To My Dear Mr. Huo

To My Dear Mr. Huo



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530.Chapter 541 What about Your Upbringing?


Su qingsang was cheated on the day before her wedding, so the groom was replaced. He grabbed a man and got married. "My name is su qingsang. Do you want to marry me?" "Why not?" The corner of the man's mouth raised and he took the hand she handed him with a half-smile. It was just that the man she had casually gambled on marrying was not as simple as a passerby. Not only did he help her deal with her scumbag ex-boyfriend, scumbag relatives. He held her in his palm, afraid that she would fall and touch her. Su qingsang was puzzled. One afternoon, she asked the man, "Why did you marry me?" The man reached out and pulled her into his arms, "The first time I saw you, my little brother told me it had to be you." "Your brother? Which brother?" When she realized which brother he was talking about, her face immediately turned red: hooligan... She thought that all her luck in life had been used to meet him. But that day, he rushed into the emergency room with a woman with a big belly full of blood. Save her, you must

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