Chapter 94 It's Not A Multiple Choice Question

Sophie and the substitutes handed a bottle of mineral water to the players who had been running on the field for 80 minutes. Zhang Jun was given special treatment and Sophie handed him two bottles of water. Although he couldn't drink it, he still accepted it. Liang Ke squatted in the circle of his team members and gave them the final explanation. "An Ke, how's your injury?" An Ke shook his head. Things and people are back to normal now, but he didn't know if it would come back when the competition came. But he said firmly, "No problem!" Sophie handed him a towel soaked in water, "Wipe your face." An Ke took the towel in a somewhat flattered manner and almost spilled the water in a flurry. He always thought he was like a ball of air in Sophie's eyes, but he didn't expect that at this time... He quickly put a flat towel on his face, blocking the whole face. However, he didn't see Sophie handing out a wet towel to every member of the team. "Overtime is a test of our stamina. Therefore, the formation is still back to 451. Increasing our strength in the middle can slow down the opponent's quick counterattack and gain stamina and time. I know you changed back to 433 at the last minute, but there are too few midfielders in this formation. Although the attack is strong, it only applies for one moment. We play steadily, patiently look for opportunities, and the victory or defeat will be in an instant! Remember, we must be more patient than the other!" The doctor on the organizing committee was removing Li Yongle's gauze and then re-dressing him. The doctor decided to try again. He pointed at his swollen knee and asked Li Yongle, "Are you sure you want to continue playing?" Li Yongle looked at his knee and nodded, "I'm sure." So the doctor sighed, changed the gauze and dressed him again. "It's a little painful, just bear with it." Sun Laihong comforted Li Yongle on the side, "That last loss has nothing to do with you. In fact, there's nothing anyone can do about it. That kind of escape..." Li Yongle just nodded silently. Zhang Lintao sat behind Deng Rui and secretly rubbed his left wrist. Zhao Defeng took a sip of the water in his hand and poured it all over his head. He smoothed his hair and sat down without saying a word. No matter what the coach said, "It doesn't matter," the ball still left a huge impact on their hearts. Once they stopped, they could not help but think of the whole process of the goal. Perhaps they could only forget it temporarily if they played again and ran non-stop. The ten-minute break was too short for the team members who had been running at full strength for eighty minutes. A lot of people haven't rested enough, but the competition hasn't ended yet, the winner hasn't been decided yet, and no one can be lazy. So, with the loud encouragement of their respective coaches, the 22 players stood up again and stood up on the field. After ten minutes of silence, the spectator stage once again stirred up a wave of passion. Zhang jun was standing in the middle circle, ready to kick off. Yang Pan was standing beside him. Instead of looking at each other or whispering, they looked at the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology goal in the distance. "Ladies and gentlemen, after a short ten-minute break, the players from both sides stood on the court again. The first half of the overtime match is about to begin! This is the first time since Luoyang has been divided into a separate zone, it is necessary to decide the winner by overtime, or even by penalty! The intense competition and the enthusiasm of the audience actually made the temperature in the stadium rise. On this winter afternoon, we felt the smell of summer!" "Duo-" Zhang Jun hit the ball forward, and Yang Pan followed closely and kicked the ball back to his half. Kaka stopped the ball and did not return it. Instead, he brought the ball straight into the opponent's half. He Jialin did not expect Kaka to be so bold and easily let him pass. Zhao Defeng also gave up the idea of attacking first and went to defend Kaka. But Kaka returned the ball to Wang Ning behind him. Wang Ning took the ball without anyone defending and easily passed it to Yang Pan. Yang Pan stopped the ball and Lu Qing set up in front of him. Yang Pan did not make a hard break, but passed the ball to Kaka, who had already gotten rid of Zhao Defeng. Just after getting rid of Zhao Defeng, Luo Bin posted it again. Kaka had no choice but to return it to Wang Ning. In the extra time, everyone expended a lot of energy. It was unrealistic to expect both sides to attack each other. Therefore, in most overtime matches, team a was attacking under team b in the first half of the match. If team b kept the goal for 15 minutes, then team b would attack around team a in the second half. If they hadn't scored yet, the two sides would have to decide the winner in the cruelest and most nameless way - the penalty shootout. From the current point of view, the match seemed to be vulgar, and the scene was not as exciting and intense as the second half. Five minutes had passed since the overtime, and the two sides were still entangled in the middle of the game, without a single threatening shot. Looking at Ren Yude who had been walking a lot of times, Liang Ke hesitated and didn't know if he should change. Because of his lack of physical strength, the Dawn often beat eleven out of ten. However, when the ball was passed to him, he could always hold it, so the Dawn wouldn't have to retreat from the defense just as they rushed up, slowing down and saving energy. This was really contradictory. Liang ke had a headache. Taking advantage of the ball being out of bounds, he called Yang Pan to his side and whispered, "Go tell Ren Yude that there are fewer breakthroughs in getting the ball. Just hold the ball and find a chance to pass it." Yang Pan nodded, poured the mineral water on his head, threw the empty bottle on the ground, wiped his face, and turned back to the court. But he couldn't immediately pass on his coach's instructions to Ren Yude. He had to wait for the next dead ball. Just then, Ren Yude, who had been resting, suddenly rushed up, grabbed Zhang Yulin's ball, and then pushed the ball into the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology restricted area with an astonishing momentum. This time, he did not choose to go down the side road, but to advance into the restricted area from his ribs. Liu Chao and Deng Rui had a slight deviation in their coordination. Deng rui was slow to step out, and as a result, she slid in like a loach through the door before the two of them could close it. The Dawn fans shouted loudly, as if every time they shouted, they could inject strength into Ren Yude and support him to run. Zhang Lintao became nervous. He knew how good Ren Yude was at knocking from a small angle. But he also knew how good Zhang Jun was. Close the shot or pass the ball, another multiple choice question. Oh my god! He would rather do a hundred political questions than face such multiple choice questions. But Ren Yude wouldn't ask Zhang Lintao to look for an answer in a book, or to calculate the probability of passing and shooting on a piece of paper. Time is life, one second is enough! He passes! Ren Yude rubbed the ball, but Zhang Lintao was still very fast. He jumped up and pointed at the soaring ball! Zhang Jun watched the football leave him regretfully. But the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology crisis was not resolved because Kaka had already run towards the ball. Under Luo Bin's interference, he still shot a smart ground ball. This kind of ball is very destructive in the chaotic restricted area, whether it is the offensive side or the defensive side, whose foot is not honest so once, it may be a goal. Zhang Lintao fell to the ground and saw Kaka make such a kick. He sucked in a breath of cold air and ran towards the football with his hands and feet. But he didn't touch the ball, and the ball was kicked out by Zhang Yang. The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology fan's aura had barely come out of his mouth when it congealed in his throat. The ball that Zhang Yang kicked out was unexpectedly taken by Yang Pan! 25 Meters from the goal, the "King of power" swung his strong right leg... Zhang Lintao suddenly felt a sense of despair in his heart. His hand could no longer stop Yang Pan's shot. "No..." "Yang Pan shot -" a tall figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Pan, and the football inevitably hit him. After a muffled sound, he fell down. "What a fool!" Luo Bin glanced at Deng Rui on the ground. "We are the best partners! Goalkeeper and defender, hehe!" This was what Deng Rui said when Zhang Lintao first joined the team. Zhang Lintao still remembers his silly look. "The football bounced back at Yang Pan's feet! Deng Rui's efforts couldn't stop him from shooting! Yang Pan shot again -" Zhang Lintao suddenly got up from the ground and flew away! After a muffled sound, Zhang Lintao used his elbows to knock Yang Pan's shot out, but he was knocked into the goal. Luoyang's four great goalkeepers, except for Yang Pan's teammate who was spared from being poisoned, all three of them had been shot into the goal. What a devastating force! The ball blocked by Zhang Lintao fell to the right side of the area, and Liu Chao quickly kicked out of the line because Ren Yude came up like a ghost again. Luo Bin was the first to rush over to Deng Rui, leaned down, and yelled at Deng Rui, who was still lying on the ground, "Silly! Are you dead?" Deng Rui gritted his teeth and frowned, "No! I haven't..." "Then get up! The race is not over yet! Come on!" Luo Bin was the oldest on the team, but he didn't say that because he was old. In fact, as a defensive partner for three years, his friendship with Deng Rui was extraordinary. Although he was the one who gave the not-so-good nickname "Big fool," everyone in the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology knew that "My Deng Rui's best friend is Luo Bin!" Sure enough, after Luo Bin yelled at Deng Rui, Deng Rui supported himself with both hands, gritted his teeth and frowned, and struggled to get up from the ground. "Hey, are you okay?" The referee was very conscientious. But luo bin suddenly put his forehead on Deng Rui's head and roared. Deng Rui also roared back at him. Then Luo Bin turned to the stunned referee and said, "Okay, he's fine. The game can continue." "A surprise attack by Ren Yude caused chaos in the restricted area of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. Deng Rui used his body to block Yang Pan's powerful shot with great courage. After the bland opening, the first climax was raised on the field! The players from both sides showed us the spirit of never giving up and the will to win forever!" If the players on both sides were still concerned, they were now fully stimulated by the previous round of attack and defense by 200 %. In the words of one of the fans off the field, "Damn it! That's too last name! The players on both sides have gone berserk!" Yang Pan suddenly felt that the coach's arrangement was a little too conservative. Letting Ren Yude control the ball instead of breaking through would certainly give him a break. But what's the use of recovering a little energy? Instead, it could be a waste of the chance to score and win. Just like the series of attacks just now, if Ren Yude had only controlled the ball and passed it out, then the climax would never have happened. It was better to win a tie with the conservatives and enter the penalty shootout. It was better to attack boldly, win with passion, or die with passion. This is not a multiple-choice question, because there is only one answer. Yang Pan walked up to Ren Yude, who was gasping for air. "How is it, physical strength?" Ren Yude looked up at Yang Pan, "There's no problem with the penalty kick." "Forget about the penalty kicks and use whatever you can do in the last few days. We'll beat them with a golden ball!" Yang Pan turned to look at his opponents not far away. "Or you could be defeated by a golden ball." Yang Pan turned around and Ren Yude smiled. "If this is a multiple choice question..." Yang Pan shook his head and interrupted Ren Yude, "We have no choice." It was definitely not a multiple choice question. Liang Ke soon realized that Yang Pan must have tampered with his instructions. Because as long as Ren Yude had the chance to get the ball, he would spare no effort to break, pass, pass, break... "Damn it! His strength..." Liang Ke suddenly stood up, but immediately sat down. Sophie was confused. Maybe Yang Pan did the right thing, but he did the wrong thing. At this moment, what's the use of thinking about keeping something back? Maybe I was scared. When it comes to victory, whoever retreats, victory will abandon him! The current situation on the field reminded Liang Ke of the words of Liu Baicheng and*, the great revolutionary predecessors, who said: meet on a narrow road, the brave win