Chapter 492 Extermination

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"What! That... That's the Condensed form? He... Isn't he the Sea border?"

"Are you kidding me? Sea border martial arts, how can you do the Condensed form?"

"No wonder this kid dares to be so arrogant. It turns out that he has learned the Condensed form!"

Seeing Ye Yuan's sword rain start, the Tianxie sect disciple burst into flames.

Just like in Xinyang city, this sudden scene made everyone gasp for air.

Sea border can do the Condensed form, it's really abnormal!

Mao Yuanji's face changed greatly, and he quickly pushed the technique to its extreme!

Although Mao Yuanji was a strong Soul sea realm player, he was only the lowest level of existence in the Soul sea realm, and he didn't even have the ability to condense.

What he, a Soul sea realm man, did not possess, was actually mastered by the youth of the Sea border in front of him!

This is unbelievable!

However, Mao Yuanji didn't have time to think so much. He had to unleash all his power to crush Ye Yuan's Condensed form in a powerful way.

"Burn the evil cloud!"

Mao Yuanji roared, and the whole sky seemed to be on fire. The horrible flames rolled towards ye yuan like snakes, trying to devour Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan snorted and the rain of swords broke out!

The blade's shadow was small, but its power was unparalleled.

The tens of thousands of blades had cut the fire snake into pieces, and when they came to Ye Yuan, they had no power at all.

Compared to Dai Yuhen's crane fairy, this method of burning the evil cloud was nothing.

However, whether Mao Yuanji was a strong Soul sea realm player or not, his attacks destroyed many of the blades.

But Ye Yuan, who was the fifth most powerful man in the sea, was much stronger than the last time.

With the ebb and flow, how could Mao Yuanji completely resolve this attack?

Still, a large portion of the blade penetrated Mao Yuanji's attack and directly pierced Mao Yuanji's body!


Mao Yuanji's bodyguard strength, under the blade of the Condensed form, was completely vulnerable, and was instantly pricked into a hornet's nest by the blade.

After the scream, Mao Yuanji's body fell from the air and fell heavily to the ground.

Kill with one blow!

Before the disciples of the tian xie sect understood what was going on, Ye Yuan had already killed Mao Yuanji!

"I... I'm not blinded, am I? Zong... Zong zhu was actually killed by a Sea border kid?"

"The sect master really lost! Just now we were laughing at the two of them being idiots, but we didn't expect them to actually have the ability to crush the Tianxie sect!"

"This kid is so scary! The Sea border can unleash such a terrible attack that even the strongest of the soul sea can be killed!"

"He... He won't kill us all, will he?"

Tianxie sect disciples still can't believe that the invincible lord of the sect in their eyes was killed by a boy from the Tianxie sect who didn't know where!

When they understood, their first reaction was endless fear.

Mao Yuanji is not a good person to be unfaithful. How could they be any better?

After one move, Ye Yuan's face turned a little pale, but it was much better than the one with Dai Yuhen.

Looking at this scene, Luo Qingfeng was also very emotional.

When they arrived in Northern region, they were so shocked that their eyes almost dropped when they heard tianyu and his men talking about Ye Yuan defeating a Soul sea realm strongman in Xinyang city.

Today, Luo Qingfeng saw with his own eyes that ye yuan killed a Condensed form strong man, and only then did he really see Ye Yuan's strength.

In terms of strength, Ye Yuan had already surpassed him, the Youyun sect patriarch!

In other words, Ye Yuan of huahai duo is already the strongest existence of Youyun sect!

Luo Qingfeng was not the average Soul sea heavyweight, but he did not control the Condensed form.

He thought to himself that although he could defeat this Mao Yuanji, he would never be able to kill Ye Yuan so cleanly!

He only came here today to raid Ye Yuan and scare the rest of the Tianxie sect.

"Young master, spare your life! Then... Mao Yuanji ordered us to do all those things, and we couldn't help it!"

"Yes, it's all Mao Yuanji. We were forced to be helpless!"

"Young master, spare us!"

All he heard was a "Plop" sound. The Tianxie sect disciples who had a ghost in their hearts all knelt down and begged Ye Yuan to let them go.

When these people saw that mao yuanji was dead, they simply put all the blame on him. For a moment, they criticized him and made Mao Yuanji, the dead man, worthless.

Ye Yuan sneered, "Hehe, what a helpless man. Don't worry, as long as you don't deserve to die, I won't pursue you. But those evil people, you should break up as soon as possible, otherwise... You will suffer!"

Some people trembled at Ye Yuan's words.

These four people, like a sharp sword, plunged into their hearts.

The feeling of not being able to live and not being able to die, they had given it to others before, and now... Is it his turn?

Who cares? As long as he insists that he hasn't done anything bad, can he search his soul one by one?

Ye yuan seemed to know what these people were thinking and sneered, "Don't think about lying and lying to me. It's useless!"

With that said, Ye Yuan took out a few pills and said, "This is the Truth pill. After eating, I'll ask you what you want to say. So... Let's just die."

For many days, the face of the disciples of the evil sect changed. Is there such a magical elixir in this world?

When they heard this effect, most people looked incredulous.

However, after all, there were still people who couldn't resist Ye Yuan's pressure and broke out!

"Run, everyone! We're all dead, one by one! I don't believe he can kill all of us!" A Sea border elder shouted.

Ye Yuan smiled. That was what he wanted.

It would be much easier to interrogate them one by one.

Looking at the violent figures, the petals quickly formed in the air.




Screams were heard as Tianxie sect disciples fell from the air or were killed on the ground.

Like a scythe, the thousand stream flying flowers easily reaped the lives of these martial artists.

These people, they should be killed!

After a few dozen interest rates, the Tianxie sect's main peak suddenly quieted down.

There were not many people left. As long as they stood still, none of them died.

"Well, from today on, the Tianxie sect will be removed from Northern region! And here, it will be my new monastery! I still say the same thing, as long as you don't deserve to die, I won't do anything to you. Even if you don't join forces, the Youyun sect can still take you in!" Ye Yuan said lightly.