Chapter 493 Let Him Stay!

When the dark cloud sect was first established, all waste awaited.

These days, the Youyun sect has been very busy.

On the one hand, you yunzong wanted to take over the sphere of influence of the Tianxie sect and was busy contacting the various forces under him.

On the one hand, Mao Yuanji had made the mountain gate a mess, and there were too many things to rearrange.

Mao Yuanji's residence was built like a palace. When Youyun sect disciples searched it, they found a large group of concubines, each as beautiful as a flower.

Most of these women were abducted by Mao Yuanji, so they had to be released.

Ye Yuan had never cared much about these mundane matters. He had improved the original Tianxie sect's sect formation and trained in seclusion.

Although the Tianxie sect's sector-protecting array was not as big as the two great array of the Tianxie sect, it was also a fourth tier intermediate array.

After Ye Yuan's improvements, he was able to resist the mid-stage Soul sea realm fighters.

During the busy days of Ye Yuan's life, there was always a pair of eyes silently watching behind him.

"It's obviously two people, but why do I always overlap them?"

Moon Dream Glass often looked at the back of the figure and was in a daze. His thoughts drifted away.

However, these days, when she was with Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan often helped her make some soul-warming potions, but her illness did not happen again.

Unknowingly, Moon Dream Glass fell in love with the feeling of being by Ye Yuan's side, which made her feel at ease.

Moon Dream Glass even felt that it would be better to keep living like this.

However, such a busy and peaceful day was soon broken.

A few days after Youyun sect replaced the Youyun sect, an uninvited guest arrived at the new site.

"Wufang city Inspector general bao san gui is here, Youyun sect people quickly welcome him."

Outside the mountain gate, a voice pierced through the entire Youyun sect.

"Wufang city is here so soon, master. What should we do?" Luo Qingfeng frowned at the voice.

Tian feng happened to be there too. He frowned and said, "The tian xie sect is originally a subordinate of Wufang city. I heard that Mao Yuanji and Wufang city have a myriad of connections. I thought the Gale realm invasion was imminent and they had no time to care about us. I didn't expect it to come so soon. This is a bit troublesome. Send someone to inform Ye Yuan immediately."

"No, I'm already here." Ye Yuan's voice came from the entrance of the main hall.

There have been too many trivial matters recently, and Ye Yuan is not closed to death. Naturally, Bao Sangui's voice can be heard.

Seeing Ye Yuan, Luo Qingfeng and Tian feng were relieved.

I don't know when they started to follow ye yuan's lead.

This shift was so subtle that they didn't even notice it.

Since Ye Yuan returned from the Gale realm, no one has been able to replace him in the position of the Gale realm.

From then until now, Ye Yuan was in charge of almost all the major and minor matters in the sect.

Even the destruction of the Tianxie sect was the place Ye Yuan had chosen.

In fact, Luo Qingfeng and Tian feng both advocated to find a weaker sect to replace them, but Ye Yuan insisted on his own view. The reason was that the Tianxie sect did many evil deeds, and the heaven would not accept the heaven's evil sect, and the dark cloud sect would accept it.

Now that Luo Qingfeng is back, the inertia continues.

Compared to Luo Qingfeng, Ye Yuan was now more like a sect master.

However, Luo Qingfeng and others did not complain about Ye Yuan's special state.

Because they all knew that Ye Yuan did not belong to the Youyun sect at all, and there was no such thing as a power struggle.

Everything Ye Yuan did now was for the good of youyun sect.

"Ye Yuan, this Wufang city Inspector general," Luo Qingfeng asked.

Ye Yuanxiao said, "What kind of messy Inspector general? Since my Youyun sect took the evil sect and replaced it, it will be a sect in the future. There is no subordinate to anyone."

"But what about that Bao Sangui?"

"Let him stay. He likes to show off. Just show off outside the mountain. Ignore him. If he's a broken Inspector general, let's welcome him out of the sect. Who is he?" Ye Yuan said scornfully.

Luo Qingfeng and Tian feng looked at each other and unconsciously took a deep breath.

Only Ye Yuan would dare to say such a brilliant thing.

This Inspector general is nothing, but Wufang city behind him, but Northern region is basically nothing.

Before Bao Sangui came to the array, he used all his strength and launched an attack.


The huge force of the earthquake will send bao sanguizhen flying hundreds of feet away.