Chapter 93 The Last Second

Zhang Jun had seen Li Yongle panting on his knees many times, sweat dripping down his cheeks. It was like someone who could fall at any moment. But as soon as zhang junyi ran, Li Yongle would immediately stand up straight and follow him with his eyes shining brightly. Sweat was constantly seeping out of his skin, but his movements were not slowed by this. He had thrown the ball away time and time again, watching him being pulled up by his teammates. "If your feet are weak because of such a small matter, I will gladly make you regret it for another year!" "Kaka chose Zhang Jun again! The right choice. Li Yongle is injured now. Zhang Jun can definitely break through the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology's defensive line if he sticks this out. Li Yongle is facing another test!" Zhang Jun leaned against Li Yongle, and he could hear Li Yongle's heavy breathing clearly. He stretched out his right leg to pull the ball. But Li Yongle saw what he was trying to do. He spread his legs and increased the defense area. Zhang jungang pulled the ball onto the track and turned to leave. At this time, Li Yongle once again resolutely shoveled it down. Zhang Jun didn't want to give up. He poked the ball. But Li Yongle pushed the ball away faster than he expected. Zhang jun couldn't hold his foot back and hooked it to Li Yongle's left knee. Li Yongle let out a low cry, but he immediately gritted his teeth and held back. Zhang jun was shocked. He got up and pulled Li Yongle, "You... Are you okay?" Li Yongle pushed Zhang Jun away, "It's a competition now!" Then he stood up with difficulty, moved his left knee, bounced a little, and limped off. Zhang Jun looked at Li Yongle's back and walked away, tutting. "I repeat, if you are still worried about such a small matter, I will gladly make you regret it for another year." He thought of this sentence again. Regret, I'm afraid it's more than a year? Zhang Jun looked at the clock. There were two minutes left before the injury was over. He turned around to look at the Dawn bench, only to see Sophie looking at him as well. Their eyes met, but it was more than a thousand words. Sophie quickly turned his face away and Zhang Jun looked away. There's no other choice. I'm sorry, Li Yongle! Because I don't want to regret it for the rest of my life! "As time went by, the fourth referee had already raised the three-minute injury stop sign on the sidelines! But the Dawn still fell behind with one goal! Can we get it back? I'm afraid all the supporters of the Dawn are concerned! The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology have almost all returned to the half-court to defend. With the capabilities of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology, it shouldn't be a problem to hold on to these three minutes, right?" "Hard to say!" "Teacher Zhou?" "In the last second, no one dares to speculate on the outcome of the match. This is probably the biggest move this game has caused me. Li Yongle is injured. An Ke saved the Dawn on the goal line, but he hit the post. Zhang Lintao rejected Yang Pan and slammed the door again and again... For these players who are fighting so hard on the field, it's not fair to think who will win and who will lose! At the very least, I think so. The remaining three minutes or three seconds, let's just watch quietly." After Kaka broke through Luo Bin, he shot from outside the restricted area, but Zhang Lintao threw him out. Ren Yude wanted to make up the shot, but Liu Chao was stuck and the ball was thrown by deng rui. But the ball fell under the Dawn again. Yang Pan's powerful shot outside the restricted area was once again knocked out by Zhang Lintao. Zhang Jun snatched the shot before Li Yongle, but Zhang Lintao was holding him right in his arms. Zhang Lin threw the ball to attack. Luo Bin dribbled the ball and Lu Qing took cover. Li hao wanted to go up and stop, so Luo Bin passed the ball to Lu Qing. He wanted to run forward, and Lu Qing passed the ball to him again. Two to one. "Their goalkeeper definitely can't do it! Shoot!" Zhang Yuchao shouted from behind. Luo Bin turned Lin Xiaofang around, and sure enough, he kicked hard and the ball flew towards anke. From An Ke's point of view, there were three or four balls, constantly shaking left and right. He shook his head, but the situation did not improve at all. Just as he was at a loss, a leg appeared in his field of vision. "Bang!" He blocked the ball. "Li Jieguang blocked the ball for anke! The football flew to the left side of the restricted area! Xie Wei and He Jialin both rushed to the football. Who could get the ball first?" Just as the two of them were getting close to the football, a figure quickly intercepted the ball from it. "Ah! Chen Bo! He's at the right back! He's on the left!" Chen Bo dashed to the sideline before stopping the ball, but when he turned around, Zhang Yulin had already come in a fierce fight. Chen Bo caught a glimpse of a familiar figure on the right and quickly stabbed the football. Wang Ning caught the ball, but Zhao Defeng came up to him. "The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology actually started a fight in the front court. They didn't even give the Dawn the last chance to retaliate! The match has entered the countdown! The fans of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology even started to celebrate in advance! There are still 30 seconds left! All the substitute players of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology were standing by the side, waiting for the referee to blow the final whistle! La, la, la, the team chose silence!" "Damn it! You robbed so fiercely!" Wang ning used her hand to hold Zhao Defeng, but she was still in a mess. The other party was small and he couldn't hold him. The cheers of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology fans were like steel needles stuck in his heart. So hard, so hard to play football, but in the end, listen to the cheers of others? He was unwilling. No matter what, he would not accept such a result. Never! Wang Ning roared in his heart and used all his strength to push Zhao Defeng away a little. That was enough. He raised his foot to pass the ball! Kaka knew that Luo Bin would definitely guard against him from turning, so he took the initiative to meet the ball. When the ball arrived, he jumped up, his feet crisscrossed on the football, and his body spun around. "Wonderful! The samba in football! The Dawn broke through the full court pressure of the Dawn! But there's not much time left. The judges are already on their watch! Can you score?" As if to answer his question, Yang Pan and Ren Yude, who were originally in the vanguard position, suddenly stepped in and raised their positions to the vanguard. At this moment, the Dawn finally returned to the familiar 433 formation. Three strikers, three sharp knives, the Dawn is going to make their last move. Liang Ke clenched his lower lip and stood up, staring intently into the arena. The three strikers will distract the defenders, so Zhang Jun will definitely have a chance. Yang Pan's shooting range was completely seen through by Zhang Lintao, and Ren Yude's physical strength did not allow him to take the last shot. That last arrow must have been shot by zhang jun! Li Yongle thought, as expected, he saw zhang jun running out of the restricted area to catch Kaka's pass. He did not dare to neglect, but also posted it. "Li Yongle pasted on Zhang Jun, and the Dawn's arrows were stopped! The competition is about to end!" As soon as the words fell, the cheers of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology fans doubled. At the same time, Kaka caught up with Luo Bin and passed the ball. It went straight! The ball flew straight forward. Zhang jun was still some distance away from the ball, so he sped up to the front of the ball, and Li Yongle was still behind him. The football bounced on the grass and slowed down. Zhang Jun also ran and the ball bounced forward again. Li Yongle didn't know what zhang jun was going to do, and he didn't dare to step out easily. But then he heard Zhao Defeng shout, "Foul! Foul! Foul him!" Zhao Defeng was right. Now he was foul and was given a free kick. Although he was closer, with Zhang Lintao's play, the chances of Dawn scoring were slim. Even if he was sent off for backstopping, this red card would not be brought into the national league. It was definitely a worthwhile tactical foul. Just as Li Yongle was about to shovel, he was surprised to see Zhang Jun jump from the side towards the ball. "Jump? What does he want..." Then, the rest was beyond his imagination and everyone else's. Zhang Jun jumped to the ball from the side, just above the ball, and his right foot kicked the bouncing ball to the side and back of his body! The football rolled over to Li Yongle's left. While zhang jun continued to move forward, ran to Li Yongle's right, then changed direction, turned around, and went around from behind Li Yongle! Pass the ball! Such a human ball has been divided! Li Yongle was stunned by everything in front of him. He turned around and fell to the ground. Then he watched Zhang Jun catch up with the ball, and with a step on his right foot, the ball bounced up and dodged Deng Rui's flying shovel. Now Zhang Lintao is the only one left in front of Zhang Jun! Zhang Lintao had sealed all the angles. Zhang Jun's last kick was really hard to hit. Liu Chao had already left Ren Yude and rushed up. The referee was watching this side closely. There wasn't much time left for Zhang Jun. Zhang Jun lifted his right leg. Liu chao jumped three meters away from him and came over with a flying shovel. The referee held the whistle in his mouth. The football bounced and Zhang Jun swung his right leg and hit the middle and lower part of the football like a whip. Zhang Lintao reflexively lunged towards the corner, but the football flew above him, and he unexpectedly extended his left hand to block the fall. In fact, he also grabbed the ball, but there was a sharp pain in his left wrist. His wrist softened and the ball rushed over. Liu Chao's feet arrived, but it was too late. He only rubbed against the soles of zhang junteng's feet. The football hit the bottom of the beam and bounced into the goal. The referee's whistle sounded in the quiet stadium. Then the Dawn fans howled in a frenzy. In this noisy environment, the commentator still wanted to keep his voice from drowning. He shouted at the top of his lungs, "The ball is in! The ball is in! Zhang Jun! Unbelievable goal! The score is 2: 2! Both sides are tied!" Zhang Jun got up from the ground and ran to the corner flag with open arms. Then he stood there and roared. Yang pan was the closest to him. He jumped on Zhang Jun's back, then waved his fist and shouted with Zhang Jun. Soon, they were surrounded by ecstatic teammates. Liang Ke didn't say anything. He turned around and punched the awning. It was as if he could not vent his nervousness without doing so. Sophie didn't jump up and scream as if no one was around. Instead, he buried his head and clenched his fists tightly. Sun laihong squatted down, knelt on one knee, and punched the ground hard. The victory was gone! The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology stared blankly at the cheering members of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology at a loss. Zhang Yang walked over and pulled Li Yongle up. "How are you? Is your knee okay?" Li Yongle shook his head, "You can hold on for another 30 minutes!" Captain Zhao Defeng comforted the team loudly, "Nothing! It's just a draw! There's an extra time! Cheer up and beat them with a golden ball!" The big screen was replaying the goal, and the calm commentator was analyzing it. "The best part about this was when Zhang Jun got rid of Li Yongle. Li Yongle defended well and Zhang Jun rarely managed to break through. But just then, he ran to the ball, then jumped up, using the right foot of the backswing to kick the ball behind him very naturally and covertly, and himself from the opposite direction around the dazed Li Yongle, and then caught up with the ball rolling from the other side to complete this incredible human ball division. The kick behind this is the key, and any carelessness will lead to the failure of the whole person. Zhang Jun can still use it in such a tense environment, it is really a great skill and courage!" "I really don't know if I will win or lose in the last second! A brilliant final! A brilliant second half!" The referee whistled the end of the match as soon as the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology sent the ball out. "The match is over! In 90 minutes, the two teams will have to enter a 30 minute overtime match. The overtime match will be won by a golden ball, which team will advance and which team will win, and the match will be terminated. Now, instead of going into the lounge, the two teams are resting on the court. Ten minutes later, the game will start again!" Chen Huafeng looked at the glaring sun. His audience was sweating, el nino? If it was a warm winter this year, it was also because of a group of youths..