Chapter 487 You're Strong!

Hearing Dai Yuhen's words, Ye Yuan suddenly wiped the blood from his mouth and grinned.

"The Soul sea realm is really strong. It seems that I still underestimated elder dai! Elder dai's strength is considered very strong among the top ranks in Soul sea! But it is not enough to take me away just because of this!"

Dai Yuhen shook his head and sighed, "I know geniuses have their own pride, but it's amazing that you can do this! Even if you lose, there's nothing to be ashamed of."

In Dai Yuhen's opinion, Ye Yuan was too stubborn to lose.

Every genius is more talented than ordinary people, but it is hard to accept defeat.

It was really amazing that Ye Yuan pushed himself to this point with the sea.

"Lose? Hehe, I can't afford to lose! So... My only way out is to keep winning!" Ye Yuan laughed at himself.

With that said, Ye Yuan's momentum once again opened up, and the fire and wind quickly condensed into a dragon in his hands!

Seeing this, Dai Yuhen's face changed!

This move had not yet been made, so that he, a Soul sea realm strongman, felt a little scared, thinking that the power was not small!

How many cards does this kid have in his hand that he hasn't used yet? The power of that move was perverted enough, and this move was even more perverted than that one!

Dai Yuhen cursed in his heart.

However, complaining is complaining, but Dai Yuhen's speed of casting is not slow.

"Crane dance for nine days!"

It was the same crane dance for nine days, but this time, Dai Yuhen used 90 % of his strength!

Under normal circumstances, a warrior would not use all his strength until the critical moment of life and death.

One move consumes too much energy, which will make a warrior powerless. If you can't solve your opponent, you're dead.

Therefore, in most cases, only about sixty or seventy percent of the strength was used in the battle between martial artists.

Dai Yuhen used 70 % of his strength just now with the crane dance for nine days.

Although 70 % of his strength didn't seem to be much, it was already a great respect for ye yuan, who had turned into a sea.

You know, if Dai Yuhen had a different opponent, he might not even be able to use 10 % of his strength!

Soul sea and huahai were not at the same level.

This time, Dai Yuhen used 90 % of his strength at one time, almost all of his strength!

Dai Yuhen had never thought of this possibility before, and Ye Yuan had forced himself to this extent!

Ninety percent of the strength of the crane dance nine days, with the light sound of the crane in the palm of his hand, it can be seen that Dai Yuhen has already used this move to the extreme.

The roar of the wind and fire dragon and the light roar of the crane rose into the sky and collided violently.


The huge impact caused waves of air to blow up the rubble of City lord's mansion.

The martial artists below had deliberately kept their distance, but many were pushed down by this wave.

The battle at the Soul sea realm level was too grand.

"Hiss... That boy is terrible! This time, the two of them are even!"

"He is still a heavy sea, and he has such a terrible fighting capacity! When his strength reaches the Soul sea realm, how terrible it will be!"

"This young man seems to have a lot of cards to play. I thought that move was his biggest card, but I didn't expect it to be even scarier!"

This time, Ye Yuan and Dai Yuhen tied, and Dai Yuhen was blown away!

But Dai Yuhen was much higher than ye yuan, so he was only slightly injured.

However, this was enough to shock Dai Yuhen!

The Sea border's mid-term attack actually hurt the Sea border?

And this attack was on the premise that he used 90 % of his strength!

In other words, Ye Yuan's combat power was infinitely close to him!

"Ye Yuan, I must admit now that you are qualified to be my opponent! You are very strong!" Dai Yuhen said to ye yuandao very solemnly.

Ye Yuan was also blown out, but his injuries were much worse than Dai Yuhen's.

However, Ye Yuan did not show any pain on his face. Instead, he was extremely excited!

Ye Yuan suddenly realized that he was beginning to like the feeling of fighting.

In his previous life, he spent all his time and energy on the art of refining medicine, and he had hardly experienced the pleasure of fighting.

In this life, he embarked on the road of revenge, experienced countless life and death battles, and gradually fell in love with this feeling!

This feeling of walking on the edge of life and death made Ye Yuan extremely excited!

Defeating powerful opponents also made Ye Yuan very happy!

This feeling of happiness was exactly the same as when you were refining pills!

Originally, Ye Yuan had only passively embarked on the path of martial arts, but now, he was somewhat enjoying the joy of growing up.

Ye Yuan deeply understood that only when he fell madly in love with something would he have the chance to reach the peak.

He had been forcing himself to practice martial arts before, but it was not enough to support him to reach Ji Canglan's height.

But now, Ye Yuan had the confidence to surpass everything!

"Haha, elder dai, you are also very strong! This battle is really enjoyable! Let's compete again!" Ye Yuan said boldly.

Dai Yuhen's lifelong pursuit was also martial arts, and this battle has been very inspiring to him!

It's a little weird to say it out loud!

A Soul sea realm strongman actually gained a great deal by fighting with a Soul sea realm martial artist!

However, this was not an incredible thing. Ye Yuan's style contained the principle of the main road, which was much higher than dai yuchen's own perception.

Because of this, Dai Yuhen could learn a lot from it.

He believed that if he went back to closed-door this time, he would definitely gain a lot!

But the battle is not over yet!

"Haha, good! It's rare to meet an opponent like you. You have to be careful in the next attack! This will be the essence of my life and my last card! If that was your limit just now, I advise you not to fight any more. Just stop fighting!"

Dai Yuhen was also inspired by Ye Yuan's heroic feelings and was about to have an ultimate battle with ye yuan.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, "I told you I would always win! Elder dai, you should return to zichen sect and concentrate on martial arts. Invading without boundaries is not suitable for you!"

"Haha, Ye Yuan, you see it through! But I, Dai Yuhen, have been greatly indebted to his majesty the wind emperor. How can I stand by and watch such a thing? Cut the crap and come to war!" Dai Yuhen laughed.

"Well, if that's the case, then I'll beat you back! I've recently learned a sword trick and I haven't tried it myself. Elder dai, you must be careful!"

After laughing, both of them looked more serious than ever.

Both of them knew that the next blow from the other side would be an earth-shattering blow!

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