Chapter 96 We Are the Champions

Time passed, and every second, he ran through the 22 players on the field. The two teams of nervous substitutes were then steamed dry over the hot stands. "It looks like the match will enter the second half of the overtime match! If you don't score in the second half, you will probably enter the penalty match!" Luo Bin came up, and just as the Dawn guards were focused on Zhao Defeng, he quietly rushed up. Zhao Defeng glanced at Luo Bin and immediately knew what to do. The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology's three heavy gunners, Zhang Yuchao, Li Yongle, and Luo Bin. He rarely had a chance to try out because he was at the back, but his shooting was definitely not to be ignored." Zhao Defeng was still passing the ball under Wang Ning's personal interference! Luo Bin got the ball! He's unguarded!" Unfortunately, the Dawn ignored him. Luo Bin received a wonderful pass from Zhao Defeng at the top of the great restricted area, and no one came up to block him at this time! He was also clever and adjusted a little. He raised his right leg on the restricted area line and fired!" Luo Bin's long shot -" in front of Luo Bin was a large blank, vacuum zone, straight to the goal. He shot so suddenly that the Dawn guard didn't have time to block his shot. An Ke saw three or four football shaking non-stop, he cursed in his heart, and then closed his eyes. Since the eyes can no longer believe, then put it aside and believe in your own body, your own hands. An Ke closed his eyes and flew in the direction of the ball - to the left." An Ke! It's so beautiful! He turned to the side, perfectly pushing Luo Bin's powerful shot out of the line! How did he do it?" When the commentator exclaimed, of course, it was impossible to imagine that An Ke had closed his eyes and made this incredible leap with his body feeling. It sounded more like a cartoon plot." Corner kick! The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology offensive is not over!" The restricted area became even more lively. Perhaps the first half of the game would be over after this corner was completed, so Luo Bin and Deng Rui rushed into the Dawn restricted area. An Ke couldn't hit the ball. This kind of high altitude ball was more than the air control ability of both sides. The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology's two tallest and best headers were determined to play the terminator for once. An Ke looked at the mess in the restricted area. It was a mess because he saw countless people. Of course he knew the dangerous surname of the corner ball, but what could he do? Is the head shot from the distance going to jump with his eyes closed? Are you kidding me? He looked back at the back door post and suddenly had an idea. He walked over and hit his head against the door post! All the people who saw this were in a daze, not knowing what anke was going to do. Did that really knock him out of his wits? Not once, again? However, an ke was always a person who didn't care what others thought. After he hit the doorpost, he stood in front of the door again and shouted," okay! Come on!" So the Dawn players were relieved. An Ke was not stupid. The familiar An Ke came back because the familiar" roar" came back. Now An Ke was indeed full of confidence, because he saw that everything around him had returned to its original state, without double vision, and no longer swaying left and right. This must be a temporary phenomenon, but temporary is enough. Enough for him to take this corner ball off." The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology kicked the corner!" Chaos broke out in the Dawn restricted zone. Luo Bin, Deng Rui, Lin Xiaofang and Li Jieguang were entangled. Kaka did not return to the restricted area this time, but stayed in the middle of the field, and so did Yang Pan. Their thoughts are the same. This is probably the last chance. If they don't succeed, they will be benevolent. The football made an arc and fell forward." Get out of the way!" An Ke roared, jumped up and held the football firmly in his hands. The Dawn fans burst into loud cheers." An Ke is holding the corner of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology again! Is he really hurt?" As soon as anke landed, he remembered that it would be too late if he didn't hurry up. The first half would soon be over. In a trance, he saw Kaka waiting in front of him, and he had a score in his mind. He quickly passed through the crowd in the restricted area, ran to the line of the restricted area, and then used all his strength to throw the football at Kaka in front of him. After throwing the ball, he was led by his usual name and fell to the ground. Zhang Yuchao on the outside was the first The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology player to understand. He quickly chased the football in the air to Kaka. The football is here, and so is Zhang Yuchao. But Kaka didn't give him any chance to snatch the ball. He turned his back to the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology goal and didn't look behind him. Instead, he used his right foot to hook the ball that An Ke threw with all his strength behind him, then he turned around and ran away from Zhang Yuchao. Ren Yude sped up and took the lead of liu, who had come to destroy the ball. He jumped forward and stretched out his left leg to hook the ball from Kaka back into the middle. But he collapsed on the grass and couldn't stand up - he was exhausted. Zhang Jun put on a fake and deceived Li Yongle, who wanted to come up and watch closely, jumped up, ferry the ball that Ren Yude tried his best to hook back to Yang Pan on the right, then land, turn around and run to the door. He sped up and got rid of Li Yongle, who was already staggering. Without looking at it, Yang Pan jumped into the air, hit the ball against Kaka with his left heel, and then sped towards the bottom line. Kaka saw Yang Pan knock the ball on him and knew what to do. He rubbed the ball in the air and it flew over Zhang Yang's head and behind him. The football hasn't landed yet! Yang Pan ran as fast as he could again. He easily got rid of Zhang Yang and ran towards the landing point. He knew in his heart that this would be the last pass! The football landed, and before it landed, Yang Pan took a flying kick and sent the ball through the air to the door! Luo Bin shouted in front of him," Zhang Lintao!" Now that they were all in the front and couldn't go back, their hopes were all on the goalkeeper. God! Sophie also stood up. Everyone stood up." Yang Pan's direct pass!" Zhang Lintao jumped up and opened his hands to catch the ball. But he saw a flash in front of him, and a leg in white socks swung over, and the sneakers hit the football hard! The grass dust made Zhang Lintao squint." Upside down! Zhang Jun! Oh my god! The football flew into the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology goal without any resistance! The ball went in! It was a golden ball! A golden ball! Zhang Jun and Zhang Lintao landed at the same time, but Zhang Lintao fell to the ground, staring blankly at the ball that was still bouncing in the goal. Zhang jun jumped up and ran to the middle circle. At the same time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the match." Unparalleled goal! Dawn has a series of perfect air relays, with zhang jun striking the ball with a shocking upside down golden hook! Golden ball! The first winner to be decided with a golden ball! The Dawn high school football team won!" Zhang jun rushed to the middle circle and stopped. In fact, he was stopped by his crazy teammates. They surrounded him and the people outside kept jumping up and pressing down on the crowd. But they stopped Zhang Jun, but they couldn't stop the arm that was raised high and pointed to the sky. Liang Ke also led a group of substitutes into the field, only one target, the arm raised high, pointing to the sky. Even Yudi and An Ke were helped to join this crazy celebration party. They didn't have the strength to jump and shout. They could still laugh, right? Laugh, laugh heartily, for this hard-earned victory and champion! Li Yongle watched as Zhang Jun jumped up in front of him, turned around, pressed down on his left leg, swung his right leg, and hung upside down in the air. There was nothing Zhang Lintao could do, nothing he could do. His legs could no longer support him. It was a miracle that he could still stand. I lost... He looked up and squinted at the blue sky. After the match, did the color of the day return to normal? All of a sudden, his knees softened and he fell to the left, but he was immediately supported by Zhang Yang." I lost."" I know." Zhang Yang put Li Yongle's right hand around his neck and supported his partner. Zhao Defeng did not cry, even though his face was very ugly. Luo Bin, a senior in high school, did not cry, although he was likely to win three national championships and four Luoyang championships. Deng Rui's face was grim and he remained silent. Yang Pan's foot was now showing its power. Only Lu Qing had a sore nose and cried. His first year in the competition was a failure. Liu Chao put his arms around his neck." Don't cry, don't cry, you have two more years!" Sun laihong stood expressionless on the sidelines and looked at his men who were all covered in silence. I didn't make any mistakes, but I still lost. It's not that the team didn't work hard, but they still lost... The The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology's record of not losing a single game in the Henan region for 15 years is ancient. They had to face a new beginning. The full range of reporters involved, and soon a group of Dawn members were broken. Zhang Jun received the most care." Zhang Jun, how do you feel about winning the championship?"" Zhang Jun, did you practice your last goal?"" Zhang Jun, how long have you been practicing this kind of backhook shooting?"" Zhang Jun..." The flashing lights, numerous microphones, and camera lenses made all the members of the Dawn feel like champions. The craziness of the reporters did not last long, and the organizing committee soon began to clear the venue, and the award ceremony was about to begin. It was a makeshift podium. On the opposite podium was the morning light cup, a silvery champion's trophy. For the past few years, it has been in the school exhibition room of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. Today, it will have a new owner. The runner-up was like a cold dish before dinner. No one cheered or cared. The members of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology forced a smile and went on stage to receive the silver medal. In fact, this silver medal was of great significance to them - the first regional competition silver medal of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. The runner-up soon came to an end, and it was time for the champion to appear. The Dawn members squeezed nervously onto the podium. They were overwhelmed by excitement and happiness. The deputy mayor of luoyang city personally awarded the gold medal to the champion. Many people took the gold medal and started to study it themselves. Their first time! Then, the exciting moment came. Yang Pan took the silvery championship trophy from the deputy mayor. When he raised the heavy trophy above his head with both hands, the atmosphere reached its peak with a very, very passionate shout from the commentator." Champion - Dawn high school!" Zhang Jun was by Yang Pan's side, his eyes did not stay on the big trophy like his teammates, but went past the reporters, the crowd, and turned to the Dawn bench. Sophie was still sitting there, and she was looking over. Their eyes met. Sophie smiled at Zhang Jun, but couldn't stop tears from falling down her cheeks. After a year and a half of hard work, it finally paid off... The trophy was passed to Zhang Jun, who held it high in front of the audience and all the reporters, then shouted," we are the champions!"" Oh!" Zhang Jun finally got rid of the reporters' entanglement. He saw Li Yongle being supported by Zhang Yang and waiting for him at the entrance of the players' passageway not far away. Zhang Yang didn't look very good. After all, he lost and ignored Zhang Jun. Li Yongle smiled, though his smile was bitter." Well... Actually, you guys played very well..." Victor Zhang Jun didn't know what to say." Needless to say, the lines of the winner are the same. Win is win, lose is lose." Li Yongle said," I lost."" You were injured..."" No! I've lost since I got rid of the one before your first goal. That kind of release, even if I'm in good health, I can't stop it. You don't need an excuse to comfort me. I'm not the kind of person who gets discouraged easily. We still have a year left."" Yes, yes, another year! Your knees..." Zhang Jun looked at the thick gauze on Li Yongle's left knee and asked." I'll check it out. Don't worry, I won't hang up my boots so easily until I defeat you completely." Li Yongle smiled and said," you are my forever opponent!" Zhang Jun also smiled." And my forever friend!" His hands were tightly clasped together. Ps:"" a total of 100 chapters, I have written all of them, and will be posted online in the next few days. I'll take a break for the sequel and start writing it again after accumulating. I also hope to see you as soon as possible in the sequel. The sequel will be mainly about Zhang Jun and his partners in the european professional league and the world cup. Thank you for your support