." �Tianlan interrupted him," because you're sick, I'm going to make your medicine?" No, before you, I felt like I was a living dead man. Only when I saw you, did you understand the feeling of my heart beating faster? Si Mobai wanted to explain, but in a hurry, the explanation was all jumbled up. In the face of death, he did not know the feeling of his heart beating faster. It was as if he was a living dead man without heart, without seven emotions and six desires. The first time I saw her, I felt the heartbeat and the feeling of being alive. You keep rejecting me, so you won't believe anything I say. Si Mobai clenched his fists a little angrily, trying to get closer to her, fearing that he would lose control of his temper, and stood impatiently where he was. Tianlan narrowed her eyes and said seriously," Si Mobai, stop pestering me. I don't like you, and I won't like you." Mo bai opened her mouth and looked at Feng Tianlan. Her clenched fists loosened. Before she hid in the world of alchemy, she released a powerful spiritual power, which made her unable to move, as if she had been fixed. Si Mobai, can you be more reasonable? Feng tianlan couldn't move and could only stare at Si Mobai. Mo Bai took a deep breath and approached Feng Tianlan. She raised her chin to face him and looked into her angry eyes." If I reason with you, I won't be able to marry a girl." She, he just needs to be domineering and strong, so that she has nowhere to run. The cool minty smell of the wood was strong and masculine, and it made Feng Tianlan blush. Damn it, no matter how determined he was, his heart seemed to waver in front of him. Mo Bai looked at her rosy lips and lowered his head to kiss them. He barged in domineeringly and forcefully, wrapped the tip of her tongue and took away her breath. The most insincere thing in the movie was that she had feelings for him, but she kept rejecting him. She trusted him, but in order to reject him, she said that on purpose. He gently licked her lips, his handsome face pressed against hers, his peach blossom eyes looking straight into her phoenix eyes, and gently opened his lips." Whether it's the reason Si Rong hurt you, or something else, Laner, can you let go of the past and love again without hesitation?" One chapter on the voting recommendation note and one chapter on the table of contents to add a bookmark to the next chapter