Virus Girlfriend

Virus Girlfriend

Author:Dark lychee






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295.Chapter 295 Poisonous Flower


When the disaster really broke out, ling mo realized that the kind of zombie depicted in the doomsday movie was not at all the same as in reality... Originally, the most important thing to do in the end world was to survive, but from the moment ling mo picked up his girlfriend from the abandoned bus, his life trajectory had already gone in a completely uncontrollable direction. The reason for all this is very simple, his girlfriend, has mutated... Wait, that shana, the [ beep ] pants on your scythe seem to be mine! Senior sister! Don't always pounce on me when I'm not paying attention! And girl, is it really good for you to keep hiding and snickering like this? In the end... Don't try to bite me!!!

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