Chapter 291 The Ninth Official Broadcast Ended!

This is a terrible earthquake that human beings have never seen since recorded. At a depth of 100,000 kilometers, the tearing of the plates on the surface of Gisela could be clearly seen. It was like a set of puzzle pieces that had been tightly packed together in a secret chamber, falling apart and falling apart. Rocks, mountains, plains, ravines, craters... All the material on the surface of the asteroid was thrown away by the strong centrifugal force of the planet almost instantly after losing some of its gravitational constraints. Layer after layer, layer after layer, leaving a series of deep and terrifying scars. Some of the long and narrow pits may even reach tens of thousands of meters deep! Beautiful and cruel... Damn it... It's too much. It looks like a peeled orange. W? O... God! Afraid that Jupiter would enter the live broadcast room, he clicked on the praise. This is the most spectacular sight I have ever seen in my life! + 1 Computer special effects simulation, and the real difference is too big. The path of destruction for mankind began... "Boom!"" Boom..." As a large amount of material was thrown out, a violent collision inevitably occurred between the rock mass and the rock mass! The fire was glaring and the lightning was ferocious. Although there was no medium to transmit the sound, the radiation was still captured by Chen Yu's protective clothing. From a distance, the entire planet seemed to be expanding! It was a precursor to the breakdown of more and more matter. Suddenly, a distorted red light shot up into the sky, breaking through the material layer and shooting up into the sky over ten thousand meters. Chen Yu's eyes lit up." There's such a rich amount of geological activity inside this planet!" Wha!" Wha! More and more lava is spurting out under high pressure! Without most of the gravitational drag, these deadly substances could stay in the air for a long time, and as the inertia spread, they would attach themselves to the dusty rocks in the fog state, causing more intense light radiation and explosions. In an instant, the whole of Gisela became a big red ball shining with strange light." No, the stars are disintegrating too fast." Chen Yu's face was solemn, and without hesitation, he started the engine and ran up again. Unlike small meteorites, the high temperature and pressure generated when an asteroid disintegrates is extremely dangerous. Chen Yu doesn't know if his protective suit will hold up. Shit! It exploded! Damn! It exploded. Be confident and remove the exclamation mark. Isn't that too much fun?! Thank you. At the scene, it was disintegrating. There were too many people in the circle. It was inconvenient to say more. This is just the beginning, and it will get worse when the collapse happens! The best documentary ever. To be honest, seeing this kind of scene, I always want to have a wave on earth. Humans are so small... After another 50,000 kilometers, Chen Yu stopped and turned around to see that the Gisela asteroid had expanded into a" big planet." At first glance, he looked like a" loose" gaseous planet. Not long after he stopped to watch, he saw the rapidly changing data in the helmet and his face changed." What the hell? Are you going to explode?" Without hesitation, Chen Yu ran away again with the Planet smashing generator in his arms." Boom!" Three seconds later, an explosion of more than 400 decibels erupted from the inside of the spreading asteroid! The entire planet... Exploded... The surging kinetic energy lifted 60 percent of the upper layer of matter, and the originally solid stars finally disintegrated under the centrifugal force. If Chen Yu were to insert the camera into the explosion zone, he could clearly see the metal fragments that had torn and melted inside. It was solid material from the mantle of the Gisela asteroid. The speed was really fast, and now the temperature on my armor was over 600c, and it was still rising. But the temperature was far below the armor threshold, so there was no need to worry." Filtered through the helmet goggles, Chen Yu watched the entire process of the explosion and shook his head." I don't know what to say. It's so spectacular. Gisela used its life to give us a wonderful performance. It's so great." Gisela: it's okay to force greatness. Play the gg happily. This wave of explosions is awesome. There must be light on earth! Astronomical telescopes are ready. No sound! Bad review! You die when you hear the sound. It was so exciting! I had to do something, so I picked my foot... When the outer layer of the burning of the planet Serra spread to the size of Mercury, the suppression function of the" recoil particle" finally disappeared, and the remaining solid core showed its power again. As a result, all the materials that did not reach the escape speed slowly fell under the pull of gravity, faster and faster, and finally, under the gaze of more than 40 million viewers, such as mount tai pressing down on the top of the core like a blanket!" Duang!" Chen Yu opened her mouth to dub. The explosion was much more spectacular than before! It was as if a new sun had been born..." The temperature of the front armor is over a thousand degrees celsius. No, I have to withdraw." Explaining to the audience, Chen Yu restarted the engine and continued to flee. The big explosion caused by the collapse blew up the falling material again. The violent friction between matter and matter led to a chain of explosions! Some of them would fall again under the pull of gravity, and then explode... It was a terrifying scene that was hard to describe in words. In contrast, the violent natural disasters on earth are too small to be investigated. Not to mention life, even big planets cannot be safe from this kind of kinetic energy. Gisela, completely dead. Perhaps, after a long time of explosion, high pressure and high temperature, it could still leave a crystalline carbon, proving that it had existed... Stopping, Chen Yu lowered his head and looked at the Planet smashing generator in his hand, suddenly feeling inexplicably heavy. This is the weight of technology." It's called a hundred legged worm. It seems that its struggle before death will last for a while." Turning around and looking at the camera, Chen Yu took a deep breath to calm the complicated emotions in his heart and said," this time should be measured in months. Maybe after a year, the explosion will continue. But compared to its long life, a year can be described as fleeting." Because of astronomy, I don't know much about it. I guess it would throw out ten percent of the material in the explosions. A significant portion of this mass would fly into the inner solar system." But it doesn't matter. We have two big bodyguards, Jupiter and Earth star, whose gravity can capture most of the uninvited guests. On the macro scale of the solar system, Gisela's body is not even a dime a dozen. There is very little danger to earth." Finally, looking at the" boiling" asteroid, Chen Yu turned around, faced the camera, and began to summarize:" the Planet smashing generator's effect and performance are clearly seen by everyone, very excellent. For an asteroid like Gisela, it is considered a cannon to kill mosquitoes. Perhaps, what really suits it is large planets like Jupiter, Earth star, and even earth. The scene is absolutely shocking." Here, dig a hole too. If you have a chance to go out of the solar system in the future, you will definitely set off a big planet for fun." Listen, is that human?" In the eyes of the host, the planets were all cannon fodder. No problem, he's going to explode the stars next year! E... Come on Gisela, tonight we are all Gisela. What an old block! Stop brushing. There was only one ammunition left, and there was only one antimatter bomb left for the chinese new year. He always suspected that the up was mainly about big things. The universe is so terrible that I can feel the tremors on earth. (Funny) this is the real art... Is it over? Can you hold on for a while longer? After the explosion, there were definitely diamonds inside! Don't forget to take it, the host will be rich. Diamonds? Ah, there are so many of these things on earth, are they very valuable?" Then, the official evaluation of this issue will come to an end." Loosening his grip, the visual vibration slowly floated in the deep air, echoing the light of the distant planet's death explosion. Chen Yu's signature fingers intersected: "Thanks to our old friend, the Planet smashing generator provided by harbin military industry, it is currently the most powerful and should be the most attractive of all the products on the Beyond time and space assessment program. After all..."" That boy doesn't want to destroy a planet?"" Then, thank you to the 40 million viewers in the studio. Thank you for always supporting my live broadcast. Obviously, more and more people will know about this program. Maybe in a few more episodes, the world's netizens will participate in this monthly assessment, which will be more stressful, but I believe it will be more exciting."" Perhaps, many people will feel that this period of assessment is ending a little quickly, but please believe that this is not because it is short, but because this period of assessment is not water, dry goods are full... Hmm." Before the end of the live broadcast, let's make an advertisement for the next official evaluation. Time passed really fast. Three months later, everyone should know that my level of authority was going to increase again. This time, it will be officially upgraded from d + to c-! This was definitely a milestone." With a finger out, Chen Yu gestured with a" c" sign and said seriously," because d-, d, or d + are ultimately only at the d-level, and c-level is a new world. There's no need for foreboding at all. Just from simple reasoning, you can infer that the next product... Will be very powerful!"" Let's wait and see."" I am the head of the Beyond time and space up. A month later, the tenth issue of the official evaluation, we..."" See you soon!" At the end of the sentence, the ten broadcast rooms containing 43 million people were shut down at the same time and plunged into the darkness like a deep sky... (Note: after going through the book again, I found that the censored books were fragmented and could only be changed reluctantly... I wrote in the front, and the censored books were deleted in the back... (t ▽ t).