Chapter 100 It's Time to Say Goodbye

After two peony blossoms and thanks, Zhang Jun was already a senior who was facing the college entrance examination. Two months before the college entrance examination, all of their senior three players had left the team. It was time to say goodbye to those who took the college entrance examination or not. After learning english for three classes, Zhang Jun felt dizzy and decided to go out for a walk. The teaching building in the third year of senior high school suddenly became desolate, leaving a lot of people. He strolled down the stairs, not to worry that he would be hit by some students who were making trouble. The stairs that were usually not clean were much cleaner. He said he was taking a walk, but his feet brought him to the football field. Zhang Jun shook his head with a bitter smile. Habits are so powerful... Zhang Jun found an inconspicuous corner and sat down to watch the team train. Lin Xiaofang had already taken over Yang Pan's captain's armband. He really had the ability. He won the best defensive player award in the qualifying contest of the third year of senior high school. He had made great progress in only two years. Now Liang Ke was too busy. He was the one who trained with the team, and the captain was decent. Zhang Jun couldn't help laughing when he thought about how he had joined the team. This team has matured and is no longer the "Lame team" that had to rely on a few of them to win. Wang Ning's long shot, Lin Xiaofang's head shot, Chen Bo's assists, and first grade weng ge, although they were substitutes in their junior year of high school, as long as they played, there were goals. Liang Ke's efforts to train the new recruits are really not bragging, I believe they can still continue the glory of the Dawn. When the new players mature, it's time for the old players to break up. Luoyang Airport three days ago." Are you really leaving?" Zhang Jun grabbed Kaka by the shoulder and shouted as if there were no one else." Can't we not leave? Stay and let's play football together!" Kaka smiled bitterly and said nothing. Yang Pan pulled Zhang Jun away and helped Kaka out." When you get back to Brazil, don't forget to keep in touch."" I can't forget, you are my forever friends! An Ke, I'm sorry I can't send you off." Anke shook his head with a smile and hugged Kaka." Take care and have a good trip!"" Ren Yude, are you really not playing anymore?"" No, my body..." Ren Yude pointed to his chest." My father wanted me to take over his class. I even gave up the college entrance examination..."" You can't do it anyway!" Ren Yude glared at An Ke and continued," I also want to make up for my relationship with dad."" Everyone has their own ambitions, but I still think it's a pity that even if you put your skills in Brazil, I don't think you'll lose to anyone." Kaka shrugged. Kaka turned around and extended his hands to Sophie. Sophie went up to hug him and bid him farewell. Anke gritted his teeth as he watched." Sophie, if Zhang Jun bullies you, call me. Even if I swim, I'll swim across the pacific ocean to avenge you!" Sophie smiled." You have to work hard yourself. You're so handsome, but you don't have a girlfriend!" Kaka smiled bitterly and did not speak. In the end, it was Zhang Jun's turn. Zhang jun asked Kaka," can we meet again?" Kaka asked Zhang Jun," are you still playing football, Zhang Jun?"" Kick!"" that's it." Kaka smiled." As long as you're still playing football and I'm still playing football, we'll definitely see each other again. So don't be sad. Now it's just goodbye, not forever!"" As long as you're still playing and I'm still playing, we'll definitely see each other again." Zhang jun smiled and added another reason not to give up. After Kaka got his diploma, he went back to Brazil. I heard that his father found him a club in St Paul for him to try out. It shouldn't be a problem for him to enter the team with his ability! With the help of his family, An Ke completed the formalities for germany and flew to yanjing this morning, but anke said nothing to let them send him off. He also said who would send him and who would fall out with him. This was what anke said on the road after sending Kaka back. Zhang Jun turned around and wiped his face when he saw him say that. Ren Yude got his diploma and didn't come back. He was going to take over his father's business. He said he would have very few opportunities to play football in the future. He had no choice but to learn to do business. But Ren Yude didn't say goodbye to football." I've loved football since I knew how to run. After more than ten years, do you think I'll say goodbye to football easily?" That's what he said. Zhang Jun thought of another person. A week ago on sunday, Zhang Jun was pulled out of the mall by Sophie. Yang Pan was very, very uninterested and volunteered to be a light bulb. As a result, they met Li Yongle, Zhang Yang and Zhang Lintao on the pedestrian street. It was the first time Zhang Jun had seen them on the street. He sighed in his heart." What a ghost!" Six people sat in a comfortable teahouse and chatted casually." You guys are so relaxed, aren't you going to college?" Sophie asked the three people across from him." No!" Zhang Yang shook his head firmly." I've agreed to join the army in the second half of the year!"" A soldier?" The three of them shouted in unison." Yes! Being a soldier is my wish since I was a child. As the saying goes,'regret being a soldier for three years, regret not being a soldier for a lifetime!' I don't want to regret for a lifetime. Don't you think you have the courage to be a soldier?" Zhang Yang held his head high. The other three people also curled their lips." What about you?" Zhang jun asked Li Yongle." There should be a team looking for you, right?" Li Yongle nodded." He nan jianye."" Well, you can go and be Sima Hongxin's companion! Hehe!"" But I haven't decided yet. I'm still hesitating. What about you? What are your plans?"" Me?" Zhang Jun looked at Sophie." I'm going to college with Sophie's help. I hope so! And we can deliver. After winning the national championship, we can deliver."" Oh? What school?"" I don't know yet. The three of us are going to be together anyway." Zhang Jun pointed to Sophie and Yang Pan." Okay!" Li Yongle's eyes lit up." I've decided!"" Decide what?"" Go to college! And definitely not go to the same university as you! There should be a college football league in the university, right?" Li Yongle asked Zhang Lintao. Zhang Lintao nodded." That's good! I still have to compete with you in college!" Li Yongle pointed at Zhang Jun and said angrily." Wow! Are you kidding me? You lost in grade two and grade three. Haven't you lost enough?" Zhang Jun cursed in his heart," it's true that the ghost never leaves!"" Have you forgotten what I said? You are my forever rival!"" And forever friends!" The thought of Li Yongle reminded Zhang Jun of the second half of the sentence." Zhang Lintao, what about you? Your hand..." Zhang Lintao looked at his left wrist." It's nothing. It's just that we can't defend the door anymore. Yang Pan's shot is really unstoppable! I tried to block it, but now I'm really powerless. But you don't have to worry about me. I found a good way out."" What is it?" The other five asked." Draw cartoons."" Strange job!" The five of them spoke in unison." I've liked to draw since I was a child. I've been drawing for quite some time now. I happen to know a few friends who share the same interests, so I want to draw cartoons, draw our stories, and draw our football together. When the book comes out, I'll give one to each of you. It'll look interesting in the future, won't it?" Thinking of this, Zhang Jun remembered Ren Yude's words:" from the beginning, I like football. For more than ten years, do you think I will easily say goodbye to football?" He had the urge to cry. Football has already left a deep mark in their lives. I'm afraid they can't erase it for the rest of their lives... When you think about yourself from elementary school to junior high school, then to high school, it's true. No matter when, no matter where, no matter what changes, there is always a group of friends around me that I will not give up. Whether it's football or anything else, I won't give up... Looking at his former teammates who were training on the field, zhang jun thought that three years had passed so quickly. When he first joined the team, there were only twenty-two people on the team, just enough to play in the team match. Now there were forty or fifty players. Sophie also left, and the team had two new managers. They loved football as much as they loved the job of manager. They also made the big table on the wall. The" Dawn high school" was still marked in red, and then a red line extended all the way to the champion. This has become a Dawn tradition. And a tradition like this would continue like that red line... Zhang Jun felt that there was someone around him. He turned around and Sophie looked at the court." When did you come?"" Just a moment ago." Zhang jun stood up and said," go back and learn."" Yeah." Sophie took Zhang Jun's arm, walked down the stand, and walked out of the stadium step by step. Behind them was the constant noise on the field. Dawn high school exhibition room. The afternoon sun came in through the window, and the air was slowly and morally flowing under the sun. The door was open, and because it was class time, no one opened the door to visit. On the east wall of the room stood a row of glass cabinets with two silvery trophies in the middle of which were engraved with the words" champion of the 15th national high school football championships." The 16th national high school football championships. On the wall behind the trophy were two large family photos. It was taken after every championship. The people in the two photos changed, but everyone's smile was the same, as bright as the sun this afternoon... (The whole article is finished