Chapter 486 Defeat

"Good boy, look at this!"

Although Dai Yuhen was confident enough, he did not dare to underestimate Ye Yuan now.

Ye Yuan's fighting ability was far beyond his own level. At this time, he jumped three small levels in a row. God knows how strong he was.

This increase in strength was already terrifying to ordinary martial artists, not to mention in a dead end.

"Okay, thousand streams of flying flowers, up." Ye Yuan's voice came faintly.

All of a sudden, petals of primordial energy gathered in the sky above Xinyang city, almost covering the sun.

The terrifying wave of energy was so strong that the martial artists below could not breathe.

Seeing this, Dai Yuhen was not surprised but delighted.

Ye Yuan was finally going to fight him head-on.

With the strength of the Soul sea realm, everything was nothing.

Under the four powers of huahai, the thousand streams of flying flowers that Ye Yuan used were extremely terrifying.

At this time, the whole sky was a sea of petals, looking extremely magnificent.

If Ye Yuan were to fight Zhao Tianyin in his current state, it would be enough to kill him in a second.

"Haha, this should be your own move. It's really a genius. If I didn't have the strength of the Soul sea realm, I'm afraid I would be killed in a second by you. That's great, but it's still too young to use this move against me."

Together with Dai Yuhen's moves, a large amount of heaven and earth elements were gathered in an instant.

The momentum of the Soul sea realm pushed the flying flowers out of the sky.

"Shit, so this is their true strength. I can't describe it in words. These two people are so powerful that they make people despair."

"Yes, if this is the real strength of the Soul sea realm, then I don't think I can take this step in my life."

"That young man is only in the realm of the sea of four, and he can actually make such a terrifying move. In my opinion, this move may not really be under the Soul sea realm."

"The moves of both of them are terrifying. It's really hard to say who wins or loses."

Dai Yuhen clapped his hand, and the air burst out in a tight squeeze. Ye Yuan felt a terrible breath rushing in her face.

Facing the powerful skills of the Soul sea realm, Ye Yuan did not dare to neglect. He urged the countless petals and rushed to Dai Yuhen's palm.

"Thousand streams of flying flowers, boom!"

However, the unfavourable thousand-stream flying flower finally lost its sharpness this time.

Even though the explosion of the thousand-stream flying flower caused great resistance, Dai Yuhen's palm was still as strong as a broken bamboo.

Speaking slowly, it was only in the blink of an eye.

Dai Yuhen's crane dance lasted nine days, but it ended up falling on Ye Yuan.


Ye Yuan was shaken ten feet away.


Ye Yuan's throat was sweet, but he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Well, it was a defeat, but Sea border warriors are proud enough to do this."

"That's right! I didn't dare to imagine that huahai yizhong would be able to fight Soul sea yizhong to such a great extent."

"I don't know what the spirit sea border power is going to do with him. It's such a pity that such a genius has fallen."

There was a series of sighs from the crowd, but they were all very shocked by Ye Yuan's performance.

If it were an ordinary huahai heavy, there would be no courage to act in front of the Soul sea realm strong.

Dai Yuhen flew not far from Ye Yuan and said with a serious expression, "I really didn't expect that you could force me to perform the crane dance for nine days, and also melt most of the strength of the crane dance for nine days. It really opened my eyes. But that's it. Come back to zichen sect with me."