Chapter 97 Aftereffect

When Zhang Jun opened his eyes, he first saw the white ceiling, then tilted his head and saw the window. The sky outside the window was not completely bright, and he could only see a slight light in the east corner. The little alarm clock on the table was ticking and ticking. Everything was the same as usual. Zhang Jun straightened up and sat in a daze on the bed. We won the champion, the champion of Luoyang, or after defeating the king The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. Isn't that a dream? He looked down and saw the gold medal beside his pillow. He picked up the gold medal and studied it carefully. He looked at it over and over again. He touched and touched it. He put the cold gold medal on his face and closed his eyes to enjoy it. Champion! We are champions! Great... But Zhang Jun's narcissism lasted only a short time, and he suddenly jumped out of bed screaming and hurriedly put on his clothes. Today is monday, and he still has to go to school. Zhang Jun rushed to school panting, only to find himself in a false alarm. It was ten minutes before the morning bell. He breathed a sigh of relief and was about to enter the school gate when he suddenly stopped and looked up at the red banner hanging above the school gate: a warm celebration of the Dawn football team winning the right to participate in the national competition! A week ago, that was what he said to Kaka. A week later, what he said became reality. "Go get a national champion, okay?"" If we lose, I will break up with you!" Zhang Jun lowered his head, folded his hands and smiled. Zhang Jun sat in his seat, and the seat beside him was empty. At that time, An Ke's seat, he would not come today. Zhang Jun did not know how long it would take to hear that energetic voice. He hoped that the shorter the time, the better. Yang Pan was sitting leisurely in his seat, flipping through english books, while Ren Yude and Kaka were chatting casually together. Sophie was collecting last week's math homework. Other students were also doing their own thing, a very, very ordinary monday morning. Are we really champions? Have we really won? Zhang Jun still had some doubts. The bell rang and everyone began to walk out. The flag-raising ceremony was about to begin. Zhang Jun walked out with the crowd. He saw Sophie and was standing in the corridor smiling at him. A year ago, in this corridor, this place, Sophie also smiled at him:" because I like football, ah!" It was this sentence that changed his high school life. Yesterday at the stadium, the same smile, just two lines of tears. That noisy scene, the joy of victory was not in a dream! We won! Really, we are champions! At the flag-raising ceremony, all the members of the football team were invited to the flag-raising stage. Captain Yang Pan, on behalf of the whole team, made a statement to the teachers and students of the school:" we will definitely strive for the best results in the national competition! We will not lose face to the school! Lose face to Luoyang!" The audience was filled with endless applause, cheers and screams. In the winter of 1999, the Dawn won the first regional champion in their history and was eligible to participate in the national competition in Shanghai next winter break. An Ke was diagnosed with a slight concussion and needed to rest at home for ten days. Li Yongle had a soft tissue bruise on his left knee and would be walking on crutches by next spring. Fortunately, after he recovered, he could still play football, and the doctor didn't say anything like" you can't play football again." A week later, all the awards for this competition were announced. Champion of this competition: Dawn high school football team. Runner-up: The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology football team. Runner-up: Dingding high school football team. The golden boot was worn away by Zhang Jun, who topped the archer list with 15 goals and won the best archer. The golden globe is Li Yongle's. He had a solid performance, excellent offense and defense skills, especially in the finals where Zhang Jun was frozen with injuries and left a deep impression. Zhang Jun won the silver ball award for his goal to keep the team moving forward. Yang Pan, a very special player, won the bronze ball award. The best goalkeeper was Zhang Lintao of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology, who played steadily and lost fewer goals. He threw out Yang Pan's powerful shots several times in the final. The punch and roar that followed Yang Pan's penalty shot had become one of the classic scenes of the match. The best defender belonged to Li Yongle of the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. As a backer, he had won the title of the best backer in the national competition, freezing the other party's core character many times in the competition. He was injured in the last few minutes of the finals and successfully prevented Zhang Jun's performance was even more of his peak. If he hadn't been injured, the final result might have to be rewritten. The only drawback was that he didn't have a good head, but there was nothing to hide. His future was worth looking forward to. It is worth mentioning that although Liu Peng of the Kaituo only played one game, his performance still left a deep impression on the experts, judges and fans. He was the only person who could successfully defend against Yang Pan one-on-one, and he was also looking forward to his future. The best midfield was awarded to Kaka of the Dawn, who came from Brazil with exquisite technique and outstanding footwork. His passing was the source of the Dawn's strong offense, and without his passing, there was a good chance that the Dawn would be muted in the match. It would be clear from the start of the final. His tacit understanding with Zhang Jun, Yang Pan and Ren Yude was also an important factor for this offensive group to rank first in Luoyang. Free kicks were good and he had a few great performances, but in the end the goalpost and Zhang Lintao blocked his goal. As a front waist, he also participated in the defense of the Dawn many times, and even went back to the forbidden zone, which was very valuable among middle school students. The best forward, zhang jun, was elected by a landslide. His 15 goals were the top of the archer list, and he was proud of his opponents. Moreover, many of his goals were critical in critical moments, and the goals he scored were brilliant. His own" Longteng" was even more impressive and incredible. His role in the Dawn is indispensable, and the Dawn without Zhang Jun is just a knife handle without a blade. Some judges even said," this is a choice that has no choice..." The best team award went to the Dawn, who won the championship. A year ago, they were just a fish belly who had never broken into the second round, but now the ugly duckling has become a swan. After two years of hard work and hard work, they finally became the champion of Luoyang. From the brisket to the black horse to the champion, it took only two years to win the best team. And he kept attacking football throughout the game. In this increasingly utilitarian world of football, It takes a lot of courage and strength to do this. The good news is that the Dawn has such courage and strength, and they have always persevered. No matter what situation they faced, they succeeded in the end. The fastest improvement team award was also won by the Dawn for the same reason. The best rookie award went to Lin Xiaofang of the Dawn. As a first-year center back, he proved his worth and strength in the endless matches and proved that coach Liang Ke was not wrong. He had saved lives in front of the competition many times, and more importantly, he had been improving and learning. This was the key to his selection as the best rookie. His presence brought a glimmer of hope to the Dawn's fragile defenses. The best coach was taken away by Liang Ke of the Dawn. He was very good at training young players and novices. Looking at the changes in the back line of the Dawn and the changes in the results list, you can see why he was chosen. Best goal, this award is the most difficult to choose. Because in this year's competition, a lot of goals were scored, many of them were wonderful goals, which gave the judges a headache. In the end, the air relay goal in the finals was voted the best because it reflected the tacit understanding and unremitting fighting spirit of the Dawn players. And it is of great significance. It is the first golden ball, the golden ball to win the championship for the Dawn, and the golden ball to break the monopoly of the Dawn. Also in the finals, Yang Pan's" double dragon" was ranked second, which perfectly combined Zhang Jun's" Longteng" with Yang Pan's powerful shot. Zhang Jun's second goal against the Elite high school," Longteng," was ranked third, and its appearance was shocking. It was the perfect combination of Zhang Jun's imagination and technology, letting people know that football could still play like this. In the end, it was the best lineup. The best lineup was a 442 formation. Goalkeeper: Zhang Lintao (The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology). Reason for being selected: a tough goalkeeper could actually throw out Yang Pan's powerful shots several times in one match. It is the strong backing of The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology and has comprehensive technology. The only drawback was that he wasn't as passionate as An Ke. Left back: Zhang Yang (The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology). Why he was selected: it was clear that a newcomer in football could be the main force in the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. His ferocious shoveling and intercepting made his opponents afraid, and it was also a good weapon to improve their morale. Right back: Liu Chao (The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology). Why he was selected: a professional person in the field of one-on-one defense, even fan cunjie was afraid of him by three points. Although he was at a disadvantage against Ren Yude in the final stages of the finals, it did not affect his position as the first right back. Center back: Luo Bin (The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology). Why he was selected: Zhang Jun's man-to-man defense was very successful at the beginning of the finals, but after he turned to the back, he still made Kaka uneasy with his tenacious fighting spirit. He was the best man-to-man central guard. Center back: Liu Peng (Kaituo). Reason for being selected: Kaituo is not a strong team, but because of him, it can also make the Dawn suffer, deserving of the needle in the sea. Whether it was man-to-man defense or regional defense, even Yang Pan couldn't help but be good at it. Left vanguard: Ren Yude (Dawn). Why he was selected: second only to Fan Cunjie, the master of dribbling, but from the back, he has gradually replaced Fan Cunjie. Always able to turn the tide in the face of adversity on their own, dazzling personal skills, not only let the fans exclaim, but also brought a lot of chances for the Dawn to score. Right vanguard: Yang Pan (Dawn). Why he was selected: a powerful shot with one foot was extremely dangerous, and a 100-meter speed of 10.52 seconds was fatal as a side ranger. His speed breakthrough and the right leg that he swung at the front of the restricted area were definitely nightmares for many defenders. The cooperation with Zhang Jun was overwhelming. Waist: Li Yongle (The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology). Reason for being selected: fire king kong on the green field, seriously injured the line of fire, and successfully defended Zhang Jun, the final loss of the ball can no longer be blamed on him. Both offense and defense are excellent, so that the core players on the field. Front waist: Kaka (Dawn). Why he was selected: he was the key to linking the Dawn attacks. His passing was imaginative and deadly. His handsome face and charming smile always destroyed the enemy's defense while talking and laughing. Forward: Zhang Jun (Dawn). Why he was chosen: he was the kind of vanguard the coach wanted - the butcher of the weak team and the terminator of the strong team. Individual skill is comprehensive, head shot, left and right feet are excellent. If his mind could grow and mature, he would be invincible. Forward: Mani. Reason for being selected: the second best forward on the archer list, not to be underestimated personal skills. In a team that was not outstanding as a whole and lacked the support of the midfield, his goals were extremely rare and valuable, and they were almost" Maradona style" goals. Ps: there are three more chapters to end the book. Thank you for the best lineup list provided by yu, and thank you to the friends in the Dalian first station forum for their enthusiastic selection of the best