Chapter 495 Everything That Was Supposed to Come Was Here

"Inspector general Xu Zihui, Wufang city first class, came to see lord Ye Yuan at the order of the city lord and sent three hero posts jointly issued by Wufang city." Xu Zihui said loudly before he reached the mountain gate.

After that, Xu Zihui stood with his hands down and waited for the Youyun sect to respond.

"Lord Ye Yuan, who is that? I've never heard of such a person in Northern region. He's the head of the Youyun sect," Bao Sangui asked curiously.

Xu Zihui shook his head and said, "I don't know either. Before I came here, the lord mayor personally handed me the hero card and told me the name ye yuan, so that I must invite him. As for who ye yuan is, what he looks like, and what kind of strength he has, I don't know at all."

The more Xu Zihui said that, the more curious Bao Sangui became.

But from what he saw now, the Youyun sect was so arrogant that it had the capital to be so arrogant.

The person who could make the lord of the city personally order him to invite him in good health must not be an ordinary person. It was reasonable for him to get a noseful of dust.

Thinking of this, Bao Sangui made up his mind to apologize later.

In a short while, a Condensed state disciple welcomed them in.

Xu Zihui and bao sangui entered the main hall, with an old man and a middle-aged man sitting at the top and a young man at the bottom.

Xu Zihui glanced at the cultivation of the few people. The old man and the middle-aged man were both strong Soul sea realm players, while the young man only had second son hua hai.

Seeing the situation, Xu Zihui could not help but beat a drum in his heart.

The city lord asked himself to look for these people.

But what role could such power play in the war between the two worlds?

However, he had asked Bao Sangui before he came in. The strongest Youyun sect player in the world was Soul sea yizhong. Now that he saw the three of them, there was not much difference.

Even so, Xu Zihui did not dare to neglect, but he still saluted Luo Qingfeng and said, "Inspector general Xu Zihui, the lower class of the Wufang city lord, pays his respects to master Ye Yuan."

"Inspector general Bao Sangui of the second class, under the main seat of Wufang city, paid a visit to lord Ye Yuan. That bao did not know what was going on just now. He offended lord Ye Yuan and asked lord Ye Yuan to forgive him." Bao Sangui also saluted.

Luo Qingfeng's face was a little unnatural, but it wasn't because the two of them had mistaken him for someone else.

One Soul sea nine and one Soul sea four saluted him, which really put a lot of pressure on him.

But Ye Yuan gave him a calm look, and Luo Qingfeng had to calm down.

"Hehe, you two have the wrong person. He's Ye Yuan." Luo Qingfeng forced a smile.

To be honest, facing Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui, especially Xu Zihui, even if he did not deliberately exude the prestige of Soul sea, Luo Qingfeng still felt uneasy.

Such an existence, one hand can make them disappear.

The reason why the other party was standing here and speaking politely was all because of Ye Yuan.

When Luo Qingfeng said this, Xu Zihui and Bao Sangui were both horrified.

The man the lord of the city had asked himself to invite was actually a young man who looked to be only sixteen or seventeen years old and was no more powerful than the second generation of huahai.

This is ridiculous.

After all, Xu Zihui was a little more sedate and quickly saluted, "Xu Zihui has seen lord Ye Yuan."

Only then did Bao Sangui come to his senses and quickly bowed and apologized to ye yuan again.

Ye Yuan waved his hand, indicating that this was over, but asked Xu Zihui, "What happened to the hero post you mentioned?"

Xu Zihui quickly took out a bright red post and handed it over. Ye Yuan opened it and glanced at it before closing it.

"Go back and tell the lord lord of the city that ye yuan can go, but the patriarch is still imprisoned, and he really doesn't care. Please go back." Ye Yuan said lightly.

"Well," Xu Zihui did not expect Ye Yuan to answer like this.

Xu Zihui was a little confused and didn't know what Ye Yuan was singing about.

What an honor it was for the Wufang city lord to personally post an invitation to a Sea border, and this kid was still putting on airs.

An elder of your sect is more important than the lord's invitation.

Looking at this small sect, the elder is just a Sea border.

Such a small person could be compared to a matter of survival without borders.

Xu Zihui was a little dissatisfied, but at the thought of the lord mayor's advice, he suppressed his anger.

And Xu Zihui was also a smart man. He had already seen that the real boss of the Youyun sect was actually this young man named Ye Yuan in front of him.

A man named Ye Yuan was not so simple as he was, for he was so arrogant in front of two Soul sea realm, and the two of them were not complaining at all.

In fact, seeing Ye Yuan being so strong, both Luo Qingfeng and Tian feng were beating drums in their hearts.

It wasn't that they weren't worried about Mei Zhen's safety, but their Youyun sect was in Northern region, and they really didn't have much bargaining power.

There are so many powerful people here that any one of them can destroy the Youyun sect.

"Zihui is stupid. Can lord Ye Yuan make it clear that he is not afraid of lord Ye Yuan's jokes? Before he came here, the lord of the city told him that he must invite you over. But now," Xu Zihui showed a sense of embarrassment.

Xu Zihui could clearly feel the tension between Luo Qingfeng and Tian feng as he spoke, but this young man named Ye Yuan actually treated himself as air.

This calmness was definitely not an act.

It's just that Xu Zihui couldn't figure out where this young man's confidence was.

Ye Yuan glanced at Xu Zihui faintly and suddenly became somewhat clear, "In that case, the two of you will stay here for a few days. When ye mouying returns to the sect elders, you will go with the two of you."

"This meeting is still a few days away. It's not good to delay it for a few days," Xu Zihui said gloomily.

He found himself unable to take the initiative in front of the Sea border.

Just then, another voice sounded.

"Wanjianzong envoy Fu Zonghu requests an audience."

Ye Yuan was stunned and immediately delighted, "Hehe, what a coincidence. We all came together today, which saved us a lot of trouble. Brother xu, since the ten thousand sword sect envoys are here, I think I can go with you today."

Xu Zihui didn't know why this had to do with the Wanjianzong again.

However, Xu Zihui had heard the name of zonghu before. He was shocked by the sound just now, and his eyes changed again when he looked at Ye Yuan.

This zong hu is a Wanjianzong Wanjianzong strong man.

What's the matter, working on his big car?

Although Northern region has many strong Mind wandering players, the status of the strong Mind wandering players is very high, and they usually don't show up easily.

You know, the Mind wandering's strong are strong enough to start a sect.