Chapter 489 Great Achievements!

"Cough, cough, cough, cough. I am a man of the wind world. How can I be a part of it? You have been to the borderless. You should know that I can't help it."

Dai Yuhen also had a sad look on his face and was obviously quite conflicted about invading the borderless.

The war between the two worlds meant endless slaughter and countless souls.

"Involuntarily, your life is your own. Zhao Tianyin, who is not someone else's, is a supreme being in your eyes, an existence that cannot be defiled. But do you know what you are in his eyes? You are just a group of tools for him to drive," Ye Yuan said lightly.

Dai Yuhen's eyes darkened, his face suddenly flushed red, and he said angrily, "Your majesty Feng Huang, how can you be so blasphemous? Kill me if you can, or I will make you pay for today's offense!"

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed, "Pedantic Zhao Tianyin is only a Boundless strongman. He is only a mortal. When he kneels in front of me, he looks like a dog."

"Ahem, ahem, you're looking for death!"

Dai Yuhen struggled to get up, but he couldn't get up after several attempts.

"Alas, the path of heaven is boundless and the path of humanity is insignificant. In front of the path of heaven, we are all just ants, elder dai. If it were not for the sake of our battle today, how would I waste so much time talking to you? You think I'm insulting Zhao Tianyin, but I tell you, Zhao Tianyin has no right to humiliate me at all. Put your eyes away, above the Gale realm, and Divine realm."

Dai Yuhen froze, and the word Divine realm naturally aroused his hope.

Dai Yuhen suddenly remembered that Ye Yuan had gone deep into the Gale realm to rescue his brothers, but returned to the borderless unscathed.

What exactly happened in between? Why didn't his majesty Feng Huang leave this boy behind?

There seemed to be a lot of stories in between.

After this battle, Dai Yuhen and Ye Yuan could even be said to be a little sympathetic.

Dai Yuhen could feel Ye Yuan's sincerity, or he would have killed himself.

When Ye Yuan killed liao wenguang and He Jun, he had no mercy.

The reason why he didn't kill himself today was probably because of his selfless attitude.

Is it true that I was wrong?

"Also, although I don't know what the two Feng Huang invasions were for, I have a feeling that they had some ulterior motive. But no matter what, Zhao Tianyin, I will kill them."

At this point, Ye Yuan suddenly became murderous.

Zhao Tianyin's humiliation that day, Ye Yuan will get it back one day.

"Well, that's all I've said. As for how you choose, it's your own business. It's none of my business. But if I meet you on the battlefield next time, I won't be merciful, senior. Let's go," Ye Yuan said lightly.

Dai Yuhen silently looked at Ye Yuan's back, but her heart was turned upside down.

The idea he had been instilled in him since he was a child was to serve his majesty Feng Huang, and the skills he practiced and the elixirs he used were all given by his majesty Feng Huang.

So in Dai Yuhen's mind, it was natural to serve his majesty Feng Huang.

However, Ye Yuan's words today opened a window in his closed mind.

Mount xiuming, Northern region.

Two old men and a half old lady xu were drinking tea on the matsushita stone table. A young man was standing behind the half old lady and one of the old men.

The two young men, a man and a woman, were Yin Yanhua and Guo Taoqun who had returned to Northern region from youyun sect.

The two of them appeared here, and the identities of the three of them were about to be revealed.

These three were the ancestors of the Wanjianzong, the Tian Wuzong and the xuan ice sect, and the strongest three people in Northern region and even the entire borderless area.

But all three of them were frowning and had no intention of drinking tea.

The Wanjianzong's ancestor was Qin Hongtao, and at this moment, he was angry and said, "That kid named Ye Yuan is too arrogant to detain yan' er. I think he is tired of living. Ning Yixian, you actually let me spare that kid. You are ridiculous!"

Qin Hongtao's Ning Yixian was the ancestor of the Tian Wuzong.

"According to tao qun and the others, this son is extremely evil. There are no enemies in the younger generation. Now that there is no border, there is going to be a great disaster. If you kill Ye Yuan, wouldn't it be painful for the relatives and quick for the enemies?" Ning Yixian advised.

Ning Yixian knew that Qin Yan was Qin Hongtao's grandson and would inherit his mantle in the future.

Now that Qin Yan was taken away by Ye Yuan, how could Qin Hongtao not be angry?

But this is not the time for internal strife.

It would be fine if the Youyun sect were just a minor sect, but Ye Yuan's talent was too amazing. It would be ridiculous if such a genius was killed by his own people.

But Qin Hongtao didn't think so. Ye Yuan was pulling out his tiger's beard.

When Qin Hongtao heard the news, he wanted to kill someone, but Ning Yixian stopped him.

As a result, Qin Hongtao was dragged up mount xiuming by ning yixian.

"No matter how talented that kid is, taking yan er as a hostage is no good. Unless he personally goes to the Wanjianzong to apologize to his husband, otherwise, this debt, not ending the year that let go of the Youyun sect was a mistake. Now, my husband, I have to make up for it. I have worked hard to destroy this chan," Qin Hongtao said furiously.

Ning yixian said, "Hey, you old man is still so hot-tempered. What are you going to do to destroy the Youyun sect? Don't you want your precious grandson to live? That kid is obviously a decisive person. If you dare to destroy the clan, they will dare to kill your grandson. You dare to fish to death with him!"

Qin Hongtao's face froze. Ning Yixian's words clearly hit him in the back.

Yes, Ye Yuan's hand was too strong.

He's Qin Hongtao, but Qin Yan is a hostage.

"Well, speaking of which, you and I have to thank this boy named Ye Yuan. If he hadn't been able to carry the entire Zichen Sect on his own, the army of the Gale realm would have already crossed the boundless forest."

At this point, Ning Yixian's eyes were full of admiration.

If it wasn't for Ye Yuan's appearance that disrupted the layout of the Zichen Sect, after the passage between the two realms was opened, the Gale realm would have been able to drive straight in and directly cross the boundless forest.

"Ye Yuan has done a great job. Qin Hongtao, you are a big shot. How can you be as knowledgeable as a young man? Besides, Qin Yan was detained. You were the first to provoke him. Ye Yuan did this just to protect himself. At this stage, the three of us still have to focus on the overall situation."

The old ancestor of the xuan ice sect, aunt Jing Xuan, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke.