Chapter 491 Your Opponent Is Him

The black-robed man was the most powerful man in Soul sea, and it was clear that he was the Tianxie sect's patriarch, Mao Yuanji.

But what he meant was that he was afraid of luo Qing Feng.

These two people could appear on the main peak without warning, so they must have some skills.

"You're Mao Yuanji?" Ye Yuan glanced at him and asked faintly.

When mao yuanji saw how arrogant a Sea border boy was, he was very unhappy.

"Hmph! In the conversation between the Soul sea realm, how can you, a junior, be presumptuous here?"

As he spoke, mao yuanji brushed his sleeves and pushed Ye Yuan with great force, trying to push Ye Yuan away.

In doing so, he wanted to show off his skills and let the other party know his strength. Second, he wanted to test Luo Qingfeng's bottom line.

Mao Yuanji thought that ye yuan would be pushed by his own force and fall from the sky. Who knew that Ye Yuan was standing there motionless!

Mao Yuanji opened his eyes wide and looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

His push just now, not to mention the weight of the melting sea, even in the late stage of the melting sea, did not dare to say that he did not move at all!

This kid... Is weird!

Ye Yuan was too lazy to pay attention to Mao Yuanji and said calmly, "Ten years ago, you took a fancy to the eldest lady of the The wang family in xiliang city and forced her to ask for it. The eldest lady of the wang family was chaste and committed suicide. In the end, you angered the The wang family and destroyed the whole family of the The wang family. Is that so?"

Mao Yuanji's face darkened.

Of course there is, and it's not a secret in the Tianxie sect.

The Tianxie sect has always acted on their own, and it's normal to kill people if they don't agree with each other.

That year, he took a fancy to the miss wang and asked the The wang family to send his daughter over in the name of tian xie zong. Who knew that the little girl was so strong that she hanged herself.

In a fit of anger, Mao Yuanji sent people to slaughter the The wang family.

"Hmph! What are you? Are you worthy of my answer?" Mao yuanji snorted coldly.

Although Ye Yuan's performance just now surprised him a little, he still didn't pay attention to one sea and one heavy.

In Mao Yuanji's eyes, Luo Qingfeng was his enemy.

Ye Yuan's tone of voice, however, did not take him seriously, which made Mao Yuanji even angrier.

If it weren't for Luo Qingfeng's strength, Mao Yuanji would have killed Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan ignored Mao Yuanji and continued, "Seven years ago, a man named zhang dongyu was selling a high quality spiritual weapon in fengling city. When you got the news, you robbed and killed people."

"Five years ago,..."

"Four years ago,..."


Ye Yuan recounted Mao Yuanji's misdeeds as if they were chattering about family matters, but everyone present could sense the coldness in Ye Yuan's words.

This mao yuanji was simply full of evils. He did not need any reason to kill or set fire. Many people had suffered a disaster without any reason.

It was obvious that Ye Yuan had already taken action.

And in front of Mao Yuanji, a Soul sea realm strongman, Ye Yuan did not hide his murderous intent at all!

This kid, is there something wrong with his brain?

"You should have done all this, right? You don't have to answer, but I've already investigated everything, so... You must die today!" Ye Yuan said lightly.

In Ye Yuan's opinion, it was no big deal for a martial artist to kill someone. The world of a martial artist was a world of the jungle.

But for a man like Mao Yuanji who was so heartless, Ye Yuan could not help but kill him when he saw him.

This may have something to do with his identity as Dandi in his previous life. Of course, it was also related to Ji Zhengyang's teachings.

So Ye Yuan in her previous life, in most cases, was saving people.

For hundreds of years in his life, Ye Yuan had treated and helped countless people.

Even if he was reborn for a lifetime, Ye Yuan was still something that could not be erased from his bones.

After listening to Ye Yuan's words, mao yuanji was furious and smiled, "Boy, what's wrong with me killing a few people? You've been fighting for a long time. Are you here to do chivalrous deeds? Well, I'm standing right here, you come and kill me! A brat who's still wet behind the ears, running up to your old man and pretending to be a pushover, we have to see if you can do that!"

Until now, Mao Yuanji also knew that the two of them were not friendly, and this matter could not be good.

But with only one Soul sea realm, he could handle it.

This kid doesn't know the world, but Tianxie sect still has a lot of senior Tianxie sect waiting for him.

Moreover, the methods of the Tianxie sect disciples were extremely strange and could not be prevented. Such a young boy dared to run over to learn chivalry from others. His brain was really kicked by a donkey!

Ye Yuan suddenly grinned and said, "You'll know soon if I'm capable or not! Nine Changes in Yuan Ling!"


Ye Yuan was full of momentum and soon broke through to huahai five weights!

After the battle with Dai Yuhen, Ye Yuan also benefited a lot and quickly consolidated the situation.

After arriving in Northern region, Ye Yuan's progress in cultivation was not slow at all, and he finally broke through the second level of huahai yesterday!

Ye Yuan was obviously more confident now that he was going to fight the Soul sea realm.

Seeing Ye Yuan break through the three small realms in an instant, Mao Yuanji's pupils shrank, but he quickly sneered, "This is your reliance? Hahaha, you don't think you can destroy my Tianxie sect with a sea of five, do you?"

In the second half of the sentence, mao yuanji spoke to Luo Qingfeng.

In his opinion, Luo Qingfeng was looking for a helper to fight with him.

But did they make a mistake? Is the Tianxie sect alone?

Luo Qingfeng smiled faintly and said, "Your opponent is him. As long as others don't interfere, I won't do it."

Luo Qingfeng's voice fell, and everyone was shocked!

"Are these two out of their minds? Let the Sea border challenge the Sea border?"

"Even if he was training his younger generation, he wouldn't have to die, right? This kid is also a complete fool. If his elder asked him to challenge the Soul sea realm, he would really challenge it?"

"I'm in a mess, hahaha, it's so funny! I'm dying of laughter!"

After the surprise, there was a series of mockery.

When these people came, these two people were pure lunatics.

Mao Yuanji narrowed his eyes and sneered, "Are you sure you only let him do it?"

Luo Qingfeng chuckled and flashed, but retreated a few dozen feet to show his attitude.

At this distance, if Ye Yuan was in any danger, Luo Qingfeng would not have had time to rescue him.

This attitude was already very obvious!

He really didn't care about the two of them fighting!

Mao Yuanji said with a grim smile, "I didn't expect to be underestimated by a Sea border boy today. Hahaha, but... I like your ignorance! I'll let you know what despair is!"

The corners of Ye Yuan's mouth curled up slightly, and the Cang hua sword in his hand swung in a terrifying manner!

Everyone's face changed when they saw this!