Chapter 494 Hero Post


Bao Sangui spat out a mouthful of blood, but was shocked by the huge force of the shock.

"How can this array be so strong?" Bao Sangui muttered to himself.

I wanted to give this Youyun sect a hard time, but who knew I would lose my teeth?

Bao sangui stood outside the mountain gate of the Youyun sect, but it was extremely awkward.

He was a noble Inspector general, singing alone outside the mountain gates of other people. It was a disgrace to his family.

But what would he say if he returned to wufang city like this?

The Tianxie sect was destroyed. He, Inspector general, didn't even know who was destroyed. He couldn't hand over his duties when he returned. After all, his duty was to report to Wufang city about his subordinates.

Although it was not a big deal for Wufang city to replace a small sect like the Tianxie sect, he, Bao Sangui, was always guilty of negligence.

"The people of the Youyun sect, hearing that you have offended this Inspector general of mine, means that you have offended Wufang city. Soon, Wufang city will send powerful men to destroy you ignorant fools."

Bao Sangui felt humiliated and couldn't help but say another harsh word.

However, this was not a threat to the Youyun sect. After all, this was Wufang city's sphere of influence, and they could not just sit back and watch a disobedient sect take its place here.

Bao Sangui was confident enough to go back and ask for stronger fighters to come and destroy the entire Youyun sect.

However, no one responded to Bao Sangui's harsh words.

Bao Sangui knew that he couldn't do anything about the Youyun sect, so he had to leave with a gloomy face.

"It's probably a bunch of country bumpkins from Wufang city. I'm afraid you can't imagine it. Hmph, wait till you die!"

Bao Sangui cursed and turned to leave.

"Bao Sangui, why are you here?"

Bao sangui was about to leave when he met someone.

Bao Sangui couldn't help but be overjoyed to see the person who came.

"Brother zihui, you're just in time."

Wufang city's sphere of influence was very large, so Inspector general was also graded.

Bao sangui soul's strength in the middle of the sea was already good, but it was only level two Inspector general, and the Xu Zihui in front of him was level one Inspector general of Wufang city.

The strength of xu zi's nine-fold sea of brilliance is also very strong in Northern region.

With Xu Zihui working with him, he believed it would be no problem to break the Youyun sect's protective formation.

Seeing Bao Sangui's appearance, Xu Zihui frowned and said, "San gui, how did you get hurt? Within my sphere of influence in Wufang city, is there anyone who dares to attack you?"

Speaking of this, Bao Sangui said angrily, "Who else is this Youyun sect who doesn't know where to come from?"

Seeing Xu Zihui, Bao Sangui's grumbling finally found a way to vent.

As a result, he described the process of his "Humiliation," and the more he spoke, the angrier he became.

"Brother zihui, it's a good thing I met you today. Otherwise, I really don't know how to make this trip back. This Youyun sect doesn't care about my Wufang city at all. Today, you and my brother joined forces and washed the Youyun sect with blood," Bao Sangui said angrily.

The rise of Bao Sangui's words, could not help but look like Xu Zihui, but found that Xu Zihui was looking at him strangely.

"Brother hui, what's wrong?" Bao Sangui finally realized something was wrong.

Xu Zihui patted Bao Sangui on the shoulder and sighed, "You haven't been back to wufang city recently, but you don't know what happened in Northern region."

Bao Sangui was stunned and couldn't help but ask, "What's the big deal? What's the big deal? Is it related to the earthquake that happened a while ago?"

For the time being, the Gale realm invasion was limited to those in Northern region.

Yes, a character who can receive a hero's invitation can't be provoked by a small corner like him.

"Well, this time I admit defeat, but since you're the one who sent the hero post, I'm really curious now that I went in with you. Who in this small sect actually has so much power?" Bao Sangui said.

Xu Zihui nodded and said, "Okay, but you have to remember that no matter who the other party is, apologize first when you see the master. Otherwise, this job will be screwed up. It's not something that you and I can afford. It's about the safety of the whole borderless. You and I are just a small part of it."

Bao Sangui struggled twice and nodded.