Chapter 488 Qing Gang's Sword Drifts to the Ground And the Rain of Swords Falls to Ten Thousand Feet

"What are they talking about? Invading without borders?"

"I think so! But... What's going on here? Okay, who's going to invade the borderless?"

"I don't know. Their conversation was a little weird."

Ye Yuan's words caused quite a stir in the crowd.

The true face of the Zichen Sect has not yet been exposed, and these martial arts practitioners have always thought that the great changes in Nanyu were just internal affairs without borders.

Although Ye Yuan did not make it clear, what he had said was very obvious. As for how much these people could believe, it was up to them to make up their own minds.

Of course, Ye Yuan wanted to move everyone in Nanyu north if possible, but time was running out, and he couldn't afford to convince himself.

At this moment, the atmosphere between the two men in the air had become a little strange.

The two of them were still talking and laughing before, but the expressions on their faces were as solemn as ever.

Even then, the atmosphere around them was a little different.

Some of the stronger martial artists were influenced by this atmosphere and consciously moved away from the two of them again.

Soon, someone guessed that Ye Yuan or Dai Yuhen was going to do something!

Just then, Dai Yuhen moved.

This time, Dai Yuhen was unreserved, and all his strength suddenly burst out, and the surrounding forces gathered crazily towards him.

"Look, what's that!"

"Oh my god, he actually condensed a virtual shadow of force. How many forces of heaven and earth must be gathered here!"

"The crane phantom, this move is so powerful that it really shows the gap between the soul sea and the Sea border! I wonder what the youngster will do!"

At the beginning of Dai Yuhen's palm, a faint shadow of a crane gradually formed.

That is to say, Dai Yuhen has already condensed the force to the essence, which shows how powerful this move is!

And Condensed form is the distinctive feature of the strong of the Soul sea realm!

The Soul sea realm's strong can gather terrifying forces with their hands, and they are no longer on the same level as the sea border's strong.

These gathered elements can be turned into substance, which shows how powerful their skills are.

But for Dai Yuhen in the early days of soul sea, the Condensed form was a little too reluctant, so he saved this move to the end!

Even so, the faint shadow of the crane was shocking enough!

On the other side, after a long time of thought, Ye Yuan finally moved!

This move, however, shocked everyone!

"What? This... This... This young man can also be a Condensed form! Isn't he a Condensed form?"

"What the hell, this is insane! He's got so many blades!"

"Who the hell is this young man? His talent is terrible! I have never heard of anyone in the Sea border who can be in the Sea border!"

Ye yuan, led by the Cang hua sword, gathered tens of thousands of tiny blades around him!

The blade was not big, it was like a fragment of a sword, but it was actually condensed into work!

The following martial artists did not know about Ye Yuan's past. If they knew that Ye Yuan could already mobilize the forces of heaven and earth when he was in the spiritual realm, they might feel that he had nothing to do with the Sea border, the Condensed form.

Of course, the difficulty of the Condensed form was not on the same level as mobilizing the power of heaven and earth, otherwise Dai Yuhen would not have used it as the last trump card.

However, Ye Yuan's level was still a little lower, so his control of the force reached a very subtle level, only condensing the small blade, which greatly reduced the difficulty.

Seeing this scene, Dai Yuhen's face was also unspeakably solemn.

The impact Ye Yuan gave him today was simply too strong!

"I really didn't expect you to be able to do this. It's really an eye-opener for dai mou! Let's use this move to determine the outcome! There's a crane fairy, go!"

Dai Yuhen pressed his hand, and the faint shadow of the crane came towards Ye Yuan with a faint cry!

Seeing the menacing shadow of the crane, Ye Yuan calmly urged the technique.

"The Qing gang floating zero sword... The rain of swords is torrential!"

The blade sped towards the crane at an extremely fast speed, and it had the smell of a late arrival.

At that moment, in the eyes of the martial artists below, a crane and a large group of sword rain collided violently, as if it were a celestial phenomenon.


There was a violent explosion in the sky and two figures fell from the sky.

Seeing this, tianyu jumped up and caught Ye Yuan falling.

"Ye Shidi, are you okay?"

Youyun sect disciples saw the situation and quickly surrounded them to ask for warmth.

Ye Yuan's face was very pale, and there was a lot of blood hanging from the corners of his mouth and body. He looked very ill.

Seeing that his brothers were concerned, Ye Yuan waved his hand weakly and said, "It's okay, brother tianyu, please help me over."

Dai Yuhen was no longer treated like Ye Yuan, and his body was smashed to the ground.

However, such a degree of impact was nothing to the soul sea realm martial arts.

Dai Yuhen's injuries came mainly from the battle.

There were wounds all over his body. It looked as if he had been stabbed by a sword. It was obvious that the wounds were caused by Ye Yuan's move.

Seeing Ye Yuan coming over, Dai Yuhen couldn't help but smile bitterly and say, "I didn't expect to lose to a Sea border today! But... You're really strong! The Sea border will be able to do it. Not to mention the queen, but it's definitely unprecedented, right?"

Dai Yuhen's words immediately caused an uproar.

How could this powerful man in the sea of souls be defeated?

Because both Ye Yuan and Dai Yuhen were seriously injured, the warriors couldn't figure out who was winning or losing.

Now that Dai Yuhen admitted it himself, they knew that the Sea border youngster had actually defeated the Sea border!

Although they had already seen the strength of Ye Yuan and knew that Ye Yuan had the ability to compete with the Soul sea realm, after Dai Yuhen used the skills of the Soul sea realm, Ye Yuan still defeated his opponent, which made those martial artists feel like they were dreaming.

It turns out that the Soul sea realm is not invincible!

Dai Yuhen's crane fairy was very strong, but in the battle just now, a small part of Ye Yuan's blade finally broke through and landed on Dai Yuhen!

So, although both of them were seriously injured, Ye Yuan was actually better.

Ye Yuan's face was as pale as paper, which was not only greatly impacted by the crane fairy, but also consumed a lot of energy.

This move was too exhausting. Even if Ye Yuan's control of the force had reached an extremely small level, he was still in a bit of a tight spot.

Ye Yuan took out a pill from the Storage ring and threw it to Dai Yuhen. He forced a smile and said, "Elder dai is a gentleman. I won't kill today. I hope you will behave yourself and don't mess with people from the wind world!"

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