Chapter 285 Do As the Romans Do

Chapter 285 the comrades of the Mercenary corps who do as the romans do are experts in the mission. They know that in this type of escort mission, the escorted items are usually not able to be placed in the player's pocket, or carried or carried, in short, you have to put them in broad daylight. But along the way, no one in the vertical and horizontal Four seas has carried such items. But having a mission is an indisputable fact. The rush of bandits at the mountain pass, the cut off Wulong mountain mountain road, and Sortu, who finally led the team to intercept, were not the usual battlegrounds, obviously because of the mission. Now that they had reached the first stop of their journey, someone could not help but spit out the doubts in their hearts. He thought he was asking a crucial question, but the others looked him up and down with strange eyes. This man was very puzzled. Although his friends usually call him xiao bai, this question is not at all white! What's wrong? Puzzled, Wushizhijian had already smiled at him and said, "Brother, did you Regimental commander not come to meet us during the day? Or did he forget to tell you?" "Regimental commander?" The man was slightly taken aback, feeling that the title was a stranger than he had ever known before. After a long time of reflection, he turned his eyes to Sakura Yuezai, who was stuck like mud to the boundless Mangmang. Sakura Yuezai was too busy to talk to him. So no one paid any attention to him, and the team continued to march in the direction of Yueye city. After this journey, the newcomers to Yueye city, Yunduan city players have a very intuitive understanding of the folk customs here. Along the way, there were 5 groups and 17 pairs in a single fight. Apart from the fact that the locations of these events were far away, the players could not see them clearly yet. Such a ferocious folkway shocked the players in Yunduan city, as to why they had to cover their faces. At this point, we have a preliminary understanding. Because of the 22 fights that I saw on the road, seven of them couldn't solve the problem because of their masks. The fight started when the players shouted, "I know you even if you're gray." The funny thing was that two of them accidentally dropped their masked cloth halfway through the fight, and both of them were stunned and shouted "Who the hell are you?" But they didn't laugh because of the misunderstanding. Both of them tied up their faces and then fought. It was really the old hatred. New resentment and knot; persevere to the end, p unremitting. Yunduan city is a group of veteran players, but now they are all curious to see what is happening in front of them. But this team of a thousand people was spectacular enough. Wherever they go, players in Yueye city immediately retreat and watch from afar vigilantly. The big guy was naturally gossiping in private. If gu fei and the Young master elite group had been here before, they had naturally evolved before discussing the folk customs in Yueye city. Places like Liu Xia and the rain in june, which had lived in Yueye city for a long time, were now filled with the feeling of returning to their homeland. And as for ruyinyue, it was a festival with the whole city, and she had already pulled a piece of cloth to tie her face. Mangmang was like him, but he didn't dress up like that. As usual, we marched between the lines. Not long after the team arrived at the gates of Yueye city, Wushizhijian made a final speech, "Then let's break up now! Tomorrow night at 7: 00, this place will meet on time, no problem!" The players responded and dispersed at the city gate. The mission, like the previous day's match, was scheduled for prime time after seven o' clock. But not all players have free time every day. Like the Young master elite group, except for Gu Fei. The others were like living in a game. At this point in Yueye city, the mission was suspended, but these players still had to continue their game. But on this journey, everyone had fully realized that Yueye city was not a peaceful place. Everyone was not as free as they usually were in Yunduan city. For example, the five members of the Young master elite group were discussing which monster to go to and do a task together at night. "Thousands of miles, what about you?" The five of them muttered on the Guild channel and asked Gu Fei. "I'm offline," Gu Fei said. The five of them knew that, so they didn't say much. For example, gu fei's punctual offline party accounted for the majority of the players. But at present, these thousands of people are considered to be the top experts in yunduan city. This online game expert usually takes time to build up. Among the thousands of people, the offline party became a vulnerable group. And the girls from the Reborn amethyst were all part of the offline party. While other players were still asking around about the resurrection point, there were two of them who knew each other well, june's rain and Liu Xia. The rain in june looked like a friendly landlord, leading the girls to the resurrection point. Liu Xia, a true native of Yueye city, was rather silent. Her eyes were fixed on one spot, and she quietly took out the dagger from her pocket and started to sneak. As soon as he took a step forward, someone patted him on the shoulder and the sneak was destroyed. Liu Xia looked back angrily and saw that it was Gu Fei. "What do you want?" Gu Fei smiled. Liu Xia spoke with her eyes fixed on the place where Mangmang was standing at the intersection of the street in a daze. "My friend in Yueye city said that she and Yinyue were gone, so they went to yunduan city." Liu Xia said angrily, "I should have thought of it. Yinyue is in Yunduan city. Why isn't she here?" Yinyue had already made his name in cloud city during the match, but Liu Xia only had a gap with Mangmang and did not vent his anger on Yinyue. It's just that Mangmang was unknown in Yunduan city, but he had contact with a girl from the Reborn amethyst. Didn't Liu Xia hear about it? It was strange. After asking, Liu Xia was also confused, "When?" "That's right. We practiced level together that time, and then the next day!" Gu Fei recalled and said, "Back then..." Liu Xia recalled and quickly realized, "After that day, I was sick. I haven't played for days!" "Oh..." Gu Fei also remembered that Liu Xia, who was offline that day, was in a really bad state and was about to fall down at any moment. "So you don't know anything..." Gu Fei then explained how Mangmang and Yinyue arrived in cloud city. Liu Xia did not know. The story of Yinyue and Mangmang was also talked about by the girls for three or two days, but it happened that Liu Xia didn't go online. When she came back, the topic was old and no one was going to support her, so Liu Xia kept it in the dark until silver moon's Mercenary corps became famous during the match and knew that silver moon had also arrived in Yunduan city. As for seeing the boundless Mangmang, that was what happened today. Along the way, Liu Xia actually thought of how to deal with the boundless Mangmang. But after listening to Gu Fei's story, he hesitated. Yinyue was definitely a hateful guy, especially Gu Fei, who had a lot of information that other girls didn't know about. Liu Xia also had some sympathy for Mangmang. However, after all, it was the person who had direct contact with the boundless Mangmang, directly scolded, directly exchanged fire, and it was not so easy to dismiss. Liu Xia was holding the dagger and hesitated for a moment. "Actually, it's not that easy for you to deal with her now! See that guy next to her," Gu Fei said. "I see." Liu Xia said with disdain. Along the way, Sakura Yuezai jumped up and down beside the boundless Mangmang. How could Liu Xia, who was paying attention to the boundless Mangmang, not know? From her perspective, naturally, she was inclined to speculate on the boundless Mangmang in some unbearable direction. "That guy is a master, too. Don't look at him like that." Gu Fei said, "Their group of people are very powerful." "Yes, they are all filthy. Hmph, they smell alike!" The Mangmang in Liu Xia's mind was undoubtedly detestable, and no derogatory words would surprise him. But just as she finished her comment, one of the obscene crowd looked over and immediately waved and shouted, "Brother Zui!" Liu Xia looked at Gu Fei in surprise, and Gu Fei was also very embarrassed. Do you have to count yourself in as a like-minded person? Just as he did not know what to say, Sakura Yuezai saw him and immediately led the crowd to greet him. He was all winked at by the fireball boys and admired Gu Fei. How did you do that with a girl by your side? "What are Brother Zui's plans for tonight?" Fireball asked. "Oh, it's going offline soon," Gu Fei replied. "Get off the line now!" Everyone was stunned. "Does maintaining the same routine as the beauties help increase intimacy?" These lewd fellows had already started to analyze Gu Fei's technique of picking up girls. I don't know if these guys are talking about him like this, but I wonder if these guys don't notice the tension in front of them. Liu Xia had the dagger in his hand and glared at Mangmang. Mangmang did not speak, but looked back calmly. The two girls looked at each other, and their eyes met with countless sparks. A group of men were talking about how to pick up girls. How strange was this picture? "Well, everyone is playing. Let's go first!" Gu Fei dragged Liu Xia away in an attempt to leave. Liu Xia sighed, but did not object. Gu Fei suddenly pulled her out of the sneak and told her about Mangmang and Yinyue. Of course, she could hear the meaning of gu fei's words. Whether he accepted it or not, it was not easy to refute Gu Fei's feelings and lay his hand on Mangmang in front of him. Find another chance! Liu Xia thought so and left with Gu Fei. It's a little late, huh? Did everyone have dinner