Chapter 99 The Dawn Is Coming

For the new century, the madness and novelty of the new millennium soon passed. There was no change in life, and the world did not become high-tech as soon as the clock rang. People still squeeze buses to work and go to school every day. Cooking and boiling water still uses liquefied petroleum gas, not solar energy. Computer networks have not yet become so widespread that they can be implanted into the human brain. The football team was suspended from training according to the rules. After the final exam, they would concentrate on training. After the spring festival, the whole team would go to Shanghai to participate in the 15th national high school football championships held there. The 14-day course, 64 schools and seven rounds of competitions will determine the winner of the national high school football world this year. But Zhang Jun was not in the mood to think about the king of the football world, and it was his job to focus on the final exams. With more than a year of careful tutoring from Sophie, his grades have stabilized in the upper and middle reaches, and there is no need to worry about how to pass the final exam as worriedly as before. The three-and-a-half day final exam ended on a piece of paper, so naturally, a few families were happy and a few worried. However, the members of the football team did not have time to go to "A few joys and a few sorrows." The second day after the exam, the team gathered at the school according to Liang Ke's request and began what Liang Ke called" devil training." As soon as zhang jun stepped into the team's activity room, he saw that the preliminary table on the wall had been changed into the national competition table. Dawn's first opponent was the Guangming high school from Dalian, the runner-up in the country last year. The news of the match came out before the exam, but liang ke kept it under wraps because the opponent was too strong and he was afraid of affecting the mood of the team members in the exam. Guangming high school, which lost to the Guangming high school in the final of the last national competition, was still not to be underestimated. It could even be said that a team like the Dawn, which has entered the national league for the first time, needs to look up to each other. Because the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology didn't make it into the national competition, the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology became the top seeded team in the competition. The Dawn's match with them was the first, which was usually called the opening match. The players were all talking in front of the table. Only Zhang Jun didn't take it seriously. He turned to Sophie and asked," how long did you do it again?"" Four hours, half an hour faster than before!" Sophie said with a smile." Does your knee hurt?"" It doesn't hurt!" Sophie shook his head." It's weird if it doesn't hurt!" Zhang Jun said in his heart." Zhang Jun! Come and see!" Anke waved at him." We ran into the last runner-up in the first round! Looks like we're going to be late after the first round!" An Ke said worriedly." Yes, yes! An Ke, why don't you leave your room? You can go straight to the train home after the game, right?" Ren Yude also said" worriedly." Yang Pan also came out to help." Ren Yude is right. Let me tell old liang, why don't you return your ticket?"" Hey, hey! I was just joking. Why are you so serious?"" Oh? A joke? Hehe!" Kaka looked at An Ke with a very strange look. Zhang Jun felt that if he didn't say a few words, An Ke would probably go berserk again. By then, the Dawn would really" die before they succeed."" All right, all right. Actually, there's nothing. What happened to the last runner-up? We even defeated the last champion! Are we afraid of runner-up? With every reason to worry, our goal is the national champion!" Zhang Jun shook his arms and exclaimed. He must have thought it was very stylish, but the room suddenly quieted down. Everyone looked at Zhang Jun until he was embarrassed." Well, don't look at me like that! Don't go! Don't go! Don't go! An Ke, Ren Yude, Kaka, ah, and Yang Pan! What are you all going to do? Hey..." The spring festival was the same, and the only thing that changed was that they didn't eat and drink as much as they used to. Liang Ke warned them that anyone who gained weight during the spring festival would have to" ten thousand meters" every day. However, even if Liang Ke didn't say anything, Zhang Jun would also pay attention to his diet. He was the one who wanted to win the national championship and had to control himself. However... It's really cruel to look at a table full of good food and only swallow and spit. And Zhang Jun faced such a cruel thing almost every day. On the fifth day of the new year, all the members of the Dawn football team gathered at the school, then took the school bus to the train station, and then took the bus to Shanghai. In a sleeper car, half of the team was seated. It was the first time for them to travel collectively. They played cards, played, chatted, listened to music, read books, and the whole carriage was filled with laughter. Sophie was always with Zhang Jun. After new year's day, the fool could also see that their relationship was unusual. As for how unusual it was, there was no need to say it clearly. Everyone understood in their hearts,... Thirty-six hours later, the train finally entered ShangHai Railway Station." Ladies and gentlemen, ShangHai Railway Station is the terminus of this train. Welcome to Shanghai, this vibrant city. Thank you for taking this train. Have a good trip! Goodbye!"" Shanghai! It's finally here!"" Wow! So beautiful!"" It's really a big city. Luoyang can't be compared!" The team members who participated in the national competition for the first time expressed their excitement. The organizing committee arranged for all the participating teams to stay in two hotels, very close to the main venue of the competition, the stadium of 80,000 people. After the brief opening ceremony tomorrow afternoon, the opening battle of the competition will be held immediately. Therefore, the Dawn will be going to the stadium this afternoon to adapt to the venue. Each team will be there for half an hour. The Dalian Guangming high school will be there at 4: 00 pm, and the Dawn will be there at 4: 30 pm. For the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology, which had defeated the previous champion The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology to enter the national competition, all the media commented that" strength is a mystery, but it is not belittled to be able to defeat the company. But the first round was won by last year's runner-up. The odds are against them, and they probably went home after the first round because of their lack of experience in the competition." Only Luoyang's high school football predicted that the Dawn would make history. However, they were ridiculed by other media as" localism," and said that the Dawn had already made history. They ended the invincible record of the Dawn in the Henan region for 15 years, so don't expect the rookie of the national competition to have any breakthrough in the national competition. When the Dawn members stepped on the lawn of the stadium with 80,000 people, they couldn't help but study and draft the leather. Guangming high school had just finished training, and when they came down from the field, most of them showed the expression of seeing a country bumpkin. Even the coach of the Guangming high school who was interviewed by reporters on the sidelines talked about the team's goal of winning the championship, the strong team they might encounter after entering the top four, and then regretted the team. There was a sense of heroism, but there was no mention of their first round rival, the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology, who was training behind him on the court and only came out after defeating the The high school affiliated to the university of science and technology. The Dawn was just a passer-by in a hurry. In fifteen years of national competition history, there were too many of them. There are 11 million reasons why regular visitors to national tournaments like the Guangming high school don't take the Dawn seriously. The opening ceremony and the opening match will be held one day ahead of other competitions, so this competition can also be said to be the focus of attention. Liang Ke was afraid that the players would be too nervous, so he went to the players' room to talk to them and reduce stress. He pushed open the first room and saw no one. The second room was still empty. The third room was still empty. Liang ke stood at the door, looking at the empty room, a little confused. In the fourth room, Yang Pan was lying on the bed reading a book, her ears stuffed with earphones, and did not care about Liang Ke's appearance. Liang ke looked at it and decided not to disturb him. Then he gently closed the door and stepped back. At this moment, he saw Zhang Jun. Zhang Jun was walking out of the elevator with slippers and a can of coke in his hand." Coach?" The two of them found an inconspicuous place in the lobby downstairs and sat down, looking at the other team members coming and going. Some of the star players were still interviewed by reporters." Where are the others?" Liang ke took a sip of water." Kaka is calling his family. He's a little homesick."" Yes." Liang Ke nodded." This is his first spring festival outside. It's easy to miss home alone."" Ren yu was sent to play billiards by an kela. They said they were going to compete for the first player in the team. The others followed him. Yang Pan was reading in the room."" Uh-huh, what else?"" And? No more."" Where's Sophie? She's been with you these days." Liang Ke gave Zhang Jun a meaningful look, and Zhang Jun's face immediately turned red." She, oh, she's in her room. She didn't come out after dinner. I don't know what she's doing."" oh, Sophie is a good girl. You're so lucky!"" Coach!"" hehe! Don't pretend to be a gentleman in front of me. I'm only thirty, and I know your little flirtatious thoughts very well. Well, let's not talk about this. How are the preparations for tomorrow's match?"" No problem!"" Hehe! That's good. You are the ace archer in the team. You can't be lacking in confidence."" Don't worry, coach! My goal is the national champion. If I don't achieve my goal, I won't stop!" Zhang Jun raised his voice slightly. Liang ke looked at Zhang Jun, then turned his head away and looked at the people coming and going in the hall." National champion..."" You're all here!" Yang Pan walked over." I saw that the other rooms were almost empty, so I came down to look for them. Coach." Liang Ke nodded and pointed to the entertainment room." Where are all of them?" Yang Pan followed Liang Ke's finger and smiled." If any reporter sees them in the entertainment room now, he will definitely meet the newspaper tomorrow: the members of the Dawn have given up and have fun together. Hehe!" At this moment, a tv reporter came over, probably unable to find any news, to dig up some material from the opponents of the top seed team in the opening battle." Hello, I'm a reporter from the Shanghai satellite tv style channel."" Hello," Liang Ke replied appropriately, not as excited and excited as some coaches when facing the cameras of reporters." The Dawn defeated the Dawn and took part in the national competition for the first time, but the first round was met by the previous runner-up," asked coach," what do you think of the opening match tomorrow?"" Our champion is the national champion." Liang Ke ended his answer with just one sentence. The reporter was stunned for a moment. Seeing that Liang Ke did not speak, he looked at Yang Pan, who was sitting by the side. He recognized that this was the captain of the Dawn." Yang Pan, what was your first time participating in the national competition?"" Our goal is the national champion," Yang Pan replied indifferently." This..." The reporter seemed to see a ufo, and he turned his eyes to Zhang Jun, who did not know Zhang Jun, but he saw the word" Dawn" on Zhang Jun's sportswear." This student..." Zhang Jun recalled the journey of the qualifier. Yuan Gang, Liu Peng, captain sunshine, Sima Hongxin, Mani, Fan Cunjie and the Dingding, and Li Yongle with injuries... He suddenly felt that there were so many people behind him. If he gave up, they would not spare him, would they?" Luoyang doesn't lack good players, but there's only one team that can play. We represent those who can't come. They were our opponents, but now they are our backers. Do you think we can lose easily with so many people supporting us? So our goal is..."" Ah, ha! There's an interview with a reporter! How rare!" The moment he heard the voice, he knew that An Ke had come back victorious. An Ke was in a good mood, followed by Ren Yude and the rest of his teammates without a word. Seeing that the reporter was interviewing, this thick-skinned man forced himself to go up and suddenly snatched the microphone from the reporter's hand, which startled the reporter. When he wanted to take it back, it was too late. An Ke put his face in front of the camera." Ah, hmph! Everyone listen to me! All the participating teams are careful! Because our Dawn is here!" His loud voice echoed in the hall, and everyone turned their eyes to the tall man standing in front of the camera with his head held high and the teammates behind him. After lunch, the team members sat in the lobby and waited for a ride to the stadium. The tv in the lobby was broadcasting the special program of the competition." Look! It's me soon!" An Ke pointed to the screen and exclaimed triumphantly. Now it was in the right place to interview Zhang Jun. But as soon as zhang jun finished speaking, the picture was cut back to the studio." Welcome to this show. Let's meet again in two hours!" A huge burst of laughter broke out among the members of the team." Eh? Why is it gone? Impossible, huh? I was talking to the camera!" Ren Yude said softly from the side," you think people are as stupid as you! They can't edit, can they?" Just as anke was about to go berserk, Sophie appeared in his sight with a... Amulet in his hand. Zhang Jun took the amulet that belonged to her, so she shut herself in the room yesterday to do this! So much, how much time does she have to do it,... Each of them had amulets, including liang ke and the substitute. Sophie was probably the only one who was so thoughtful. Shanghai 80,000 stadium, home of shanghai shenhua in the a league. Today, the opening ceremony and opening match of the 15th national high school football championships will be held here. The opening ceremony was the same. The participating teams entered the arena, then the representatives of the players spoke on the stage, voting heart. The referee's representative spoke. After the team left, after a song and dance performance, a certain leader spoke on stage and announced the opening of the 15th national high school football championship. Fifteen minutes later, the Dawn and the Light teams were all standing on the field, waiting for the start of the game. Almost all the other teams stayed, and the Guangming high school were the big favourites to win, so it was time to study their first match. Zhang Jun and Ren Yude were at the center of the circle, while Yang Pan was on the right, right next to the center line. Kaka, Wang Ning and Li Hao stood side by side - this was not the coach's request, it was their own arrangement. He kept thinking about what Zhang Jun had said to him before the match." Since they all look down on us, let's use this goal to alarm them and tell them that the Dawn is here!"" Good afternoon, everyone in front of the tv! Cctv and shanghai tv are now live broadcasting the opening match of the 15th national high school football championships! The two sides were the last runners-up from Dalian, the top seeded team of the competition, Guangming high school, and the first time that Luoyang defeated the Guangming high school! Now the match is about to start!" The stadium suddenly quieted down. The referee put the whistle to his mouth and took a deep breath." Dug-" Zhang Jun knocked the ball against Ren Yude and then sped forward. Ren Yude quickly passed the ball back to Kaka. Kaka caught the ball, adjusted it a little, and then passed it with a big foot! The football flew to the right of the field!" Ah,! The Dawn started off with a long pass, but it seemed like they were in too much of a rush. No one would catch this kick and it would fly straight out of the line... Oh! No! Number 7 of the Dawn, how fast!" Yang panxiang, a high-speed train, sped down the right road. The football fell down and he arrived just in time. A direct pass in front of the bottom line! At this time, Zhang Jun also clapped his horse to kill him. He used his speed to get rid of the guard, rushed to the door, and then jumped up high, hanging the golden hook upside down!" The ball is in! The ball is in! The Dawn scored in just eight seconds from the start! That's incredible! All of the Light are stupid!" Be careful, everyone. The Dawn is here! Ps: there is a chapter and a postscript at the end. I will send them all tomorrow. Thank you for your support