Chapter 91 Suffocation

Zhang Jun looked at Li Yongle, who was always on his toes, and tried to persuade him, "Aren't you going to attack? Why are you following me like this?" Li Yongle smiled at him, "Don't tell me that. I know what I'm doing. It's more important to stop you from scoring one ball than to stop me from scoring ten." Zhang Jun shrugged helplessly, as expected. Instead of wasting your breath here, why don't you think about how you can get rid of this shadow? Although Li Yongle was injured at the moment, judging from his performance in the past few minutes, the injury did not seem to affect him at all. The fight was as fierce as ever, the card position was still timely and accurate, and the physical fitness did not seem to decline much. If his injuries were really serious. Zhang Jun looked at the thick gauze on Li Yongle's knee. If the injury was serious, his willpower would be worse than all his skills. After Yang Pan got rid of lu qing, he passed the ball to Kaka before Zhang Yang could play chain defense. Luo Bin was only a little slower. Kaka twisted his ankle and bounced the ball at Zhang Jun. Li Yongle's technique started at the same time as Zhang Jun's, but his long legs gave him the advantage to kick the ball first. Deng Rui adjusted the bouncing ball and wanted to kick it out. But as soon as he swung his leg, he saw a leg rush over and drop the football in front of his foot. "Ren Yude appeared in front of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology defender like a ghost! He broke Deng Rui's ball! Danger! The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology!" When Ren Yude caught up with the ball, the angle was already very small, but Zhang Lintao did not dare to be careless and quickly moved to block the angle. Ren Yude shot! Zhang Lintao seemed to have a premonition and rushed towards the corner. But this time, he made a mistake! When Ren Yude hit the door with his left foot, his foot hooked slightly and the football rolled to the far corner! Today's Zhang Lintao was indeed a bit of a help, he rushed to the corner, but his left toe touched the football. Ren Yude's foot was in pursuit of the angle of the ball. It was not fast or powerful. He stopped when he was hit like this! It was Li Yongle and Zhang Jun again. They started almost at the same time, but Li Yongle still used his long legs to sweep the ball out of Zhang Jun's toe. "What a close call! Zhang Jun still has such a keen sense of smell, and Li Yongle is still so fierce and desperate! From his body it seems that he has never been injured." Zhang Lintao pulled Li Yongle up with lingering fear, "Thank you so much!" "No... Nothing... You pounced... Very... Very well,..." The muscles on Li Yongle's face must have twisted together because his voice was distorted. Zhang Lintao was really shocked by Li Yongle's facial expression. After a moment, he said, "You... You look like this... Are you okay?" Li Yongle broke away from Zhang Lintao's hand and waved it, "No... Nothing... It's important!" Then he turned and walked out. Zhang jun saw Li Yongle walking towards him again and tutted, "Is your injury really okay?" Li Yongle cast a sullen glance at Zhang Jun, "What do you think? Let me say it again. If you're still worried about such a boring little thing, I'll be happy to make you regret it for another year!" At that moment, his expression returned to that strong back. During this period of time, the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology had completely taken a disadvantage on the court, which made captain Zhao Defeng worried. Although his team was good at defense, he knew that if he stayed long, he would lose. He also knew that the best defense was attack. Therefore, he was always waiting for an opportunity in defense. Now the score is 2: 1, and he has to sprinkle salt on the wounds of the Dawn! "Kaka controls the ball again and organizes the attack! 80 % of the Dawn's attacks come from his feet, the veritable'midfield engine'! However, Luo Bin of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology is not willing to give up. Although he has been swayed by Kaka many times since he became the back, he is still doggedly pestering Kaka again and again!" Kaka used a heel to knock the ball and staggered Luo Bin. There was a lot of screaming from the stands. "Damn! Although I'm not as skilled as you, in terms of fighting..." Luo Bin put his hands on the ground, turned around, and swept the ball with his right leg. "You're not like me!" Kaka didn't expect Luo Bin to be able to break the ball when he lost his balance. In surprise, the ball was broken by Luo Bin. "Luo Bin defended tenaciously and finally managed to break Kaka's ball!" "Zhao!" Luo Bin shouted, sweeping the ball to Zhao Defeng in front of him. Li Hao and Zhao Defeng ran to the ball at the same time. From the present point of view, it was impossible to know who would get the football. Zhao Defeng suddenly braked and did not go for the ball. Instead, he was in front of li hao. For a moment, li hao could not move. The football arrived as planned. Li hao wanted to grab the ball, but Zhao Defeng was stuck in front of him. Moreover, the position card was very good, which made him feel powerless and uncomfortable. However, he had no time to adjust. Since the other side had come forward, he would never let him take the ball comfortably! But Zhao Defeng didn't stop the ball as he thought and then plan. Instead, the ball slipped between his legs! At the same time, he was short and ran past li hao! Before Li Hao could understand what was going on, he heard the announcer shout, "Break through Zhao Defeng and bring the ball forward!" "Damn it!" Wang ning rushed up to break Zhao Defeng's ball. But Zhao Defeng pulled the ball to the left with his right leg. Wang Ning thought he was going to break through from the left and quickly shifted his weight to the right. But after Zhao Defeng pulled the ball over with his right foot, he then used his right foot to gently lift it to the right, and the ball went to the right. At the same time, his body also broke through from the right! "Another one! A clean one! Wang Ning didn't even touch the corner of his shirt!" The Dawn defender became nervous. The other side was one person, but he had already crossed two people in a row. Some time ago, the team attacked very hard, the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology had only the strength to fight, and the defenders of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology were a little lax. He Jialin was still harassing the Dawn's defenders. Zhang Yuchao and Zhang Yulin were like two sharp knives, piercing through the side road at high speed. After 70 minutes, they still had the ability to fight back quickly, which showed that the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology was in good physical condition. He Jialin, Zhang Yuchao, Zhang Yulin, and Zhao Defeng with the ball broke into the Dawn half, but it was enough to cause a huge wave. Faced with the fast-moving opponent, the Dawn defenders were forced to retreat and could not organize an effective defense for a while! With both of their backs broken, the central guard could no longer stand back and Li Jie rushed up to Zhao Defeng in the face of light. Zhao Defeng's left shoulder sank and his right leg lifted. Li Jieguang thought the other side was going to pass the ball because Zhang Yulin was on the right like an escort. He quickly moved his body to the left, but Zhao Defeng lifted his right leg to pull the ball to the left and slid past Li Jieguang's right! "Third! Zhao Defeng is finally on his way! The Dawn's goal is in danger!" "Lin Xiaofang, leave him alone! Guard your men! Let him shoot! Chen Bo, Xie Wei! Take it in the middle!" An Ke was commanding the guards in a high voice, and at this moment, his baritone was no less than a sedative. Hearing his voice, everyone knew that there was a man behind them, a man who was absolutely trustworthy. With An Ke's shout, Zhao Defeng's plan to pass on to He Jialin was ruined. Now he had to split up and let two guards pass, but there were three guards in the restricted area, so there was little hope of getting in. The other one was to shoot himself. There was not much time left for him to choose. He gritted his teeth and rushed in from the open space that was specially reserved for him. As soon as he entered the restricted area, he saw anke attack through the abandoned door. "This idiot!" He chuckled, then raised his toes and shot! In the stands, cheers and exclamations suddenly interweaved. "What a joke!" An Ke did not know where the divine power came from, but suddenly jumped up from the ground. At 1.88 meters, he rose like a rocket, his hands outstretched, and took Zhao Defeng's shot out of the air! "Perfect save! An Ke's good bounce and 1.88 meters tall made him make such a stunning save! Zhao Defeng was also scared! Because he really couldn't imagine that his shot would be taken off by An Ke directly in the air! But he was still impeccable before this shot. It was a pity he didn't score! A wonderful bow defense! The audience gave a warm applause!" An Ke did not delay. He quickly moved the football forward. For the Dawn now, time is life, and every step in a second brings a glimmer of hope. Luo Bin did not lose to Kaka on the head, so the two fought fiercely in the air. In the end, Luo Bin, who was born as a central guard, hit the ball on his back and the football flew out. But the Dawn didn't give up, and Wang Ning pounced on the ball again. Zhang Yuchao tried to stop him, but when he lost in the physical confrontation, the ball was still taken by Wang Ning. Wang Ning did not pass the ball to Yang Pan, but moved to the left side of the court. Ren yu used his instep to bring the ball around and then turned around. The ball stopped and turned in one go, immediately winning a round of applause and applause. Liu Chao didn't dare to be careless. He kept his eyes on Ren Yude as soon as he came up. Instead of stepping out, he used his body to push Ren Yude to the edge, making his space smaller and smaller. But Ren Yude seemed to be a man who could play the better when he was in trouble. He put his back against Liu Chao, leaned back slightly, and put his right foot on the ball. The ball was right next to the sideline, and if he wasn't careful, it would probably go out. What did he say? A man of great skill is bold. Just when everyone thought that Ren Yude had been cornered into a dead end and there was no way out, Ren Yude used all his strength on his back, pulled his right foot back, and raised the ball with a kick from the tip of his left foot. Then, he changed his right foot and moved back. The football flew over their heads and fell behind Liu Chao! After finishing the kick, Ren Yude immediately withdrew his strength and turned around! "It's beautiful! I can't imagine it. It's amazing!" Liu Chao was forced by Ren Yude and pulled back so that he became sluggish and let Ren Yude go! After passing, Ren Yude did not continue to cut into the restricted area, but chose to cross! The ball made Zhang Lintao very uncomfortable. An external spin made him afraid to attack and he could only watch the football go to the door. Deng Rui was also very uncomfortable. He didn't even dare to stretch his legs to break it. He was afraid that a black dragon would come if he was not careful. But Li Yongle couldn't care less. If he didn't stretch his foot, it would be Zhang Jun's ball behind him. He could smell a wolf from his close defense, which was coming from Zhang Jun. Li Yongle stretched out his long legs and looked for the right moment. With a hook on his toes, the football was hooked behind him and Zhang Jun! The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology survived another disaster! Lu Qing kicked out the ball that Li Yongle had hooked back, and the intense competition made it impossible for him to think about how to deal with the ball. After all, when he saw the ball in the restricted area, he had only one thought in his mind: "Drive out!" "A fierce change of attack and defense! It was suffocating! It was amazing! The final became really exciting after 47 minutes! I don't think the audience will be disappointed, right? This is probably the most exciting final in Luoyang since it was designated as a single competition area!" "That's right, but this exciting final is coming to an end soon. There are still five minutes left, seven minutes left, and the referee is about to blow the final whistle. The fight between the dead and the deer is about to enter the final sprint stage!" Winter afternoons were not hot, but those who witnessed the match, those who experienced the atmosphere, and those who watched the 22 people running on the field must have felt this way: summer seems to be coming..