Chapter 98 Happy New Year

Today's training was canceled, and the afternoon classes ended early. Everyone sat in the classroom absent-mindedly, and the teacher became very reasonable. He or she was not invited to the office because the students had missed class. It is easy to be willing. Today is december 31, and tomorrow is the 21st century. A thousand years have passed and the millennium has come. "Millennium?" Zhang Jun looked at the smiling Sophie." Don't you know?"" All I know is that the 20th century is coming to an end and the 21st century is coming."" So you're stupid!" Yang Pan patted Zhang Jun on the head. Sophie cleaned up his schoolbag while cleaning up the illiterate young man who did not care about" world affairs." 2000 is the beginning of the 21st century, and 1999 is the end of the 20th century. But not only that, it was the end of a thousand years in 1999, that is, the end of ten centuries. It has been a thousand years since the beginning of one thousand years. At the turn of the century and the turn of the thousand years, think about what a rare opportunity it is! But let's meet it. Good luck!"" Oh." Zhang Jun nodded." No wonder people are so excited these days. It's just a new year, isn't it? So there's more to it."" Do you never watch tv?"" Look! Why not? I watch the bundesliga, serie a, the premier league, and football night!" Zhang Jun said with a finger." Hmph!" Sophie gave Zhang Jun a back view." The world's millennial celebration will be broadcast live for 24 hours starting at 6 p. M. Today," Yang Pan said." Oh, oh, so it's so early after school today, so everyone is going back to watch tv! But, Sophie, aren't you going to your grandmother's house?"" Yes, I'm at grandma's! How can I miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?" Sophie hopped like a bunny in front of him." Listen to you, won't you look?" Yang Pan asked Zhang Jun," you don't seem to be very interested in this either!"" Who said that? Why don't I watch it? I guess it will be this show by then. What don't I watch?" A family of three, a table full of food, tomorrow is the new year. Zhang Jun threw the last piece of cooked meat into his mouth, the last piece of cooked meat eaten in the 20th century. With this in mind, he scooped all the rice in the bowl into his mouth, which was the last bite he had eaten in the 20th century. The last bite of the 20th century. The last mouthful of soup in the 20th century... There was a lively program on tv, and the residents of the fiji island and tourists from all over the world were singing and dancing to welcome the first Dawn of the new century. Zhang Jun kept his eyes on the tv screen, but his mind was not on it. The Sophie family went to grandma's house in old town for the new year. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so bored right now, would I? I've known her for more than a year. A lot has really happened in the past year! Life is amazing. If I hadn't come to the Dawn in the first place, If I hadn't met her before; If I hadn't heard the phrase" because I like football," If she wasn't the manager of the team; If, if I didn't like football at first, what would I be like now? What am I doing? Fortunately, there are not so many ifs in this world. I liked football and met Sophie because she didn't give up on football and won the championship, so I could take part in the national competition. Most importantly, I love Sophie..." Ladies and gentlemen, the exciting moment is finally coming! There are twenty seconds to zero, and china is entering the twenty-first century! Let's remember the new century! Fourteen! Thirteen! Twelve! Eleven! Ten! Nine! Eight..." Zhang jun picked up the phone beside him and put his hand on the keyboard..." Seven! Six..." He started dialing..." Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Zero! The 21st century has come! The new millennium has come!" But all zhang jun could hear was the busy tone of the phone." Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! Beep..." The line was busy. He listened for a long time before reluctantly putting down the receiver." Happy new year! Happy new century!" The host's greeting came from the tv, but Sophie only heard the busy tone of the phone and the line was busy. After listening for a long time, she finally reluctantly put down the phone. As soon as zhang jun put down the phone, the phone rang. He picked up the phone excitedly." Hello!"" Happy new year!" It was Yang Pan's voice. Zhang Jun curled his lips." Happy new year."" Ha! I'm hanging up! I have to call someone else!" Then there was a busy tone. Zhang Jun threw the phone back, but the phone rang again." Hello?"" happy new year! Zhang Jun." Zhang Jun was stunned." You are?"" I can't tell who I am? I won't recognize anyone if I win the championship?"" Apes!"" exactly, hehe!"" Sorry, happy new year!"" Well, wait a minute. Liu Peng is with me. He wants to talk to you, too."" Happy new year!" It was Liu Peng's voice." Happy new year, Liu Peng!"" Ha! Zhang Jun, do you remember? Go get a national champion during winter break?"" Yes, I will never forget it. Go get a national champion, and bring your share with the apes."" Well, don't go back on your word! All right, don't say anything more. The phone has been blown up. The ape still has to call his mother monkey..."" Go to hell!" Yuan Gang's voice came from the phone." Zhang jun, don't listen to him! What female monkey? You should call her sister-in-law!"" Good!" Liu Peng was resisting Yuan Gang's ferocious attack." It's really a monkey. Its claws are so strong! Well, I won't say it. Zhang Jun, apes have a female monkey... Ouch! You have to hurry up, too. Work hard!" Hanging up the phone, zhang jun leaned on the sofa, thinking that Yuan Gang must still be playing with Liu Peng. Didn't I come here with them before? Now that even Yuan Gang has a girlfriend, time flies. Everyone has grown up... Dad answered the phone. From the words, it should be his disciple Chen Huafeng. Mom also made a few phone calls to her business clients to pay them a new year's visit. Unknowingly, twenty minutes passed, and the phone at home finally quieted down. Zhang Jun reached out to the phone again, wondering if it would still be busy. Just then, the phone rang. Pick up the microphone:" hello?"" Happy new year!" This time it was Li Yongle. Zhang jun had an idea that he wanted to throw the phone out." Happy new year," he replied lazily." My hand was slow when I called. The line was busy, wasn't it?"" Uh-huh."" work hard in the new year! Go get the national champion, but don't come back empty-handed!"" Hey, hey! This national champion doesn't just take it!"" My opponent can't be so bad. Go get the national champion, and wait for me to recover, and then I'll get it back from you!" Putting down the phone again, everyone said they wanted to win the national championship, but that wasn't just a matter of words. Really, anyone can talk! Lying on the sofa, zhang jun suddenly remembered what Sophie said to him." Go get a national champion, okay?" Just saying it? Moving your lips? Then why couldn't he give up the moment he heard her? Since she said the same thing, then, she really went to get a national champion... Father and mother had already gone to bed. Zhang Jun pressed the remote control and was ready to go back to the bedroom. Then, he heard the phone ring. After a pause, he waited for the phone to ring four times before hurriedly picking it up." Hello?"" Happy new year, Zhang Jun!" Zhang Jun took a deep breath." Happy... Happy new year, Sophie."" I'll call you. The line is busy."" Well, I know." Then there was silence. After a long time, Sophie's voice rang out again," hello? Zhang Jun, are you still there?"" Ah, yes! Still!"" What time is it?" Zhang Jun looked up at the clock on the wall." 0: 35." Then he heard Sophie clear his throat." It's a new year."" Yes, it's new year."" It's the millennium."" Yes, millennium."" It hasn't snowed this winter."" That's right, el nino."" Zhang Jun..."" Yeah."" I love you..."" Ah? This..."" Not like, but love. Zhang Jun, I love you!" Zhang Jun felt that he had received the best new year present of the year. He buried his head in the ground and felt his heart beating fast, fast, and almost out of breath. Sophie tapped every word on his chest. Sophie heard that there was no response for a long time, I don't know what happened." Zhang Jun, Zhang Jun, are you listening?" Her anxious words pulled Zhang Jun back into her body. Zhang jun wiped the tears off his face. It was so embarrassing. He actually cried..." Yes, I'm listening, Sophie."" Then why don't you talk?"" I... I'm not sure. I thought I was dreaming. I was afraid that I would wake up as soon as I spoke. I..."" I love you." Sophie's voice was so gentle and firm, without hesitation. On january 1st, 2000, at 0. 41, our Zhang Jun experienced his greatest happiness in 17 years. Happiness came so suddenly that his mind was a little confused. That day, his eyes were open until dawn... On january 1, 2000, at 0. 41, our Sophie finally spoke that sentence. Then he smiled and had the most beautiful dream in years..