Chapter 92 Door God

Good afternoon, audience friends! You are watching the finals of the Luoyang district of the national high school football championships, The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology versus the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. The match lasted for seventy-four minutes, and the score was currently 2: 1. The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology was in the lead, but the Dawn gradually took the initiative on the field. In less than the last second, the result of the match was really unpredictable! As the match went on, it has entered a white-hot stage! "Sophie looked at Zhang Jun, who was running on the field. He was being watched, so he had to keep running to create opportunities for his teammates. Sweat slid down her cheeks at some point. The temperature today was not too high. The pen in his hand was clenched tightly. In this tense and almost suffocating atmosphere, it is really difficult to maintain a normal heart, ah! What was Zhang Jun thinking now? Her eyes turned to Zhang Jun again." Kaka goes straight! Zhang Jun runs, ah! But Li Yongle steps forward and destroys the ball! Li Yongle is getting braver and braver now!" Sun Laihong certainly knew why Li Yongle was so brave after his injury. He had been holding back for a year and a half, thinking about dueling with Zhang Jun, and now he finally had a chance. Although time was running out, he seemed to enjoy the confrontation. So when they were fighting, they forgot about the knee injury and the doctor's words. It seemed that he was really ready. Whether it was defeat or victory, he just wanted to have a good showdown with Zhang Jun for the rest of the game. However, zhang jun was affected by Li Yongle's injury, and his positive surname was not high, which made Li Yongle a little angry. He could only vent his anger with more intense fighting and more ferocious actions. Zhang Jun got up from the ground. Just now, Li Yongle's kick made him fall on his face." Damn it!" He looked at the opponent who was pulled up by zhang yang." What's his body structure like?" He glanced at the big screen." 2: 1" was really eye-catching, but what was even more eye-catching was that there was not much time left. There are at most seven minutes left. How could Li Yongle score with such a tight and fierce grip? He was so badly injured that if his condition was 100 % ... He wouldn't have imagined it. Although he didn't want to admit it, maybe Li Yongle was better than him... Think about yourself. Without the support of your teammates, you're just a useless person running around in front of you. Although he can give his teammates a chance, but the role of a center is to create opportunities for his teammates? Zhang Jun looked up. The sun was shining brightly and the sky was pale... Liang ke loosened his collar. Every second that passed, the stone in his heart increased. The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology not only prevented the team from attacking fiercely, but also had the opportunity and the spare strength to sneak attack, which made him feel even more afraid of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology as the" king." But the Dawn cannot lose. It was not that he was greedy for the honor of entering the country, but that he understood what the word" entering the country" meant to these children who were once fish bellies and could not play a few games a year. He was anxious, but he didn't want to show it. If even he couldn't hold on, let alone the children who had been running as hard as they could for nearly 80 minutes." Ren Yude crossed Liu Chao again! During this period, Liu Chao was at a complete disadvantage in the battle with Ren Yude!" Ren yu swung liu chao over with his nimble feet and cut into the restricted area, but Deng Rui grabbed the ball with his body. Ren yu faced Deng Rui, who was 1.85 meters tall, and had no advantage in strength. After Deng Rui kicked the ball out, it landed at Lin Xiaofang's feet. No way, the front court height of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology was too low. Zhao Defeng 1.66 meters, Zhang Yuchao 1.70 meters, He Jialin 1.73 meters, Zhang Yulin 1.80 meters were the highest. In addition to Deng Rui's inaccurate foot, the ball was sent to the Dawn. Lin Xiaofang handed the ball to Chen Bo, who broke through the side with the ball, but soon met Zhang Yuchao. Chen Bo, who knew he was at a disadvantage, handed the ball to Wang Ning. Zhao Defeng did not jump, but moved cleverly to block wang ning's passing path. But Wang Ning didn't pass the ball as fast as he expected. Instead, he pulled the ball and broke through on his own! Every time Zhao Defeng thought about how bold Wang Ning was with the ball, Wang Ning broke through! Wang Ning continued to dribble. Lu Qing was concerned about Yang Pan and didn't dare to force him. For a moment, he didn't know what to do. However, luo bin rushed up. Since his long-range shot could make Zhang Lintao let go, he could not let go. At this time, he could only temporarily leave Kaka behind. Try to grab the ball before he shoots or passes it. But Wang Ning was not a fool. When he saw wang ning charging like an arrow, he quickly threw the ball out. The target was Kaka that Luo Bin threw down!" Oh no!" Luo Bin did not expect this boy to be so clever. His habitual surname had made it impossible for him to turn back. Kaka is unguarded! Zhang Jun pulled out in a cooperative manner, as if to pick up Kaka, and Li Yongle naturally followed. At this time, Yang Pan was also quickly going down the side road. Kaka really passed the ball! He rubbed his feet, not to Zhang Jun, but to Yang Pan on the side! Zhang Yang turned to chase after him in vain. After yang pan got up, there were very few people who could stop him. At the same time, Zhang Jun turned around and shot into the restricted area. Kaka also ran to the door after passing the ball. Yang Pan didn't wait for the ball to land, so he passed it directly to the door! Zhang Jun ran past, but he also took Li Yongle with him. The ball went straight to Kaka at the back! When Kaka saw the ball coming, he quickly picked the spot and stuck Deng Rui firmly behind him. Then he faced the ball and shot directly! But the ball was slightly higher than the beam, and there was a lot of sighs and applause in the stands. An Ke looked up at the sky. The glare of the sun and the pale sky made him sweat. Still lagging behind, her parents were watching from the stands, and maybe she was really going to lose... However, it's good. Now, my sister doesn't have to be sad, right? Sister, thinking of sister, anke smiled. At first, she was just showing off in front of He Wen, but since then, she was so determined to like football that she cut her hair short and showed her foot in a small street game. Her last name was not as gentle as a girl's. As she said, it was all his fault. If she hadn't been allowed to play football in the first place, she would have been a quiet and lovely girl today. He was such a failure as a brother. The sound in the stands suddenly doubled. An Ke looked up. Zhao Defeng came with the ball again! He Jialin was also active, while Zhang Yuchao and Zhang Yulin pushed through the side again with their physical strength!" The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology seems to be trying to increase the score, and they still don't miss a chance to defend themselves when the game is running out of time!" Zhao Defeng faced Wang Ning again. He used the same trick to trick Wang Ning into turning around in the opposite direction." The same moves are useless for the holy warrior!" This was what Wang Ning was shouting in his heart. If he really shouted it out loud, half of the audience would probably fall. Wang Ning stretched his right leg so hard that he couldn't reach the ball, but he hooked Zhao Defeng down." Beep!" The referee's whistle sounded immediately. He quickly ran to the foul spot and stood up, pointing his hand flat at the Dawn goal." The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology got a free kick at 26 meters! Thinking that the second half of the match was a free kick from the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology, the team members of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology became nervous. Although Li Yongle did not come up due to injury, it was Zhao Defeng who was standing in front of the ball, the' free kick master'! His left and right feet have the best footwork! His current position is the most comfortable place for him! If this ball is scored, the Dawn will be sentenced to death!" The wall of people was quickly erected, and the Dawn now had no capital to waste time here. Zhao Defeng stood quietly in front of the ball and watched the Dawn line up the wall. He was used to studying the layout of his opponent's human wall, and he would exploit every loophole, giving his opponent a blow to destroy his surname. All of them held their breath for fear that any movement would interfere with the ball's flight path. An Ke actually caught a glimpse of He Wen on the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology bench. She stood up nervously and looked over. It was ridiculous that he could be distracted from his sister at such a tense moment. If she had not been allowed to touch football... Zhao defang moved! With only one step of running up, he sat on his left foot firmly beside the football. He swung his right foot backward, leaned back, raised his left hand, swung his right leg forward, swung his calf rapidly, pointed his lower finger, and slammed the inside of his right foot hard on the right lower side of the football. The football soared into the air with flying grass! At that moment, the whole room was silent. This was probably the best free kick Zhao Defeng had ever played, with great strength, angle, arc, and speed... Sun Laihong had even rushed to the sidelines and raised his arms, ready to rush into the arena to celebrate the victory. If she had not been allowed to touch football..." Brother, football is really fun!" He Wen's childish voice was still in her ear... While many people around her were cheering and celebrating, He Wen saw a scene that she would never forget. An Ke flew out like an arrow full of bows at an astonishing speed! The football crossed a beautiful arc in the air, easily bypassing the jumping Dawn wall and drilling in the direction of the right post of the Dawn goal! Is the ball fast, or is An Ke's hand fast? The answer was soon revealed. An Ke's fingertips touched the football, and the ball turned out and flew out from the outside of the post! As soon as the cheers began, anke immediately hit the doorpost! At the same time, He Wen's heart tightened and she shouted," brother -" she didn't care about the other players' eyes. At this time, she was An Ke's sister, not the manager of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. The Dawn members did not cheer loudly for their escape, but all ran to An Ke." Wei... Great save! Anke pulled the Dawn back from the jaws of death with incredible speed and will! It was almost a save on the goal line! But he also paid a very heavy price, he couldn't hold back and hit the post! I don't know if he could stand up! The paramedics are on the sidelines. As long as the referee signals, they can be on the field immediately!" The referee ran over to check on An Ke's injuries. However, An Ke did not go into shock from the impact. The moment he hit the door post, he heard He Wen scream," brother -" is it telepathy? In any case, he stayed awake at that moment and did not pass out. Although the impact of the collision was still there, when he saw the referee separate the crowd to examine his injuries, his mind was clear that he could not end up at this time, even if he was really injured, he was determined not to end up. So he quickly stood up and gave a familiar grin to all eyes. The first person to rush up and hug him was the enthusiastic Kaka, who shouted," great! Great! You're fine! Great!" Then it was Xie Wei, who patted An Ke's butt and shouted," damn! How did you do that ball just now? It was so classic! Even I was desperate!" Other teammates also rushed to make out with An Ke. Seeing this, the referee of course knew what to do. He whistled for the match to continue and the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology kicked the corner. Zhao Defeng walked towards the flag and turned to look at An Ke standing in front of the door. He didn't understand how his perfect kick made him jump out. Zhang Lintao was able to pounce on Yang Pan's shot because he had studied Yang Pan for a whole year, how he shot, how he ran, where he liked to shoot and how he angled... But he didn't even think that his foot would be so perfect. How did An Ke do it? When An Ke rose into the air, he seemed to see a god, a door god... Although Sun Laihong was regretful, he was still in the lead. Besides, there was a corner and the keeper was hit by the post. No matter how strong he was, he couldn't have been without any influence. Zhao Defeng corners the ball and Luo Bin is in front of the door, ready to throw his head and attack. But lin xiaofang jumped even higher than him. With a flick of his head, he pushed the ball out of the restricted area. Zhang Yuchao, who was outside the penalty area, received the ball. His foot power was also one of the best in the team. Without any hesitation, Zhang Yuchao slammed the door! Chen Bo pounced and used his chest to block the ball out of the area again. He himself was knocked to the ground. Zhang Yang got the ball and was about to pass it to the restricted area when li hao knocked it out. Wang Ning was on the side, and when he saw the ball being tackled, he rushed up to get the ball, and Lu Qing also rushed up. But Wang Ning pushed Lu Qing away with his body and passed the ball to Kaka. Kaka dribbled the ball and led the fight to the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology's half-court. The members of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology quickly returned to defend themselves. The crisis in the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology's half-court was finally resolved. An Ke shook his head. It was really a big one just now, but now he still occasionally saw double shadows and shook things. The corner just now, he didn't do anything, it was all teammates trying their best. He looked up and saw Li Jie looking at him. Li Jieguang noticed that he was looking at him too. He reached out and gave him a thumbs-up. Then he patted his chest and pointed at the guards around him. An Ke understood," don't worry, we won't let them shoot easily with us around!" An Ke was touched. They knew he was injured, but they didn't ask him to go, obviously still believing him. As a player who treats the green field as a battlefield, the end means your battle is over. This is the cruelest thing. They asked him to stay on the field and keep the door open. They also asked him to believe that although these defenders were not as glamorous as the front four, they worked hard and took the game seriously and never thought of giving up. When he looked up again, he saw Liang Ke gesturing at him from the sidelines." Do you need to go off for treatment?" Liang Ke was not stupid enough to think that An Ke was healthy when he saw him stand up from the ground. But anke shook his head firmly. I will not end up, even if I am seriously injured. As long as the competition is not over, I will stand here. Everyone was working so hard, everyone trusted me so much, how could I walk away so irresponsibly? Yes, I can only guard the Dawn goal! He held his gloves tightly and stood there like a statue. Behind him was the Dawn goal.